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Fighting Game Guide Series for Everyone New to the Genre.

by Marlon Blanquicet 3 months ago in combat
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Part one: What do I even do?

In the year 2022, there are so many fighting games to pick from and people playing at anytime thanks to online play. Maybe you want to join in the competitive scene but don't know where to start or the resources available are teaching you from the trunk instead of the root of fighting games. Luckily for you, I am here to tell you how you can start to play fighters with a clear line of progression so you can see visible growth as you play. Continue reading the series in order, don't skip or risk losing because something seemed unfair. Get a notebook and something to write with to prepare for your journey out of Rookie or Bronze ranks.

Take note that this guide is for 1v1 fighting games. The reason is because a lot of the skills used in traditional fighters can be carried over to other fighters than the other way around. Some of the fighting games you can try that are also traditional fighters are: Street Fighter 5 or 6, King of Fighters 15, Fighting EX Layer: Another Dash, Samurai Showdown, Guilty Gear Strive, Blazeblue Centralfiction, Melty Blood Type Lumina, Under Night In-Birth [Clr], Fantasy Strike, or Tough Love Arena. For the meantime stay away from 3d fighters, tag team fighters, or platform fighters. The reason is that all these have base level elements that will overwhelm you if you are just starting in the genre.

In any case, Street Fighter 5 or Guilty Gear Strive are the best games to start with given that they have the most players available online in the both casual and competitive scenes. Guilty Gear Strive and Street Fighter 5 also have the most world wide competitive events and price support.

To start, pick a game that has art you like or music you like. You can play with your regular controller or you can go online and buy yourself an arcade stick for under 100 that works for your console or pc.

Then as soon as you boot it up do not go to Training Mode. We don't want to go here yet because we want to play. So go to arcade mode and play it in easy or normal difficulty.

In the character select screen, pick whoever looks cool. Don't bother looking up tier-lists or combo guides or match up guides for anyone. We are not at that level yet and we don't have the context to put all that info into use if we were to get that info.

Start pressing the buttons and beat some ass bro. As you are playing, pay attention to what happens when you press a specific button.

You might wonder what we are even looking for?! Here is the answer: we want to see which buttons get fast attacks, which buttons do slow attacks, which buttons hit far away, which buttons hit close up only, which buttons hit high, which buttons hit low, which buttons do a lot of damage, and which buttons do little damage. Note these as X hits _____ and does _____, A hits _____ and does _____.

After you beat the arcade mode you can try it again in a harder difficulty or pick a different character and do the same. This way you can see which characters have faster attacks or longer reaching attacks or more damaging attacks.

The next article will be about slowing down and thinking about what we can be doing better and making a "mini-game plan" to beat our opposition. This applies whether they are a CPU, a friend, or someone on ranked online.


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You can expect hopeful bronze age fantasy stories and articles about present and future issues with conclusions I find. Gaming, Anime, Fitness, UEFA Soccer, and General News. Thank you for reading and enjoy.

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