Earth's Mightiest Elite Four

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'The Avengers' Pokemon Teams

Earth's Mightiest Elite Four

I have a strong love for Pokemon, I first got into it when it debuted here in the US and have been a Pokefan ever since. It has influenced my writing and, over the last several months, I have written several articles detailing teams I would use if I was a Pokemon Trainer, member of an Elite Four, or even Pokemon Champion.

To change this article to make it into something fresh I have made the most difficult decision I could ever make, I have decided that this article will not be about me. It hurts, but it must be done!

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So if the article isn't about me, who is it about? The Avengers, you say, because you read the title of the article and saw the picture? Well played.

Yes, this list will be imaging The Avengers as an Elite Four each with their own team. With Endgame recently having been released and several characters leaving us I wanted to pay my respects to the original team that debuted in Phase One and featured in The Avengers.

Before we get into the team a few disclaimers:

  1. The teams are for in-game only, they are not intended to be "competitively viable," nor am I claiming them to be.
  2. I narrowed the teams to one Pokemon per Generation. Why? I wanted to have as many of the Generations represented as I could. Besides, my article, my neuroticisms.
  3. I did not construct move lists and will not be specifying natures, abilities, or held items.

With that out of the way let's get into the teams!

Black Widow & Hawkeye

The first Elite Four member, or members, you will face are Black Widow and Hawkeye. With how close they are I feel they would share a place on the Elite Four rather than try to compete against each other. Their team would be Pokemon that would help them in their missions; Lucario, Greninja and Haxorus would be assassins while Mimikyu would help with the spy work and Weezing would provide smokescreens for timely escapes.


The second Elite Four member you will face is Thor. For Thor, I wanted to make his team have a mystical/medieval theme. Slowking, Drampa, Escavalier and Mismagius all help capture this feeling while Tapu Koko represents the God of Thunder himself.

Bruce Banner & The Hulk

All respect to Thor, but even the Quinjet recognizes someone else as the Strongest Avenger making Bruce and The Hulk the third members of the Elite Four. Tyranitar represents The Hulk while Celesteela represents Bruce. Seismitoad is the brute strength of The Hulk, Infernape is the balance Bruce strives to maintain and Dusclops is the point of transition between the two.

Captain America

Cap is the leader of the E4 and the final Elite Four member you face before you get to take on the Champion. Braviary is the obvious choice for Captain AMERICA, Gallade is Cap's combat expertise and his chivalry, Aegislash is his finesse with a shield, and Vikavolt is his military service.

Surprisingly, Azumarill is the best stand in for Cap I could find. He will smile, he will laugh, he will charm you, but he is more than capable of whooping you to a pulp.

Iron Man

While Cap might be the First Avenger, Tony is the team's benefactor and acts as the leader when the team splinters during Civil War. For Tony's team, I wanted to make it more personalized for him and balanced to present an increase in difficulty over the Elite Four.

Rotom is Tony's technological expertise, Florges is his status in society and Charizard X is his wealth and his ability to acquire rare and priceless items like a Mega Stone.

Bewear and Espeon represent Happy and Pepper respectively while Genesect is Iron Man himself.

Steve Brewer
Steve Brewer
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