'Donut County' 100% Achievement Guide

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'Donut County' 100% Achievement Guide

Nancy D's 100% Achievement Guide

Achievements Sections:

  • Storyline Achievements
  • Easter Egg Achievements
  • Boss Fight Achievements
  • Endgame Achievements

Storyline Achievements

  • Pup's Odyssey
  • Donut County
  • The Flume Is Doomed
  • Hacker
  • Redeemed

Pup's Odyssey

"Release the hot air balloon." Simply just complete the Potter's Rock level.

Donut County

"Destroy the donut shop." Simply just complete the Donut Shop level.

The Flume Is Doomed

"Destroy Raccoon Lagoon." Simply just complete the Raccoon Lagoon level.


"Hack into the mainframe." Throw the USB key at the security system outside Raccoon HQ.


"Bring everyone back from underground." Simply just complete the Catapult level.

Easter Egg Achievments

  • Quack Enthusiast
  • Gamer
  • Egg Breaker
  • Music Lover
  • Secret Soup
  • Pyro
  • Disrespecter
  • Bandit

Quack Enthusiast

"Quack 100 times." During any cutscene, press the duck button until it accumulates to a total of 100 times. You don't need to do it all at once, it will add up over time.


"Stock up on gamer fuel." Buy the Energy Drinks from the Chicken Barn level cutscene.

More Specifically: When you see the Racoon on the toilet you will get a chance to buy the catapult... but you also have enough to get the "Gamer Fuel" as well. Make sure to buy the gamer fuel first because as soon as you buy the catapult, the game brings you to the next stage.

Egg Breaker

"Break 3 dozen eggs." On the Chicken Barn level, purposely miss catching a dozen eggs.

Pro Tip: Eggs get thrown a lot faster after activating the switch on the barn later in the level.

Music Lover

"Finish Gecko Park without collecting the radio." The title of this explains everything. Simply just play the Gecko Park level and collect everything but the radio. The achievement won't pop until the very end.

Secret Soup

This one is my personal favourite. It's also not exactly the easiest achievement to get... but it's also not the hardest achievement either.

"Make Chef's secret soup recipe." During the Cat Soup Level, follow the secret recipe found in Chefs Recipe book. (The recipe is listed just below for convenience purposes). A cockroach will show up every time you add an ingredient... This is the frustrating part. If a cockroach touches your soup, it will be ruined. Spin the hole around in circles in a way that conveniently avoid the cockroaches. When the soup gets orange, feed it to the bird. He will shed one single tear and then the achievement is all yours.

The Secret Recipe

  • 2 shakes salt
  • 3 shakes pepper


"Set Pepper's trailer on fire." During the Joshua Tree level, bring the fire to Pepper's trailer to set it on fire. (He's okay, don't worry.) This may require more than one attempt.


"Destroy Trash King's monitor." During the Anthropology section of the Raccoon HQ, use one of the lit fireworks to destroy the monitor in the top left corner.


"Break into the vault at Raccoon HQ." This one confused me for a long time. However, I am proud to say that I did it and now I have amazing and easy to follow instructions.

Step One: Go to your "Trashopedia" and find the "Bandit Note." "View it" and you will find the code. Up -> Left -> Down -> Left -> Grab

Step Two: Go to the Biology Lab Level in Racoon HQ. Use the snake tail to put the secret code on the boxes on the wall. Again, it's Up, Left. Down, Left, Grab. This may take more than one attempt. Once you enter the code correctly, a cut scene will start showing the vault is open... It also shows the location of the vault.

Step Three:Now, go to the security room and into the open vault. All that treasure is yours!

If you are struggling with the code, don't worry! A lot of people seem a tad confused by this one. The trick is to make sure you only press each button once at time. The snake tail is a tad out of control which can lead to a double press without the player even noticing.

Boss Fight Achievments

  • Boss Fight
  • Game Over
  • Flawless
  • Dethroner

Boss Fight

"Win the boss fight." Simply just win the Boss Fight for your first time.

Game Over

"Lose the boss fight." Purposely lose the boss fight. There is actually a lot of forgiveness and the game give you a lot of second chances in the boss fight. So letting yourself die may require more patience than you bargained for. However, it's worth it. A very cute cut scene will pop up showing that the entire thing was just a game the whole time. It's kind of like an Easter Egg Alternative Ending.


"Destroy Trash King's monument." After the boss fight, use the tornado to destroy the statue of Trash King.


"Complete the boss fight without taking damage." This is the hardest achievement of the game.

Pro Tip: During the second part of the fight be sure to throw BK at the Kings Copter as fast as you can.

Endgame Achievments

  • Pilot
  • Escape
  • Nerd


"Fly through the donut hole." Once you finish the game you will get to a fun and interactive scene called the "Aftermath Level." You will be playing as the Quadcopter. All you have to do to get this achievement is to simply fly through the donut hole.


"Find Trash King's secret getaway vehicle." When you are flying around in the Aftermath Level, you will notice an anchor awkwardly floating in the sky. Follow it's chain all the way up above the clouds until you see a ship.

The Trash King is Steering the Ship: If the achievement doesn't pop right away fly to the top of the stern ship until you see The Trash King.


"Complete the Trashopedia." After you complete the game, go to your "Trashopedia" and quickly browse through them all.

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