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Daredevil Would Make A Great Addition To The Gaming World

by Sydney Alexander 2 years ago in action adventure
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Perhaps putting Daredevil into a video game would be a good next step for his character and for Marvel.

Daredevil and Spider-Man standing together on a neon rooftop in NYC.

Why Marvel Should Make A Daredevil Game

It’s been a year since Netflix cancelled its hit original show, Daredevil. But fans are still clamoring for a revival of their favorite blind vigilante. While seeing Charlie Cox and his talented cast members return for another season or even a movie would be fantastic, I’m here to argue that a video game continuation would be a great choice for Marvel and for the fans.

It Would Breathe New Life Into The Franchise

Let’s face it. With Avengers:Endgame over and done with, the franchise needs some new life. Returning to an old favorite in a new medium would be an excellent way to make fans happy while shaking things up. There haven’t been a lot of recent entry’s to the super hero genre of video games, excluding Marvel’s Spiderman for the Playstation4. With technology having changed since the PS2 era, it seems ill advised for Marvel to ignore this medium. Outside of movie tie-in’s and the classic I have already mentioned, this medium has been rather ignored by the MCU. I personally, would love some modern superhero games to sit along side Spider-Man on the shelf, especially if it were to star the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. And I know that I’m not the only one.

Establishing a Video Game Canon

While I’ve already touched on this in the last point, it’s monumental enough that it deserve it’s own discussion. If Marvel were to add a Daredevil game to their massive collection of media, it would allow for an easy creation of their own video game universe to sit alongside their already established cinematic universe. Daredevil and Spider-Man already share the same city,(Nelson and Murdock can even be found within the game, along with other locations that are important to The Defenders) and even some of the same villains. Wilson Fisk was already introduced in the Spider-Man game (voiced by Travis Willingham) so it would not require a reintroduction to the Big Bad.

The cross over potential here is incredible. The map of New York City and it’s regions is already available to the developers and they could use this to create an updated one, or, build an in depth map of Daredevil’s playground: Hell’s Kitchen.

There could even be a mission where the two team up, like the Avengers, but on a smaller scale. We have seen it before, on The Defenders, which featured the Netflix heroes teaming up on Netflix’s streaming platform. The Spider-Man game featured an incredible mission where Mary-Jane and Spider-Man teamed up at the train station. That mission would be an excellent place to start when creating a mission for the two acrobatic heroes to go on together.

And again, because the Marvel Cinematic Universe has mostly drawn to a close, it would add to the excitement around the franchise. Disney Plus requires a subscription, while a video game generally requires a one time purchase. (Excluding any downloadable content, of course.)

There is a ton of content to pick from as well. Peter and Matt have had some incredible moments together in the comic book world. Why not bring them to the console as well?


There’s a really cool opportunity to take the “Detective Mode” popularized by the Batman: Arkham series and adapt it to the character of Matt Murdock. While there may be some concern about playing and developing a main character in a video game who is famous in part for being blind, the detective mode function would allow for users to tap into Matt’s enhanced senses. It would liven up the popular mechanic, while allowing for the game to keep a great but perhaps, overused mechanic.

Spider-Man had some excellent sections where the player would switch in between the Friendly Neighborhood Spider and his alter ego, Peter Parker. There is certainly an opportunity for something similar with Matt Murdock. There would be the legal world to explore and perhaps some investigations or puzzles as the lawyer, rather than tackling problems with combat alone. Puzzles are a good way to refresh a game when combat can sometimes become somewhat mundane.

It was made evident by the tracking shots that the show used, that Daredevil is most certainly a viable character for video game combat. There are several scenes within the show that exemplify this, particularly the tracking shots that made the show rather famous. There is one distinct example that comes to mind, where Daredevil bangs his billy club against the wall, creating a distraction. Perfect for a video game.


There is one final point that I would like to add, and I think this one is rather pivotal. While I want to see Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio return in their roles, video games make it much easier for roles to be recast if need be. A look alike voice is much easier to acquire and much easier to get audiences to like, as opposed to replacing a full live action actor. Travis Willingham is an amazing voice actor and has already done a wonderful job of not only channeling D'Onofrio's Fisk, but adding his own flair to it as well. Imagine what he could do with more screen time! Fans are attached to the actors from the show, for good reason, a video game would allow for more flexibility when casting and recasting roles and perhaps, even soft re-booting the character.


While it may seem risky, overall, it would be beneficial for Marvel to tackle the Devil of Hell's Kitchen as their next project in the video game world. The potential in mechanics, plot, cross over potential, casting and so much more. And, with Disney backing Marvel after their incredible long haul venture into film, they should be comfortable taking a few risks when the benefits are enormous.

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