8 Cheap Achievement Grabber Games on Steam

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8 Cheap Achievement Grabber Games on Steam

Want more achievements? Or maybe you are like me and want a better overall achievement percentage. If easy and cheap achievements on Steam is what you want, then this list is perfect for you!!!

1. '12 is Better Than 6'

It's a fast pace top-down shooter where you play a slave in the midst of fleeing the United States in 1873. I love the art, is creates a very unique visual experience, especially when you shoot someone, and this bright red splatters a normally very white and dull blue screen. Plus, you get your first achievement just for completing the tutorial!

Pro Tip: You can get on GameHag for really cheap and it gives you a Steam Game Code.

2. 'Monster Farm'

It's a very short game that lacks instructions, but I really enjoyed it! If you like getting easy achievements this one should be on your wish list.

What do you do in the game?

  • Open boxes for a new Zombie
  • Wait a bit for your zombies to 'Farm' gold coins
  • Use the coins to buy upgrades and more zombies
  • Push two zombies together to make a new type of monster
  • Open new worlds
  • Collect all the achievements in one night, easy!

3. LootBox Achievement Simulator

This one isn't for everyone... but I think it's hilarious!

Woah... thats a lot of easy achievements ...

  • You will get an achievement for every time you get a new card.
  • When you first start the game you will be getting achievements left, right and centre.
  • Once you get to about 100 achievements, it will slow down.
  • It's pretty easy to get all of the achievements.

If you do fall in love with this game, don't be fooled. The other games from this maker, Drunken Apes, aren't as great. Trust me, I tried them.

4. 'Gold Digger Maze'

This game is a real hidden gem! It's absolutely adorable and well made. It really goes to show that you can use Unity to make great little games.

The Achievements

  • You get the first two achievements for picking up and putting down a lamp.
  • Then you you get your next two achievements for finding your first gold ore.
  • From then on you get an achievement for every level you finish.

The game is only $3.40, but I found it on sale for 62 cents and I'm pretty sure it goes on sale quite often.

5. 'Pixel Galaxy'

This one will take you a bit longer to get all of the achievements... but there is over 100. This one is also a bit more expensive being $11. However, there is always hope for a sale soon and you get notified if an item on your wish list goes on sale.

6. 'ORBT XL'

This is one of my personal favourites, and it just recently got a fun new update.

The goal of the game is to Orbit around a black hole and stay alive. If you get too close to the black hole you get sucked in... but if you stray too far that you are closer to incoming asteroids... so you have to find a balance while dodging incoming obstacles. However, don't be fooled, a select few asteroids give you bonuses.


  • The closer you are to the black hole the faster you move.
  • If you are moving faster, you get more points faster too.
  • You get achievements for unlocking new planets (aka new sprite for you to play as).
  • Your points add up, so you don't have to break the high score to get the cool pixel planet you have been eyeing.

7. 'Pinball 2018'

To be honest, this game lacks a lot... but if all you are looking for is the achievements, then this game is for you! It's take almost no space, it's a very fast download and it's only about 2$. If you put it on your wish list and wait for a sale, you could probably get it for a $1.

How easy are the achievements? EASY!

  • You get achievements for starting a new game since you get achievements for new obstacles... which are placed at random.
  • You could easily get all the achievements in under 15 minutes.

8. 'Memory Trainer'

It's only a $1.20 and it's good for your brain!

The Achievements

  • There are 63 achievements.
  • You will an achievement for every level you finish.
  • If you run out of time, you only have to go back to the beginning of level. Plus, there is an an achievement for the first time you run out of time.

Happy Achievement Hunting!

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