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Contraption Maker Review

by Eric Farmer 5 months ago in product review
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Is Contraption Maker a Good Game?

Screenshot of Contraption Maker Steam game.

Why Did I Review This Game?

Contraption Maker has a lot of charm, and it is very fun. I wanted to review it.

How Long Have I Been Playing Contraption Maker?

I have only played the game for seven hours on Steam. Contraption Maker is not a game that I play too often.

I solved all the tutorial puzzles. But I never really felt like getting too far after that.

I should note I have never played The Incredible Machine before either. So I am new to this type of game.

What Kind of Game Is Contraption Maker?

The goal of the game is to solve puzzles. You do this by placing and moving around various objects to do a certain thing.

The first level greatly explains how the game works.

Screenshot of Contraption Maker Steam game.

The Puzzles Are Fun

I enjoyed playing the puzzles in Contraption Maker. It was fun to think about all the things you have can do and how to solve the puzzles.

Screenshot of Contraption Maker Steam game.

The puzzles also tend to have multiple ways to solve them. So there is not always a single correct solution.

The first levels hold your hand and show you what you have to do to beat them. But I am happy they did. Because once I got to puzzles that were slightly hard, I had to stop and think for a while on what to do.

Screenshot of Contraption Maker Steam game.

The Game Explains Things Very Well

The game does a good job of showing and telling you what each thing in the game does. There rarely is any confusion about what an object can do.

I appreciate this a lot as it means any difficulty solving puzzles won’t come from not knowing what the things in them do.

Screenshot of Contraption Maker Steam game.

I Like That Game Has a Fast Forward Feature

If you know you have solved a puzzle correctly, you can speed things up and fast forward to the end.

I suppose the game loses a bit of charm if you don’t watch the puzzles solve themselves. But if you are in a hurry, it is a neat feature to have.

The Extra Content Is Good!

Contraption Maker has Steam Workshop support. So if you get bored of the levels found in the game, you can find many others created by players to solve.

You can create levels as well. I am not too creative, so I have not made any levels. But it is neat to see games have features like this.

Screenshot of Contraption Maker Steam game.

There are also DLC packs you can download to get extra levels to play.

Do I Think the Game Looks Good?

The game has a very cartoony art style. I like how it looks.

The animation is smooth, and you can see and follow everything that is happening. Be prepared to look at many things at once!

Screenshot of Contraption Maker Steam game.

Do I Think the Game Sounds Good?

Contraption Maker has great sounds!

I also move the soundtrack! The music is a lot better than I would expect for a game like this. Since you have to hear it a lot while solving puzzles, I greatly appreciate how good it is.

Is Contraption Maker a Good Value?

Contraption Maker costs $10 (USD).

There are two DLC packs you can buy. The Wonderstructs - Part & Puzzle Expansion Pack $2 (USD) and the Contraption Maker: Battling Cards - Parts & Puzzles Expansion $1 (USD). Both DLC costs $3 (USD).

I feel the game is fun enough that $10 and the cost of the DLC is worth it.

I suppose you could wait to buy the DLC after seeing if you like the game first. The puzzles in the DLC are nothing like the rest of the game. You have to learn new mechanics to play them.

Do I Recommend Buying Contraption Maker?

If you like thinking about puzzles and solving them, Contraption Maker is a great game.

The game has an amazing creator mode that lets you create many puzzles for others to solve. So if you like creating things, you might like the game for that as well.

But if puzzle games are not your thing, then I doubt there is much Contraption Maker can do to change your mind.

How Often Do I Play Contraption Maker?

As much I like the game and love the music, I don’t play Contraption Maker much. I bought the game to give it a try, but I am not interested in playing it anymore.

I almost only play rogue-lite games these days and nothing else.

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