Is This Fortnite's Worst Season Yet?

We take a look at the pitfalls of Chapter 2 Season 4

Is This Fortnite's Worst Season Yet?
Fortnite's Chapter 2 Season 4

I first started playing Fortnite around December during their first-ever season. I only remember this because the balloon on the battle bus was its usual red for the festive holiday.

Since then I have put in many hours, as well as take a two-season break when I lost interest around chapters 7 or 8. I've earned many 1st place umbrellas from the seasons, reaching level 100 on a few occasions, and overall enjoy the fact that it allows myself, my partner, and my sister-in-law to play games together online.

So where has it gone wrong?

This season is a Marvel takeover. In the past we've had Marvel-themed games such as fighting/playing as Thanos, trying to get the infinity gauntlet for yourself. We've also seen Captain America themed skins over 4th July.

Although it's somewhat original, we have had a heroes and villains season (Chapter 1, Season 4) before, exactly one chapter ago.

One change that I'm unhappy with, as well as some others (but not everyone, this is more personal preference), is the removal of the tactical shotgun.

We're left with the Charged, Pump, and Combat shotgun. In my opinion, and several others that I know, the Charged shotgun and Pump shotgun are awful. We cannot stand them. The Combat is definitely a second-best regarding the Tactical, but it isn't the same.

It's become a huge adjustment, having to learn to play the game without my go-to weapon. I even preferred the Tactical when they temporarily released the Heavy shotgun!

As mentioned above, the removal of the weapon is definitely a personal preference. I wouldn't be surprised if some people were perfectly fine with the change; I never enjoyed the other two guns and find them to be a pain to use.

The main reason this season is Fortnite's worst?

If the Marvel weapons aren't bugged, they're unbalanced.

First I'll cover 6 bugs myself and my partner have experienced in-game:

1- She Hulk and Wolverine's Attacks.

If you activate She Hulks attack, and Wolverine activates his as she comes to land, She Hulk will be stuck bouncing on top of Wolverine's attack, constantly taking damage until his attack ends. Only then can you land and move away.

2- She Hulk and Iron Man.

If you start the Limited Time Mode (LTM) as She Hulk and decide to swap to Iron Man's powers, you won't take just his, you'll have both. You will be able to fly and jump in the air before landing on the ground with She Hulks punch attack.

3- Wolverine and Groot.

Wolverine's single spin does damage, but not a lot. Groot's Bramble Shield has 200 health. This shield is supposed to protect you with that extra 200 health while you roll away, instead, One spin from Wolverine and Groot's shield is destroyed, leaving you still injured in the middle of a fight.

4- Storm's Storm.

When attacked by Storm, her attack throws you away. Sometimes, instead of seeing the normal animation, your character "teleports". You are thrown so fast it looks like your character blips to their landing spot.

5- Helicarrier Map

In the LTM 'Marvel Knockout' there is a specific map which allows you to fight on the loading map — The Helicarrier. When you die and respawn, you spawn under the map with only one way back to the fight: entering the storm.

6- 'King of the Hill' LTM

Recently Fornite had a LTM which was basically King of the Hill. When you die and respawn, you are able to select one of your teammates or a specific location to reload on. If you open your map on death, you will be stuck on this screen, unable to select your respawn location.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 Characters

That's 6 bugs, which aren't exactly small. Let's have a look into some of the unbalanced aspects too.

1- Doctor Doom and Squads.

One of the reasons which inspired me to write this article was a story I read within the last few days. Squads in Fornite who have Doctor Doom's Bomb weapon (The ability to create a big green bomb to throw at enemies) have been able to exploit this by using it, dropping it, a teammate picking it up and repeating until all squad members have used it.

Doing this means the cooldown doesn't affect you. The cooldown doesn't pass on from player to player therefore four bombs can be made in quick succession.

2- Wolverine's Jump Spin.

Other Marvel characters have a cooldown on their weapons (as mentioned above) whereas, with Wolverine, you are able to continuously jump and spin, attacking without breaks. A cool-down would help balance this out.

3- Melee vs Ranged Battles.

Melees have the ability to easily jump away from attacks where Ranged aren't given that opportunity. While they can fly, the use of it brings you a cool down, something jumping does not have.

Unless you are a skilled player, a Melee vs Ranged fight will have the Ranged at a disadvantage.

4- Melee's Abilities Compared to Ranged.

I briefly mentioned above the imbalance between the two. Melees have the ability to travel faster and heal (Such as Groot with his Bramble Shield) whereas Ranged attacks risk being stuck in an area because they simply cannot fly away thanks to cool down.

If I'm being honest, I have been left feeling both disappointed and dissatisfied with this season of Fortnite; to the point of having no interest in playing it. While I do hope it improves, I can't see too many changes happening to it by its end in November.

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