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Do we still need game connoisseurs?

by test 2 months ago in cheats
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Connoisseur of Steam games


Simply put, connoisseurs, as the KOL of the Steam community, haveFor less established indie game development teams and even individual developers, they are not likely to be able to afford to spend a lot of money on the promotion of their game, and can't find a big anchor or a big name UP to promote their game in the limited size of the game.

With all these constraints, it was a simple and appropriate choice to work with the connoisseur group directly inside Steam: offer the connoisseur group a free playkey for the game, and the connoisseur group organize members to play the game and give them reviews and suggestions for optimization.

As a result, the connoisseur group has the ability to play the game for free or even early access, which can attract more players to join the group, from white prostitutes to core players with rich insights into the game and their own aesthetic.

On the other hand, developers can use these player feedback suggestions to improve the game, and they can also use the influence of the connoisseur group on the players (especially within the group) to accumulate seed users in the early days of the game. Valuable reviews from connoisseurs are more likely to lead to a trend of player experience + reviews, forming a virtuous circle. What's more, Key offers the game for free at almost zero cost.

Most of the large, organized connoisseurs currently on Steam operate this way. At least in China, the vast majority of connoisseurs who write reviews of games get only test keys, but no real income.

a certain amount of influence over how players choose games. Their reviews are valuable to both casual gamers and game developers.

Independent connoisseurs and smaller groups of connoisseurs operate largely out of their own interest in sharing their experiences with other players. A structured, organized group of connoisseurs, on the other hand, can be associated with many indie games.

A scandal has caused quite a stir within the circle game, the crocodile detective broad lattice developers indictment steam connoisseur blackmail is not a game, the game with bad review, this is because, the crocodile detective broad lattice as a click adventure game, on the first day of the launch received hundreds of comments, good rate reached 99%, But the next day the game was bombarded with bad reviews, all from Steam game connoisseurs.

The reason for this is that before the game was released, some Steam game connoisseurs contacted the developer and asked for keys for review, which is fine, but the problem is that they asked for too many game keys, which shouldn't be required for a normal review, and the connoisseurs who asked for reviews were a mixed bunch. In a single day, hundreds of people claiming to be connoisseurs emailed in. The developer of Blog was careful to send connoisseurs a prologue KEY instead of a normal game KEY, which led to a frenzy of bad reviews.

The reason for the bad reviews is that Brog gets in the way of these connoisseurs, who are the Kols on Steam, and many of them don't actually use love to generate power, but to extract or even extort a lot of keys from developers to resell. However, the key issued by "Crocodile Detective Brog" is only the prologue key, which naturally cannot allow them to gain profits, and even some connoisseurs have lost a sum of money for this. Naturally, they want to retaliate. For the revenge of these two dealers, the developer of "Crocodile Detective Brog" is even more determined to the end, and they have collected a large amount of evidence. After the release of the game, there were very few emails from players asking questions, and they read all the Steam reviews that were negative, many of which were ambiguous and forced, and the developer was determined to fight them to the end.

It to make big success, "detective crocodile broad case" call a spade a spade has caused a lot of peer support, developed the ice steam times 11 bit studio is said steam connoisseur is worthless, and V club official involved in the first time, also banned the malicious bad review a connoisseur of accounts, from the point of the results, can be said to be happy.

But the question is, do we really need Steam connoisseurs? On the surface, this is a threat from connoisseurs to manufacturers, but in fact, it is also a threat to players. After all, the purpose of connoisseurs is to evaluate games fairly. However, nowadays, connoisseurs can arbitrarily threaten games with a little power of discourse at hand. There are unique examples in front of us, and what players need them to say is not a carefully crafted commercial script.

From the author's point of view, such a connoisseur of group needs a comprehensive treatment, some profiteers game appreciation has become a cash cow, just like agent owner sowing, when capital involved, when greed occupy the high ground, the industry will become a pool ChouShui, smell of stink, such a connoisseur, really don't need.


If connoisseurs can threaten with what little power they have, is their judgment worth anything? There are unique examples in front of us, and what players need them to say is not a carefully crafted commercial script. Author: Jin Xuan Yu


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