Dank Cave Walkthrough

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Dank Cave Walkthrough

What is there to do in Dank Cave?

  • Defeat Xantan (Get his ring)
  • Level Up
  • Get Items
  • Talk to Rikti (he doesn't say much tho)

Things Rikti can tell you.

  • There is an evil wizard named Xatan
  • Xantan is at the bottom of the dungeon
  • Swamp Edge City that is Southwest from Dank Cave.

Who is Xantan?

Rikti says, "You don't know who Xantan is? Then what are you doing in here?! Xantan is a powerful wizard... well, not that powerful, but more powerful than me! He lives at the bottom of this dungeon".

When defeating Xantan.

"Xantan the Foul roars a wordless howl of anguish as he falls, defeated. The walls begin to shake suddenly, and bits of stone and rock tumble from the ceiling, clattering on the ground all around you. A few large stones fall, nearly crushing you. The rumbling sound grows as the room shakes more and more violently. Xantan appears to be wasting away before your very eyes! His body shrivels, becoming colourless and small, and he emits a whimper just before a flash of white light blinds you momentarily. When your vision clears, Xantan is gone, and you hear a faint whisper in the distance..."

"I will return..."

What you get for defeating Xantan

  • Xantan's Ring
  • 500 experience points
  • A portal that takes you back to the beggining

Telling characters you defeated Xantan

Eleus Batrin says, "You did it! You defeated Xantan! Remarkable... not to disparage your own abilities, but Xantan must have truly lost a great deal of power if an adventurer such as yourself can defeat him. And I see you have his ring, the focus of his power. With it I can craft some advanced magic weapons."

Eleus' Advise - "Now that you've defeated Xantan, I think it might be wise for you to journey south, to the Grarrl Peninsula. There are some ancient ruins there, and not long ago an expedition went out to investigate them, but we have not heard from them in some time. Perhaps you could investigate and see what you can find?"

Rikti says, "You did? Wha... my goodness! I can move again! I am free! Oh, thank you so much. I can't tell you what this means to me."

Rikti's Brother, Mokti

Even though you free Rikti, he never leaves that spot. He sure seems happy to be free though.

You can visit Rikti's brother at Swamp edge city, and tell him that Rikti is okay.

Mokti says, "You saw Rikti?! Oh, I'm glad to hear he's all right... hopefully he'll come home soon. Thank you so much for bringing me the message, I've been so afraid for him ever since he left."

Telling Mokti that his brother is okay doesn't seem to give you an award or further progress the game... but it's kinda cute, and I like the little addition to the plot.

What's next?

After Dank cave the next place to go to is The Temple Ruins. It is just below the starter point of the game, Neopia City.

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