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Control Group - Black Dahlia Project

by Lawrence Finlayson 7 months ago in vr
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Odys vs Lucifinian

"Captain MiRNA"

Control Group - Black Dahlia Project

It was a dream, wasn't it... I had found a job in the newspaper, and while I had never worked in the pharmaceutical industry, it paid well for a one month of research.

The building reminded me of both fairgrounds in Saskatoon and Regina though both were surrounded by airports and Business spliced Family, Institution, Historical/ Science Religious Foundation-Based Organizations.

While I had arrived with my Dad, when the job details were a one month, in-patient study, I had called him that I would be a month, he was happy I had got the job.

It seemed a little shady when the Pharmaceutical closed the front doors and locked the Office, like a false facade of actors portraying and feigning innocence towards research acquisition.

They turned off the lighting as reception and the doctors and nurse:

"The Doctor will be right with you."

They were heading around the corner, so when it sounded like a garbled voice mod, I ignored it, a lie shadowed whisper of:

"Would you like to phone a friend?"

"Come with me Mr. Epsiton." As we headed down the hallway which was alot longer than I had anticipated with two Elevators heading up that had a skylight which showed the two Elevators seemed open to each other was a little dizzying.

The next room I was lead to had a similar seating pattern as the first, minus the front-doors entrance or escape, it was well lit and I signed the waivers and signed off my smartphone for the month, handed in my wallet, and waited for the Pharmaceutical Doctor...

"This is the newest of 9 versions of the original Dentist designed Sub-Adrenal Pharmaceuticals, the first most know as 1-Local Anaesthetic, 2- General Anaesthetic."

He collected, photographed and emailed the completed documents and collected a box from the counter. He opened it carefully and sort of slid the internal box towards me.

This is a "hyper-adrenal", after the Twin Dentist Serial Killer or Black Dahlia Project got marked in by a prostitute, he was confronted by her john, not normal for doctor or dentist to use such jargon, obviously, he created a way around being entrapped, roughed up or beat up for his extensive income.

It is difficult to interpret the original designs of 1 and 2, but they worked... however working within the lab had side effects not only pain, but what is now "laughing gas", it afterwards was determined that physical exposure to the compounds was hazardous.

When the dentist came through the 3 hazardous materials, local and general anaesthetic and laughing gas; the non-professional solicitor female was found dead and dismembered, so was her john. It was the largest investigation in Los Angeles, CA. Of its kind.

The dentist came to his mailbox after being interviewed countless times, oddly it was from the LAPD, it contained an oddly written note and a third sub-adrenal pharmaceutical 3- Comet Drink; the odd thing was, it was from himself and to himself, it just had a police envelope, and an official postal stamp, and was delivered by an official person.

Part 2

Devils Gate Dam, Arreyo Seco in Los Angeles, CA has been a hub of cult and science alike for well over 100 years. Not just Nitrous Oxide towards Rocket Sciences, but perfection in regards to Affidavit Transcriptions, superior intellect and funding of through Bankers, even the Devils Gate Dam itself was Engineered and Constructed through crowd-funding and acquisition, coordinated business and 'devil-in-the-detail' acceleration and moderation, enrichment or depletion or plain common-interest platforms of catered projects.

The mindset of the Ram and Raven were suchly, that it stratified not good from bad but exploitive from provisive, invasive from professive.

When it came to the quelled of the Devils Gate Dam, they were angry and would stop at nothing to reclaim that which was acquired by Professionals opposites Ward of State from their more exploitive and invasive solicitor ancestors.

Heavens Gate Cult knew everthing that Devils Gate did, they even found 3- Comet Drink, the third recipe years later after the dentist had sealed it away.


NNN-BTSR-Propaganda Five:

Prayer Bundles, Sub-adrenal Pharmaceuticals and The Black Dahlia Twin Dentist Serial Killer (LFC Classification)

The activation of LFC or Low-Frequency Communication is as negative as the activation of the EBS or Emergency Broadcast System. While difficult to explain, opposite of HFC High-Frequency Communication and lowering the frequency with a Didgeridoo, LFC psiatic nerve, prostate and colon aggravation for LFC perceiveability knowledge is the best Interpretive since YHWH and Priestess Babylon Solicitation where the most provocative and provoking perception of "Confrontation Scenario" and "Insult and Injury".

