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6 best horror games out there. Fear won't even let you finish some of them

by Maky Jonas 2 months ago in console / list / horror · updated 2 months ago
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During these games, you will often forget to breathe. I recommend playing them with a friend and with the lights on.

6 best horror games out there. Fear won't even let you finish some of them
Photo by Deleece Cook on Unsplash

Horror games are generally scarier than movies. It's you, with the controller or mouse in your hand, who decides what happens next. Will you peek around the corner and be scared, or will you spend five minutes gathering the courage to face the demons and the unknown, which is often scarier than a monster with a machete in its hand?

There are two types of video games, one rely on so-called jump scares, or sudden scares (like a monster jumping out of the dark), while others gradually build up a suffocating and unpleasant atmosphere that makes it hard to even move from your seat because you don't know what to expect.

6. Silent Hill 2 (1997)

A Playstation console legend and a fantastic psychological horror game I recommend playing to absolutely everyone. The main characters in the Silent Hill series experience nightmares and great hardships, and the creators of the second installment managed to portray this in the best way. In it, the main character receives a message from his dead wife.

When he comes looking for her in the town of Silent Hill, he's met with nothing but resistance from now-cult-looking monsters like Pyramid Head and the bloody hospital nurses. The game was originally released back on the Playstation 2, so you'll have to put up with outdated "graphics" and clunky controls. It's worth it, though.

5. Evil Within 2 (2014)

Cop Sebastian experienced hell in the first installment, but managed to escape it. However, shortly thereafter, circumstances force him to return to it and face even more terrifying monsters and inner demons. The character of the main protagonist gradually evolves along with the story, and in addition to the main character's psychological problems, you'll also be tormented by scary scenes and bloody monsters.

The series creators have expanded the level design in the second installment and also offered a wide urban area suitable for exploration and collecting supplies. However, danger lurks around every corner. The game offers original boss battles, a heavy atmosphere and fun survival elements.

4. Dead Space (2008)

One of the best survival games in history comes from the now closed studios of EA Redwood Shores and Visceral Games. Some of the original creators founded Striking Distance Studios, where they are creating a spiritual successor called The Callisto Protocol. Fortunately, the Dead Space franchise isn't dead, as we'll be able to check out EA Motive's remake of it (Star Wars Squadrons) in January 2023.

Gamers who don't know Dead Space have missed out on a lot. The story follows engineer Isaac, who is one of the few survivors after an alien attack on a spaceship. The latter makes humans into murderous monsters that can't be killed with a classic head or chest shot. You have to blast the monsters' limbs off. It was an original and extremely creative gameplay mechanic at the time.

Moreover, the game took place in the chilling atmosphere of a spaceship full of monsters and spooky atmosphere. You'll also enjoy a good dose of action and spectacular moments. The great second part is worth playing, but the third one almost buried the series.

3. Visage (2020)

An independent team has developed a spiritual successor to the legendary demo P. T., which will scare you several times over. Visage takes place almost entirely in a giant house where darkness means madness. The longer you're out of the light, the more paranoid your character becomes and various apparitions and monsters start appearing before your eyes.

Visage relies far too often on jump scares, but you can be sure that you'll also enjoy the properly suspenseful atmosphere that the developers have achieved with the music and the elaborate level design. To get through the game, you'll have to find various objects in the house and solve a few puzzles.

2. Alien Isolation (2014)

The best alien game you'll find. It's nothing for the claustrophobic though, as you'll be hiding in tight spaces and hoping the alien doesn't find you. You play as Amanda Ripley, daughter of Ellen Ripley from the legendary film. She's investigating a spaceship that's supposed to contain clues to her missing mother. However, when she arrives at the ship, she finds it covered in blood and the crew dead. An intruder has come aboard.

Amanda Ripley is not the heroine her mother was. She doesn't even have big guns at her disposal. She has to make do with primitive devices and her own ingenuity. Your mission is to get out of the ship and find out what exactly happened on it. The intruder will constantly be on your heels and will sniff you out absolutely everywhere.

That's probably the biggest problem I had with the game. The intruder found me literally everywhere, like he had a GPS transmitter strapped to us. If you can get past that, you're in for a terrifying survival experience of nerves.

1. Alan Wake (2010)

Alan Wake is a writer whose wife disappears under mysterious circumstances. When he sets out to find her, he encounters a host of supernatural phenomena and monsters whose only weakness is light. The stronger the better. If you can't weaken the demons with light, even guns are useless.

Alan Wake has a good story and original gameplay mechanics. However, by the end, they're a bit stereotypical. The game's developers are currently working on a sequel, which will be even more horrific. I recommend reaching for the remaster, which is also available on new consoles.

Bonus: P.T. - PS4 (2016)

P. T. was a playable demo that would later become the full-fledged new Silent Hill game from creator Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding), Hollywood director Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy), and actor Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead). In the end, nothing came of the game, and Konami has pulled the P.T. demo from digital stores, so the only way to get it now is to find someone who sells the console where the game is installed.

It would probably be worth it, because P.T. is one of the scariest horror games you can play. It takes place in a few narrow hallways of a small house. The catch is that you never know what's lurking around the corner. P.T. has an incredibly chilling atmosphere that will make even experienced players let go of the controller.

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