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Farm Together Review

by Daniel R. Johnson 5 months ago in xbox · updated about a month ago
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Xbox One Platform

Made with Procreate By Daniel R. Johnson

Dedicated to Kayla Olson, Dawn, Amanda

The Game: Farm Together

What is Farm Together?:


This is a Farming simulator.

The Game I am playing is on many platforms. I play on the Xbox One I have been playing Farm Together, a simple but yet fun and relaxing game about planting crops, looking after animals, and building a big farm. Running and managing a farm and growing the farm bigger. It’s cute and stress-free, and while it is very addictive, it keept me playing every day. For hours. Warning: this game is super addictive.

Starting Out. Building your first farm.

When you start out, There is 3 choices of lands to start with. Varying levels of xp rate and land available. You need to pick wisely so you can get the outcome of development you wish.

When you start the game you start with a small plot of land and a bit of money. In the game there is a basic tutorial in the options menu that will help you get the idea of playing. You learn how to plant crops, Harvest Crops, Sell and buy items for the farm to grow and make resources. There are quests to perform and actions to perform. The game is a slow progress game. Steady and the plan is to start with faster growing but cheaper crops to start making money and afford to unlock more crops and items.

Design the farm as you wish from basic to complex to very aesthetically looking wonderful farms. Growing and planting and tending to trees and crops and animals also fish. Many things to do to level up your player and your farm. You can hire farm hands and have them work for you. Building your farm takes time and patience.

Once you plan crops and other things you build, you will need to wait on timers that count down to when your sturcures or crops are ready or ready to harvest.

The currency you earn comes in the way of Coins, Diamonds, Ribbons, and tickets. Coins will buy seeds to plant, feed animals, raise fish, grow trees and flowers. Gems are used to buy decorations and functional structures as in means of houses, the barn will expand your crop storage, or market structures to help you sell your resources you collect.

Watering your crops will cut down some time on the timers. Also sprinklers will cut your time in half. Once able to get them its advised to get them as soon as possible.

The tractor to harvest with is only used with Gas. You need to build gas stations.

Building a house right away is important to getting started. You can decorate your house and open up jobs where players can help with to earn currency.

Many things you will build or plant in the game will take many steps to complete. Jobs takes more than one step also.

Houses will take up to 4 steps and others more or less. The timers count down each step.

Animals take many steps to feed to get them to produce and harvest.

The Co Op part of the game is very interesting and fun. You can pay others visits to their farms and help them. You will get xp and level up.

Others visit your farm to help you achieve your quests and goals and build your farm up well. Depending on what permission settings you have on friends and random players public players called guests they can have full permissions to plant and harvest and build items. Harvest and Quests for guests is the recommended setting. Friends can be on Full.

Gold comes up at times randomly and you can trade gold in to the pawn shop that opens up later in the game. You can trade gold for many resources and currency.

When it comes to ad-ons in the game. You can get many packs for decoration and houses. That are themes. Roman, Asian, Martian and more. The ad ons are fun and not necessary but makes your farm look awesome.

The Review

Ive been playing the game for months now. I got up to level 97 farm. Around 99 player level. I unlocked the whole farm expansions and got the rare achievement. Ive been building and planting and raising animals. The most upsetting part of the game is that it takes so many hours to wait for timers on crops, plants, flowers, buildings and so much resources and coins that you are spending more than you get back.

The Downside of the money system

The game is hard to know how to grow rich with coins and diamonds and ribbons and tickets. You spend one currencey and it spends another. Having millions of coins gets spent so fast on costly items. The more you unlock items the harder it is getting an item due to cost. Tree, Crop, fish, flowers. Some go up to 30,00 coins each and up. No matter what you do the progression of the game is so slow that it will take many months.

Have fun playing the game

When playing the game you realize that every farm will be different and personal to the player. Style and decorations. However you manage resources and build and upgrade your items is complete up to you. You are the master of the farm. Do it the way you wish. Thats the fun Part of the game.

In the later parts of the game

There are buildings and machines that have to be bought that are expensive and need building parts at a time. Pond, trees, crops and other machines that increase your earnings. Oil pump for giving twice as much gas at pumps. These require to be leveled up to 80 to even be functional. So every 20 minutes you have to spend coins and recourses to complete each step. Each time costing much more, by level 20 I was putting millions of coins in and much resources. I never got up to 80. Someday maybe.

Play Together Part

While this game is named Play Together. You do not see many poeple joining your Farm on your server. In online mode. You will get one or two Guests. You have to leave the game running while you play or just leave the machine on to leave the server up for them to join. If you have friends and you all buy the game and play together you may get more help on your farm. Otherwise you will be doing all the chores and duties alone. You can have up to 15 farmhands. They take tickets and its costly to have 4 hours of work from them. Farmhands only work when the game is running. You cant shut down the game then turn it on and think they did all their work.

End Statement

This game is fun and a time waster. This game is just made for fun and not to be a game to taken too seriously. A grinding game for grinding time away.

Thank you for reading my review.

Best, Daniel R. Johnson

By Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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