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CUE - This Week In Leagues (March 27th - April 2nd

The Theme This Week Is (HA!)

By Zane ShawPublished 2 months ago 8 min read

THIS WEEK (March 27th to April 2nd) for Leagues, these are our 6 Featured Arenas. Guaranteed, you’ll see a boost for Philosophy, Constellations, and American Folklore. Sometimes, you’ll be seeing a boost for Cute Cats, Sea Birds, and History of the Internet.

Energy & Power Rules for the week! We start at 40 Energy. A minimum of 0, a maximum of 50, and generating 15 energy per turn.

I’ll give you a few suggestions of cards you could play with in each category, a few outsider cards that boost specifically within the League category, and if at all possible a few cards here and there that may help against an opponent that decides to use some of the cards I mention!


A good overall card to include in a deck with a Philosophy boost is Rene Descartes. Mainly because he’ll gain 12 power permanently while giving your hand 4 power permanently. He’ll become a heavy hitter for very cheap on the Arts & Culture arena, while also giving himself and your hand permanent power even before and after that arena encounter.

Heraclitus is another great Philosophy boost in a deck that holds his own throughout the game. As long as he’s not sitting in your hand too long, he’ll do a nice chunk of damage no matter the arena.

Fatalism has to be mentioned here. Great for the arena boost, but great for your Philosophy cards in general giving two random Philosophy cards in hand 50 power permanently.

Outsiders that assist Philosophy!

The Soul gives him a very generous 55 power boost until played.

If you use Confucius in your deck, Confuciusornis can give your Philosophy cards in deck up to 34 power until played.

Hypatia of Alexandria can also help lower the energy cost of all your Philosophy cards by 2 until played.


Parasitic Jaeger is a good card with decent standalone power that has a good negative effect on your opponent making them lose 30 power for the round if you lose the turn. You play that on turn 1, it could help be the difference maker come turn 3.

On the other side of the coin, Rockhopper Penguin is not as generous standalone having a PPE of 5.7, but you get a guaranteed extra 40 power the turn after you play him and that is pretty nice!

King Penguin is a super solid choice to include if you end up running with Sea Birds in your deck as he gives the Common and Rare Sea Birds in your deck a total of 15 extra power until played. I know it’s not permanent, but those kind of soft boosts, if you stack enough of them, could help make cards Rockhopper or Chinstrap or Puffin feel a lot safer to include. When it comes to Leagues though, you don’t want too many weak cards in your deck, but the point is King Penguin can give you a lot more play space with your Sea Bird options.

Adelie Penguin is a solid standalone heavy hitter! Risky, but fun! He gives your other Sea Bird cards a permanent boost of 15 power, but also runs the risk of losing ALL of his power if you lose the turn.

Outsiders that assist Sea Birds!

Falco Hawkfish will give them a power boost of 30 for the turn!

Waimanu gives your Sea Birds in hand 12 power for two turns, and your remaining Sea Birds cost one energy less permanently.

Hyperion gives them a 36 power boost the turn after he’s played.

Counters for Sea Birds!

Harper Lee makes your opponent’s Sea Birds lose 25 power for two turns.


Godzilla I include in a lot of my decks even though a specific arena boost! He’s very strong, gives himself a permanent 20 power boost each time he’s played, and considering you’re gaining 15 energy per turn in Leagues, as long as your opponent doesn’t affect that, you’d be “guaranteed” you could play him whenever you pull him.

Hulk is another good card taking away 70 power from an opponent’s card until played. Considering you’ll see people throwing out stuff like Holy Grail, Tintagel Castle, Christmas Carol, it’s always nice to have something on your side that could greatly reduce the damage they do to you.

An Ursa Minor & Major combo may come in handy as they stay fairly relevant on the other arenas totaling 149 power and a PPE of 16.5.

Antlia is also nice because it’ll give all of your Constellation cards +20 power for 4 turns.

Outsiders that assist Constellations!

Marbled Newt will give your Constellations in hand a permanent boost of 20 power which is very nice.

Starfish gives your Constellations in hand 29 power for the turn.

Ptolemy gives all your Constellations +30 power for the round.


Siamese is great because, if you can’t get an arena match, you’ll still end up with an extra 12 power for the whole round and 6 power permanently.

Munchkin is nice! Even though he won’t do really any damage on his own, whenever drawn, he’ll give you a boost of 40 power for the next two turns.

Laperm can be nice as long as you get him out of your hand quickly. Without any outside boosts, by the third time you play him, he can end up with a max power of 115.

Savannah Cat rocks for a deck loaded with cats! Your common and rare cute cats get 24 power until played.

If you really commit to 9 or more cute cats in your deck, Snowshoe is great making them all cost 1 energy less until played.

Outsiders that assist Cute Cats!

Schrodinger’s Cat gives all your Cute Cat cards in hand a 28 power boost for the round.

Basset Hound gives your Cute Cats 12 power permanently.

Maneki-Neko gives one random Cute Cat in your hand 100 power this turn.

If you go heavy on Cute Cats, LOLCAT gives your Cute Cats 14 until played.

If you go all in on a Cute Cat deck, Catnip will give your Cute Cat cards a 38 power boost for the round.

Counters for Cute Cats!

Sultan Ibrahim makes your opponent’s Cute Cats in hand lose 15 power until played, and also makes yours 2 energy cheaper until played.


Wendigo is fun! Each turn you’re holding him, a random card in hand gains 30 power and costs 1 energy more for the turn.

The Flatwoods Monster gives your American Folklore cards 20 power until played.

Hodag gains 7 power until played for every life on Life on Land card you have which makes it a good card to pair with Cute Cats or, let’s say, Tremendous Trees. On that note,

Paul Bunyan would also benefit from Tremendous Trees. He gains 10 power until played for every Tremendous Tree played this game up to a max of 35. That being said, at max and without any outside boosts, he could do a total of 384 damage until played.

Outsiders that assist American Folklore!

Baba Yaga can give your American Folklore cards in hand gain 26 power until played.


Dark Web is a beloved card as far as I’ve seen in the CUEmmunity! For each card your opponent has with a Base Power of 50 or more (max 4), your cards with 50 or more Base Power gain 4 power permanently. That means all of your 50 or stronger cards gain 16 permanent power. Do you what your odds are that your opponent has 4 cards with a 50 or stronger base power in Leagues? Very good. This card is pretty dang good beyond just arena match and this week in leagues, it’s worth a look for many deck builds.

Satoshi Nakamoto is fantastic with a lot of Money, Money, Money cards in your deck! For each Money, Money, Money in your hand with this guy, he gains 15 power until played. At a max of 4 other cards in hand, that’d be 60 extra power for now. On return, max of 7 times, it gains 10 permanent power. So, just based on this cards effects alone, the third time you pull this card it could max be doing 260 power.

Cicada 3301, I had to ask someone if this card actually has an ability, and I’ve been told, when drawn, it’ll make your History of the Internet cards in hand cost 1 energy less for three turns.

Outsiders that assist History of the Internet!

Goodtimes Virus gives them 14 power until played.

Dewdrop Spider gives them 20 power until played.


Can you win Leagues without using a single one of these cards I just mentioned? Absolutely! I actually, for awhile, didn’t even acknowledge that they’d get arena boosts and simply kept building a deck with my favourite cards at that time. This is simply to let you know cards within the boost parameters that could be fun to include for that week!

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