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5 Min Cold War RPG

by Ty Mc 2 years ago in rpg
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Here is a five minute RPG game I made for a game jam...

5 Min Cold War RPG
Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

One of the small hobbies I have when I am not doing my job is designing very basic web games for fun or for game jams. I entered a quick game jam sometime last year where you make a quick tabletop RPG. The tabletop RPG had to be designed in a way that it could be played over the course of 5 minutes and only require a six-sided die (& nothing else). I called the RPG 'Ty Mc. 5 minute Cold War RPG'. I created it because my favorite era in human history is the Cold War. I enjoy learning about the conflict, the scientific advancements and effects on the modern world that happened because of it, the culture of the United States during that era, and looking at the culture of the Soviet Union. Here is the basic description I placed on the itch io page: With a six-sided die, you can play this quick RPG about a character adventuring through a world during the Cold War Era. It is a quick game that should only take 5 minutes.

With a six-sided die, you can play this quick RPG about a character adventuring through a world during the Cold War Era. It is a quick game that should only take 5 minutes.

You can go to to download the text file for the RPG, or you can play it with the instructions below. Just to be clear, this 'game' is not very long and not incredibly deep, but it is a short little thing you can do to pass the time:

5-min-cold war rpg

a micro-micro RPG for one player

by Tyler McFadden

you are an ADVENTURER. you LIVE FOR THIS S*** and all the thrills and chills that come along with it. You are going to go on a QUEST, then log it in your trusty LOGBOOK.

you will need: writing utensils - d6 - 5 mins or more

consider using a timer as well. time is of the essence.

roll the dice. your character is:

1 - a former solider of the Soviet Army

2 - a former US Airman

3 - a USSR scientist

4 - a college-age American hippie

5 - a youth from East Germany

6 - a transfer student in West Germany

roll again. you have the following trait:

1 - Parkour (Agility)

2 - Super Strength

3 - Biohacking (healing)

4 - Telepathy (Intelligence)

5 - Magnetism (more items)

6 - Zen (Temporary immunity)

now the QUEST happens.

roll again. you are up against:

1 - an enemy sniper

2 - a member of the US National Guard/military

3 - a spy

4 - a terrorist

5 - drunk from the bar

6 - a Neo-Nazi

the quest is over. you’ve done SOMETHING, at least. maybe it’s winning, but maybe not.

you leave the battle:

1 - unharmed

2 - with more strength

3 - with better wits (more intelligence)

4 - defeated

5 - beaten and sore

6 - with new items

the remaining time is yours. remember your journey and decompress by writing in your LOGBOOK. be quick about it - an adventurer can hardly ever rest. when five minutes pass, you’re done.

embellish details, but don’t get bogged down. keep the pencil moving. think about how your background and your traits helped or harmed you in the fight. consider how you are forced to move forward.

inevitably, you are INTERRUPTED.

you have to stop writing because of:

1 - painful wounds. You need medical attention.

2 - hunger. you have to find food.

3 - a need to start a new adventure.

4 - a need to find a place to sleep for the night.

5 - a new threat appearing.

6 - someone appearing you need to talk to.


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