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How To Win The Lottery and Make money on Scratch Cards

The Supposed Art Of Succeeding And Winning On The National Lottery , Scratch Cards , Horse Racing and The Rest

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
"I live in a land of class hypocrisy, We're going to win the National Lottery"

This is a vague experiment on clickbait , Search Engine Optimisation (acronymed to SEO) stolen from my Seven Days In blog (It’s my most read story with almost two thousand reads and you can read the original here.

The relevant information is only two hundred words so not enough for a Vocal story so I have significantly expanded it with observations on the National Lottery , Scratch Card and How To Win and Make Money. Hopefully these buzzwords will get this noticed on search engines.

Here is the start of the original National Lottery article.

Basically don't buy them. It amused me that when the National Lottery started there were lots of books on "How To Win The Lottery" (surprisingly there are still lots of books on this, who buys them?) and I've heard people talk about how to win at scratch cards.

How To Win The Lottery

Jordan Ellenberg wrote a book called "How Not To Be Wrong" and it contains a chapter on how to win on certain lotteries where there is a trickle down if the main jackpot is not won, but this requires a sizable dedicated team and a lot of money to crack it.

Remember that for each person to win £5 million on the National Lottery more than 2.5 million people have to lose, yes you might win, but it is not very likely is it.

The thing is that the Lottery is effectively a tax on the poor, it is heavily advertised and they push the “You Have To Be In It To Win It” which is true but if you don’t buy a ticket then you guarantee that you will not lose.

It’s like betting on horses and also the stock market. Once you part with your money it is gone and you hope it will return more than you actually put in. The reality is that while you can make money in these areas you have to do extensive research to have a hope of making money and even cast iron certainties can still fail.

Take a one horse race. You can’t fail to win by betting that the single runner will cross the line first. Well you can.

  • The horse could fall
  • The horse can be pulled up
  • The horse could be disqualified

And that is just three possibilities

Going back to the Lottery there are hundreds of lotteries now that can be won by buying tickets and matching around six numbers. I do buy them sometimes but only with spare change.

We see lots of statistics about how often numbers are drawn or not drawn but the reality is that once a number is drawn, it won’t be drawn again.

I think there are around fifty nine balls that the lottery numbers are drawn from.

So to choose just one number would give you odds of 59 to 1 for you to succeed.

To draw two that would be odds of 59 x 58 (3422) to 1 for you to get those two numbers. If you take six numbers then you have a better chance but it’s still 500 to 1 to get 2 numbers from six balls drawn. To win the lottery the odds would be 59 x 58 x 57 x 56 x 55 x 54 to 1 which is 32,441,381,280 to 1 which is 32 billion to 1.

Then there are scratch cards which contain lots of addictive tricks but are all pre printed, but I am often stuck behind scratch card players at the shop.

I one heard the Lottery Runners say that this was far better than horse racing because players had to wait a couple of days for the next lottery draw. Well now the National Lottery has a draw every day apart from Sunday and you can buy their scratch cards any time.

So I reiterate the best way to be successful with The National Lottery and their Scratch Cards is not to play them.

So what should I share with you, I think we'll go with the best football song ever, "England's Irie" by Black Grape for the chorus lines:

"I live in a land of class hypocrisy,

We're going to win the National Lottery,

E I Adio, I don't think so"

Don't you think so?

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  • Rene Peters6 months ago

    I knew by the title it would be click bait but I still really enjoyed it. I don't play the lottery and scratch offs are a sometimes thing for me. (I prefer using them as gift ideas since they're fun but I don't want to lose money)

  • Queen of Forgiveness™about a year ago

    Such truth about the lottery being a tax on the poor. I rarely play the lottery unless it feels fun, which is not very often. I can count (on one hand) how many times I took the time to play because it's more fun to create income streams.

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