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20 Fun Teemo Facts You Might Or Might Not Want To Know

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20 Fun Teemo Facts You Might Or Might Not Want To Know

I am one of the few people that enjoy playing Teemo, the little yordle that makes Satan proud. He is not that strong in the meta and never was. But, he has sort of a cult following.

There is one thing I always say about Teemo. You either hate him or love him. There is no in-between. I am one of the players that love him, although I simply cannot play him as often as I want to. I am not Ivan Pavlov (the Teemochallenger player, not the Russian physiologist). It just takes a lot of work to be very good on Teemo. Still, [email protected]#$-ing out countless shrooms and making everyone mad is a lot of fun.

Getting back on track, let’s just get straight to the Teemo facts I found online. Obviously, if you think something is incorrect, let me know!

Fun Teemo Facts

1. Ezreal (ColtHallam) is the person that designed Teemo. So if you are looking for someone to blame, he is the guy.

2. Teemo is rumored to have a girlfriend. That girlfriend is Tristana. They might not be a couple but they are surely close friends. Really Close Friends.

3. Teemo has two big rivals in the yordle world. They are Veigar and Rumble. With Veigar, it is just because of a conflict involving a mothership stealing attempt. With Rumble though, it is much more complex since love is involved. Rumble has a crush on Tristana and Teemo is “close friends” with Tristana.

4. There are only 2 champions in League of Legends that can remain stealthed forever. These are Evelynn and Teemo.

5. You might have already heard that Teemo is a measuring unit in the game. This is actually correct since he is the smallest in-game pick, with a size of 100x100 units. Now, this is just the measurement unit that is used. In reality, the actual size of Teemo is a diameter of 110 units.

6. The Little Devil Teemo skin was launched because of the countless memes that popped up online saying Teemo is Satan. It was never the intention to create such a demonic kit.

7. Teemo is kind of like a mascot. I love Teemo plushies. But this is not what this fact is about. It is about the fact that Teemo is actually an anagram. The original word is “emote”. Fitting, right?

8. There is an official Teemo Day, which is February 21. This is when Teemo facts are shared all throughout the day on the Riot Games Twitter.

9. Teemo has his eyes closed in all skin splash arts, except one, Super Teemo. From that splash art we learn that Teemo has blue eyes.

10. The Omega Squad Teemo quote “The war never ends, the battlefield just changes” is a reference for Fallout.

11. Astronaut Teemo’s bio directly references Elton John’s song “Rocket Man”. I used to love that song when I was younger.

12. You obviously figured out the fact that the Super Teemo skin is a direct reference to Superman. What you might not know though is that when you use his W, Move Quick, and you use that skin, the Superman classic tune can be heard.

13. Panda Teemo was released for the 2012 Dragon Boat Festival, which is also known as the Chinese Danwu Festival. The tribute was the fact that the mushrooms were designed as Zongzi rice dumplings.

14. Omega Squad Teemo actually comes from an alternate future. He went through a severe mental breakdown because of constantly being exposed to war. This turned the fun-loving yordle into a killing machine that has no remorse.

15. Here’s a gameplay fact for you in relation to the Omega Squad Teemo skin. Most likely, you do not want to play this skin because the auto attack animation is very different and can lead to you missing a lot of AA CS.

16. Little Devil Teemo is summoned by Bewitching Tristana and Bewitching Morgana

17. The Beemo skin was released with ZERO PBE testing.

18. Use joke as you play Omega Squad Teemo and you will notice him talking to a shroom with a face painted on it. This is actually a pretty direct reference to Cast Away’s Wilson.

19. You most likely knew this one but in case you did not, Badger Teemo references Weebl’s Badger Song.

20. Teemo has a global taunt. You get it when you use the Cottontail skin.

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