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100 Board Games in 2023

my personal challenge to play more games

By Katie KieslingPublished about a month ago 3 min read
100 Board Games in 2023
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I've loved games my entire life - Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble, Monopoly, Clue ... the games my parents grew up with. So, naturally, they were tired of playing them by the time I was born.

It wasn't until university - my early 20s - that I was introduced to Settlers of Catan, my first real non-class board game. Then, a friend took me to a board game café ... and I was hooked! Around the same time, or shortly after, I started watching Critical Role on Geek & Sundry, which led me to TableTop - a web-series where Wil Wheaton plays tabletop games with his friends.

Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne, Azul, Smash Up, Everdell - the list goes on! The best part: I've been able to introduce these newer games to my parents, rejuvenating their love of games. As well, tabletop games are how my fiancé and I bond, and our board game collection has grown over the three years we've been living together. I'm by no means an expert, and there's still quite a fair few on my list that are considered IT games to play nowadays that I still haven't tried - my boss, for example, highly recommends Terraforming Mars, which is on my list but I've been so intimidated to play.

The last couple of years were a challenge - it's not as fun to play board games in 2-player mode. Now, I've been working at a game store since September, and this past Christmas break week my fiancé and I got together with so many family and friends and played a wide variety of games, new and old. The future is looking bright, and I'm confident we can finally host a monthly board game night at our house!

This is where the 100-game challenge comes in. A couple years ago, I heard about a man who played 100 board games in 100 days ... this was obviously pre-2020. Even still, 100 games in 100 days is quite a feat, and although he was able to achieve this, I knew I needed to be more realistic about my lifestyle and what I can achieve. So, 100 games in 365 days - about 2 games per week.

I'm not setting a concrete list for myself - I do have a list of games we own, and ones on my wishlist, but I'm also open to the possibility of being introduced to new games by family and friends. (Most likely friends: my fiancé and I are the ones that bring the games to family dinners and introduce everyone else.)

I'm also going to be playing games that I have already played before, because if I were to buy 100 new games this year, that'd be about $5,000 ... we do not have the money or the storage room for that! The caveat, however, is that I'm wanting to play with a deeper understanding of the games - looking up the proper names of game mechanics, and trying to improve my strategy while also playing authentically (for example: I have a few specific Smash Up factions I love to play with, but maybe I'll switch one out with a faction I haven't tried before). I'll also be reviewing each of the 100 games here on Vocal, meaning I'll need to take a deeper look at WHY I love the game (or why I'll never play it again - which I hope isn't the case, but who knows what this year has in store?). I'd really love to get better at introducing people to games - choosing games that I believe they'll like based on previous games we've played.

If anyone has any suggestions for games, they're absolutely welcome - after all, there is birthdays and Christmas, so it's not to say that I won't buy ANY games this year. Please let me know your must-plays!

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Katie Kiesling

* 29, she/her, Canadian

* Reader, writer, lover of language

* Board game enthusiast, and wannabe board game designer

* Fiancée currently, Wife in May 2023

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  • Ruth Williams6 days ago

    I love board games. I consider them a good hobby for both children and adults.

  • Siva Bharath24 days ago this RONALDO story please read my ronaldo fans

  • Shane Dobbie27 days ago

    Good luck. At this point I feel like my hobby is buying games, putting them in a cupboard for several months and then selling them. Although my daughter gave us a lovely card game called Egg Farm which is fun and very quick/easy to play.

  • Shea Dunlop30 days ago

    I highly recommend Legacy of Dragonholt! It's choose-your-own-adventure meets D&D, kind of like a DM in a box. Can be played solo or with friends.

  • Madoka Moriabout a month ago

    Interested to follow your journey! My recommended board(ish) game is BLOOD BOWL! It's kind of half way between a board game and a wargame. It's American Football* in a fantasy universe, so you have teams of elves (weak but agile, good at passing), orcs (slow, tough, strong), dwarves (REALLY slow and tough), goblins (hilariously weak so they cheat a lot), etc. It works best in a leage, which has a kind of campaign system. Lots of fun, and surprisingly tactical! *rather, what British nerds in the 1980s THOUGHT American Football was like

  • Smartieabout a month ago

    100 games in 100 days? Lordy... did he have time for anything else? haha. 100 in 365 seems much more sensible! Thoroughly recommend Wingspan, The Century Trilogy (and with being able to combine the games for additional play, could be a clever option which means you don't have to learn quite as many new rules and mechanics in a busy week). I also love Splendour and Viticulture.

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