'CatTails:' A Review

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'CatTails:' A Review

I had almost unlocked every achievement in Stardew Valley when I finally realized I needed a new game... but I was still obsessed with Stardew. That's when I found CatTails! The best way to describe CatTails is that it is pretty much the same game as Stardew Valley... but with cats.

In fact, you play as a cat, and let's be honest... games where you get to play as a cat are usually pretty awesome!

The Intro Story

The intro story is sad, but it makes a good hook. You grew up with a family and then they abandoned you in the wild. Since you grew up indoors, you have no idea how to make it in the wild. Luckily, a cat named Coco comes and shows you the ropes.

You start with nothing, but then you level up and become stronger.

You even get to decorate your den a bit.

You get to choose from three colonies.

The three colonies are:

  • Forest Colony
  • Mountain Domain
  • Mystic Colony

Forest Colony seems to be the main one. The Mountain Domain is gorgeous! Mystic colony sounds cool but it's in the middle of a swamp.

You will get into 'cat fights' with the other colonies over territory.

Useful Tip! [How to Unlock the Colony Achievements]

If you do play it and you want to unlock the achievements were you join the other colonies... you have to go through the tutorial again, then choose the other colony to make those achievements pop.


Just like in Stardew, you can go mining for ore and gems! It's my favourite part of the game! You trade the gems for Mole currency and then you can buy all kinds of fun stuff from different mole shops.

Things you can mine:

  • Rock Debris
  • Ore
  • Topaz
  • Sapphire
  • Ruby
  • Diamond

It's actually pretty good!

When I first started playing it I was skeptical at first, but it's pretty good! I like collecting, the mining, the different currencies. I don't want to give too much away... but I did and still do enjoy playing it. In fact, I have 37 hours on record and I'm still playing it.

Minor Complaints

  • Can't cross under bridges. I know that might be a weird complaint... but it really bothers me.
  • The game could be a bit more visually stimulating...
  • I wish there was more story content. The main storyline just seemed to short for me, but it's possible that might actually just be me.
  • I wish there were more side quests. It's actually kind of a good thing I wish there was more content. That means I liked it!
  • I didn't like going through the tutorial, but then again... I didn't even like the tutorial in RedDead2. So I must just not like tutorials.

Should you get it?

The truth is, that is completely up to you... but I can say that I enjoyed it. If you liked Stardew, you will probably like CatTails as well. If you are looking for something to play after finishing Stardew, then I highly recommend CatTails. It's not perfect, but it's fun.

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