All 7 Magic Fish in Fish Tycoon 2

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All 7 Magic Fish in Fish Tycoon 2

This is a quick reference article that will let you know everything you need to know about all 7 magic fish in the game Fish Tycoon 2 from Big Fish games. I hope it helps! Just keep in mind that this information is for Fish Tycoon 2 only. Not everything on here applies to Fish Tycoon the original ... however, some of the information is the same for both them. Now let's take a look at the seven different magic fish in detail.

1. Magic Fish of Nutrition (Striped Tiger Fish)

Having this fish will reduce hunger for the other fish and reduce health loss due to hunger.

How do you get the Magic Fish of Nutrition?

It is very easy to get the Magic Fish of Nutrition. You can easily get your first magic fish by hatching common eggs. This will be the first magic fish you get in the game.

  • Daffodil Beta + Spined Shark = Magic Fish of Nutrition = The Magic Fish of Nutrition

2. The Magic Fish of Recuperation (Peachy Gold shark)

The Magic Fish of Recuperation will help all the fish in the tank stay healthy.

How do you get the Magic Fish of Recuperation?

This magic fish can be found in un-common eggs ... just make sure that you have upgraded your environment research enough for uncommon fish before you start buying too many uncommon eggs.

  • Daffodil Tigerfish + Silky Fatfish = Magic Fish of Recuperation

3. The Magic Fish of Vigor (Tangerine Goldfsh)

Fish in the same tank will lose health less quickly. Very similar to the Magic Fish of Recuperation.

How do you get the Magic Fish of Vigor?

Rusty Golffish + Crimson Goldfish = Magic Fish of Vigor

Crimson Spotanus + Rusty Beta = Magic Fish of Vigor

4. The Magic Fish of Maturity (Canary Carp)

This one is an especially useful magic fish that makes baby fish grow up in less time.

How do you get the Magic Fish of Maturity?

Canary Leaffish + Canary Beta = Magic Fish of Maturity

5. The Magic Fish of Spawning (Razorback Flashfish)

This magic fish allows pregnant fish to produce one extra baby each. So now they will have 3 babies instead of 2.

How do you get the Magic Fish of Spawing?

Silky Stickfish + Crimson Goldshark = Magic Fish of Spawning

6. The Magic Fish of Transformation (Imperial Foxface)

With this fish in your tank, pregnant fish have a small chance of having random offspring. This is by far the most fun magic fish to have.

How do you get the Magic Fish of Transformation?

Peachy Goldfish + Daffofil Spontaneous = Magic Fish of Transformation

7. The Golden Guppy of Isola (Saphire Angelfish)

My personal favorite and the most expensive. Once you have this fish ... you will be rich! These fancy fish are worth $228 each. Better yet, this Magic Fish has ALL the effects of the other magic fish wrapped into one.

How do you get the Magic Fish of Isola?

Orange Angelfish + Royal Angelfish = Sapphire Angelfish

Sapphire Catfish + Sapphire Leafish = Sapphire Angelfish

Orange Catfish + Royal Leafish = Sapphire Angelfish

Quick Review

1. Nutrition - Helps keep fish healthy

2. Recuperation - Also helps keep fish healthy.

3. Vigor - Fish are less likely to lose health.

4. Maturity - Babies grow up faster.

5. Spawning - Extra baby born.

6. Transformation - Small chance of a random baby being born.

7. Golden - Has every magic effect!

That's everything for Magic Fish ... but do you want to read more about Fish Tycoon 2?

If you want to read more information and even some cheats for Fish Tycoon 2 then be sure to check out my Vocal page to see my other articles. Thank you for giving my articles a chance, I hope you find what you are looking for. @NancyD Blogs

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