The use of Institutions whether prison, psych wards and most unfortunately, youth facilities; and, the Ward of State public, private or institutional. One will be interpreted, with prison, it is reviewed as prayer bundle, Sub-adrenal Pharmaceutical, Scapegoating, the above-mentioned exploitive and Diminutive Solicitation or Peripheral Solicitation.

With side-effects such as Criminal Insanity, Post-Solicitation Hypnoses, the "Scapegoat-Murder" business model paradigm; Scapegoating psiatic nerve with "righteousness" or "Rights" and empowerment or disempowerment, as per prayer-bundle bindings, Scapegoat Bindings or "Bearing Stripes of 3D family, religion or institutional" or "business and entertainment" 4D and 5D and Perceive-Ability of 6D, the Advent of this enrichment and disempowerment or fission or fusion.

With this process, it is Stress and Pressure Transference Matrix, the cost is "life/life force" x "Confrontation Scenario" x "Seed of Life" Interpretive, something not used for over 3000 years as Quetzal Corp has interpreted.

As per "The Black Dahlia Twin Dentist Serial Killer", the post-ether Sub-adrenal Pharmaceutical Line that ends in "Inter-country prison Affidavit Transcription of Post-Solicitation Hypnoses" or S-A-P 8 - Truth Serum and Transcriptions can cause Death-Camp Psiatic Nerve Prostate and Colon Aggravation, therefore, "Backtalk Consequence Exploit Coordination" or simply, "Barristers Document Backtalk", Diminutive Solicitation or "Ward of State 2 public, private or institutional".

Part 3

Sub-Adrenal 4, is believed to be a non-shaking-Comet Drink; 5- king, 6- pac-man and 7- known as greys, the most internationally fatal of them all, also known as the "jumper drug" as a final warning. It figured into a Netflix Haunted as "The Demon Cat" and a mask worn by a person with a cat after taking the greys, whose adrenals plummeted and sub-consciously sought death to accelerate the heart rate which started having incarnate flashbacks in people, in this case, and many others, cameras and videotaping.

One group of these were in the Queen City, when The fentynyl sentinels sociopathically became aware of themselves as x-men in delusion, perceiving frequency in drainpipe, air vent, fans and air conditioners.

Whether "life-force" or 'HEBEGB's' or 'gods breath', whether as a blessing or institutional stress and pressure transference, the incurrent "perceptual trespassing" and subsequent Psiatic Aggravation, Scapegoating, Martyrism and ELF Technologies, the actuals of Institutional Exploit eventually led to Sub-Adrenal Pharmaceutical 8, Truth Serum, Confrontation Scenario, "Right to Remain Silence", or Inter-Continental, Inter-Country Affidavit Transcription.

Part 4

The pill which came out of the outer box by the Pharmaceutical Doctor was purple:

"...bite half, it is hollow and crystalline. Place the other half in the box, close it, I cannot come into contact with it and follow me.

He lead me down the hall towards the facilities, I remembered wanting my smartphone, then... sometime later:

"...take the rest of the pill."

The month at the facility was a blur, though I recall certain moments of characterization and many escape attempts... they had expected it, there was more they did not expect, like interpreting the scientist-mindset opposite the solicitor mindset.


Asterick: "...they are the -Odys..." I had expressed through tears, hypnoses and trauma.

Hypnotist Doctor: "And what you?"

Asterick: "The Lucifinians".

Next thing I could recall was being at the top of a pole on a platform as I was being asked, mocked and cajoled:

"Jump... jump... jump."

I responded:

"It is too high. It is tooooo highh... It... It is an excessive height."

I am bringing you out of hypnoses.

You are not in danger. You have in fact helped many people. The hypnoses were cumulative from the post-ether Sub-adrenals.

My mindset cleared.

You are laying horizontally, you are not on a platform over a pool of shallow depth. Adrenal Response Modification and Nitro Glycerine have been gone over in Interpretive.

Then I woke up. I have never gone near any of the 1 through 9 Sub-Adrenal Pharmaceuticals, and I don't think I ever would misuse the substances.

The voice was garbled again:

"Would you like to call a friend."


The dentist of Northern City thought he could perceive the patient outside, so did a few of the others.

Calmly the head dentist stepped outside:

"My father and his coworkers used to laugh at and hate that joke."

...No one was there.



About the author

Lawrence Finlayson

I started writing at 11. Finished Highschool at 20, still an undergrad at 40, Major Indigenous Studies, Minor Indian Art History; spent much time in the Mining Trade Sector and Community Recreation Sector.

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