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How to Win at Online Slots

Best Tips and Strategies

By Carolin PettersonPublished 4 years ago 5 min read

There are records that even prehistoric people played risk games and gambled their goods for a chance of a bigger profit. It is in our blood, we all have that urge. We suppose that even then some people cheated to make a win, tried to double-cross their opponents, and with the invention of more complicated games in the modern times, tried to "hack" the system.

When it comes to slot machines in general, and especially the best online casino slots which draw huge attention from the players, you will always hear about new tips and tactics that can lead to a big win. Sadly, there is no such thing as a magic trick for beating the system, but in this article, we will share the best, and more importantly, most consistent tips and tricks for the win at online slots.

When Choosing a Slot, First Look at RTP

Seasoned players already know this, but you would be amazed how many people who are playing online slots casually, and even spend big bucks on it, think that all slots are basically the same. It is only a matter of whether you like fruits or the Egyptian theme more. If you are one of those people who are choosing where they will spend their money based on design or a theme, you have to stop right now!

RTP or Return to Player will show you how much money a particular slot returns to the player on average. Slots that are close to 97% RTP are considered as great, and in most of the cases, slots will lower RTP are worse than the slots with higher RTP.

All modern slots have RTP incorporated in them, and you can find them if you look at options/about section when you play them. Or you can go to the slot provider site and find the info there.

Just remember, RTP is calculated based on thousands, even hundreds of thousands of spins. On a small number of spins, during your session, the result may vary greatly.

Find Out the Volatility of the Slot

After RTP, the parameter which describes the slot the best is volatility or variance. The volatility basically shows you the risk of playing a particular slot. The slots with high volatility are riskier, and give you fewer wins, while the slots with lower volatility will give you more wins, on average. That means you should always pick a low volatility slot, right? Well, not exactly. Low volatility slot indeed gives more individual wins on average, and it is almost always a case even if you run two very short parallel sessions. However, low volatility slots give lots of small wins, which usually don't even cover the coin value for that particular spin. So, in reality, even if you win, that win doesn't even return what you bet in that particular spin, which means you still lose.

High volatility slots give less individual wins, but those wins are usually way heftier than wins you get with low volatility slots.

The best slots are the ones with high RTP and high volatility. Those slots are the most interesting to high rollers as well because they require a significant starting capital or a bank. And that leads us to the next tip.

Decide How Much Money You Are Willing to Lose BEFORE You Start Playing

People who are unable to stop and gamble responsibly are to blame why there is still so much scrutiny around betting and gambling in the 21st century. Every story about huge losses, ruined families, and lives has the same villain - irresponsible gambler.

It is uttermost importance for you to choose the bank for your gambling session and stop if you lose everything you were willing to lose before the start. If you start going for "just one more spin", you fall into a deep hole, without a way out. Some people feel that they need to extend the sessions to raise the probability of a big win. While it is true that, statistically speaking, you will likely see a big win if you spin more, in reality, the chances of a big win are calculated for a separate spin. Past spin, or ten spins, a thousand spins don't affect what will happen in the next spin. You can have a session spanning for more than a thousand spins and don't see a big win, while someone else can see two big wins in one hundred spins.

Use Free Spins and Welcome Offers

Free Spins and other Welcome Offers are a great way to potentially earn some money while basically playing without the risk of losing it. To maximize your chances, you have to choose the right slot for claiming the offer, at the right site. In the era of online gambling, there were and there are lots of scamming or at least shady sites. You must read all they wrote in the terms and conditions section, compare offers, and then see what community has to say about those offers and casinos. If everything looks great, you should claim it, not before you check all these things.

Maybe this feels a little overwhelming and too much effort to claim a puny 20 Free Spins you will spend in a few minutes, but if you don't do that, your chances of taking advantage and getting wins out of these offers are really slim.

Stay Away from Easy Hacks

If you are even a casual gambler, you certainly heard many stories about hacking the slot machines and tricking them to give big payouts. One of the most popular ones is stopping the spin. It relies on the idea that you will be able to stop the spin in the right moment to win.

That idea goes back to the oldest slots, which were mechanical and spun slower than the modern ones. Back then, you would probably be able to stop it and get the win in most of the cases. However, casino owners reacted very quickly and added hidden security bars which prevented players from tricking the machine.

So, that "tactic" doesn't work for more than a hundred years! Not to mention that online slots are programmed and the slot "knows" will it give the win or not way before you see the result on the screen. Therefore, stopping the spin has no effect on that. It can even hurt you, since the spins will be shorter and you will potentially break your bank faster, without even noticing it.


There are no hacks or tips for beating the system and always getting big wins, or else this industry wouldn't even exist. However, by following our tips from this article, you will be able to raise your chances to win and certainly understands better than before.


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  • Elizabeth Gorgonabout a month ago

    Online casinos are a great place for gambling. In order for the game to be not only exciting, but also successful, you should approach the choice of slot machines with all responsibility. Here you can find more information about one of the best options. First of all, you need to pay attention to RTP and volatility, the choice of bonuses and the availability of a license.

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