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3 Gamers You Should Watch on YouTube Right Now

by Mel Leigh 5 years ago in celebrities
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3 Great Gamers Worth Watching

Whether you're a gamer or not, it's no doubt that video games have become an increasing hobby in most people's lives. Some go all crazy and own every single console ever made and have a whole room and set up dedicated to the craft. While others may have a console or two and have a set palette for games. Some of us just prefer the poker game we pull out on our phones when we're passing time.

However, if you like a good laugh and watching videos, have you tried watching gamers on YouTube?

No, I'm serious. It sounds like it's just watching someone watching a game. And in some cases, it is. But there are some gamers worth watching, who make playing the game fun to watch. Between commentary, laughter and reactions, they're bound to make you smile.

In no particular order on who's better than the others, here are three gamers, current and old, worth watching on YouTube.

1. Cryaotic

One of my personal favorites, Cryaotic or Cry, as he's called by many fans and fellow gamers, is one of the most popular gamers on YouTube.

With his contagious laugh, soothing voice, real reactions to games, he is certainly an entertaining gamer to watch play and listen to. One of the biggest mysteries around him is what he really looks like.

Unlike other gamers on YouTube, he doesn't record himself while playing the game. No one knows what he looks like. Hints have been dropped here and there, but no one has yet to actually see him. His face is usually represented by a white circle with a simply face drawn onto it. Sometimes he's his own figure. Sometimes, it's a mask put onto someone.

He's such a hit, that animators use his audio to animate, which is hilarious.

Besides the fact, he is a fun guy to watch — or listen to — and I would recommend checking out his YouTube channel.

However, I should warn you that he does cuss, and has a dark and dirty sense of humor. Not recommended for everyone.

2. PewDiePie

Another favorite among those who watch gamers is the Swedish gamer himself, PewdiePie.

He doesn't do so much silly videos anymore. But he still has a lot of his gaming videos, teaming up with Cryaotic a few times, up and streaming. They are still popular and I still enjoy going in and watching.

With his goofy and boyish personality, and getting scared real easily, he's certainly not a disappointment when watching.

PewDiePie also made some really weird, yet hilarious videos as well like, "Ducks." I would check them out too. He, too, is a gamer that animators have taken and used the audio to make their own videos.

Here is his channel. Feel free to check out his newer stuff as well.

PewDiePie is not as dark and dirty as Cryaotic, but be warned of some language or games he plays.

3. DanTDM

This gamer I discovered through my boyfriend's girls, who love watching this guy. I didn't get what the big deal was at first, but after being in the room while the girls watched YouTube on the PlayStation, I realized why he has such an appeal.

DanTDM is a pretty funny guy. His real reactions, fun loving and positive attitude, and great humor, make him great for any age to watch. He tends to play safer and less gory games. (Or at least from what I've seen with the girls) and is really good about not using foul language. He's a great guy, who really likes to appeal to his audience, knowing they are young kids to adults.

You can check out his channel here.

DanTDM applies to most audiences and tends to be more family friendly.


Of course there are other gamers on YouTube and I have no doubt they are worth watching as well. But these are some of my personal picks that I hope will make others happy as well.

I hope you get a chance to check these three awesome gamers. Depending on the type of humor you're into or if just need something to watch while passing time, these guys can cheer up your day.


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I have loved writing stories since I was a little girl. I also enjoy cosplaying, comics, crocheting, reading and drawing in my spare time. Check out my cosplay page for more updates:

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