How has Mobile Gaming Changed the Industry?

by Jenn Melon 2 months ago in mobile

Mobile gaming has changed the way the gaming industry as a whole operates and has helped bring thousands of new players onboard too. Find out more here!

How has Mobile Gaming Changed the Industry?

The introduction of the smartphone brought with it a boom in mobile gaming that has helped to alter the industry forever. Many big companies have had to adapt to the shifts in the market that mobile gaming has brought with it. Here are some of the ways mobile gaming has changed the industry.


Previously, you had to have some form of computer or console to be able to play many of the popular games of the day. Though interest in this style of gaming has not died down, there is no denying that companies like Sony and Nintendo dominated the gaming market for many years.

Not everyone could afford these sometimes pricy gaming consoles, and if they did have a computer it might not have had the hardware specifications to run the most popular games. The introduction of mobile gaming helped to level this field a bit. Nowadays, nearly everyone has a smartphone. With this comes access to many of the best mobile games out there, often for free. We have even seen redevelopments of classic video games into a mobile format.


Due to a rise in the accessibility of gaming through the use of smartphones and other mobile devices, there has subsequently been a rise in demand for high-quality games that use this platform. There has been a massive jump in companies that specialise in mobile game development, as well as an increase in top UK casinos and other platforms developing their own apps.

This flurry of activity will always be backed up players searching for something new to try. A lot of the market share is now dedicated to mobile gaming, because this is where the demand is strongest. Just as there is always going to be an audience eagerly anticipating the next Hideo Kojima game, there is always going to be someone looking for something fun they can play on their smartphone.


While mobile games existed before the smartphone, we have seen some real innovation come about as a result of the boom in this style of gaming. Pokémon Go led the way in terms of delivering an amazing gaming opportunity while also pushing augmented reality further.

It is easy to dismiss mobile games as just being silly little apps, but the level of sophistication you can see in them can be incredibly impressive. In particular, there has been so much work done to further touch screens and other tools that could have benefits on the wider industry as a whole.

While you might think of the giants like the PlayStation or the Xbox when thinking about gaming, you definitely should not discredit mobile gaming. This mode of enjoying games has been on the rise for the past few years, and it is bound to go even further in the coming ones. Keep a close eye on innovations and other major changes that we can see arising in the mobile gaming world. You might be surprised to find out just how many there are.

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