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10 Video Gaming Trends That Are The Future Of The Gaming Industry

by lakshyaworld 9 months ago in list
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10 Video Gaming Trends | Game Trend 2022

The Gaming industry has been running at a fast pace. Indeed 2021 turned out to be a very successful year for the gaming industry. It was also witnessed that a lot of mergers and acquisitions etc took place in the favor of the industry. This clearly shows the future of the gaming industry looks promising.

Are you a fan of games? Yes, then it is important for you to learn about the 10 video gaming trends that are the future of the gaming industry. This will help you stay updated with the same and also be able to predict the next move. Let us understand the video gaming trends 2022 is going to offer:



Cloud gaming

Cross platform gaming (Up the gamers play)


AR and VR


Hyper Casual Games

Demand of puzzle games

High competition

The above are the online gaming trends 2022 will offer to all the gamers and will be interesting to watch this year as well, after the year 2021 has been successful therefore most predictions are in the favor of the year of 2022. It is now time to just go through the above video gaming trends in detail and analyze if the predictions can be true.

Play-to-earn: The plan of introducing money to the gamers from playing is not a new concept, however attracting so many gamers in some past couple of years turned out to be surprising. Having said that, this strategy has been successful in keeping the users attracted to the game and also hype of people winning money made others get influence as well.

Metaverse: After the hype that the Metaverse has been introduced by Mark Zuckerberg, it has gained a different type of attention at a huge level. Having said that, even in the gaming industry metaverse has attracted a high number of users via the sales of VR which gives the gamers a realistic experience while playing. Also, this has taken the digital platform of VR into surprisingly new heights.

Cloud gaming: Since the accessibility and availability of the high quality server by a maximum number of individuals, it has become a new trend of the gamers to initiate with the cloud gaming. It is basically playing games using the high quality internet data and the capacity of its server. It often requires a subscription of some of the games to let the gamers play. As per the predictions of 2019, the market size is going to increase by a CAGR of 59% by 2024 which looks very promising for the future of the gaming industry.

Cross platform gaming: Cross platform gaming allows the other gamers to join in the game via the same online servers which allows more than two players to play using the same server. Furthermore, consoles can also be added in the cross platform gaming which is an additional bonus to the gamers. This is definitely going to up the gamers' play.

Subscription: Big games with high quality visuals etc often are not available for free or either the gives limited access to the gamers in the free version. This is where the subscription of the game comes into the picture where the gamers are given the advantage to access the additional features of the game and enjoy the same. Also the hype of the game adds much more value to the subscription version such as Xbox, Nintendo, Apple Arcade, Playstation, EA Play and many more.

AR and VR: After the metaverse is introduced, the demand for AR and VR has reached to new heights. Since VR and AR game development gives a realistic experience to the gamers, it gives them a new attraction towards the game.

Cryptocurrency: Cryptocurrency is the new trend in the market where most of the people have their eyes upon. Having said that, in 2021 crypto and gaming have hit each other that have brought a new hype around the market for some of the gaming cryptocurrencies to have the market cap in billions of dollars. Also, it gave an introduction to the NFTs in the market.

Hyper Casual Games: The top video gaming trends that can be seen amongst people is that of the mobile video games development which are mostly free and also easy to play. These hyper casual games are played by most of the people in their off-time from their work or other for the entertainment purposes. Also it is witnessed that people who are working tend to have more hyper casual games comparatively.

Demand of puzzle games: It is witnessed that the demand for puzzle games has drastically increased over the years. Having said that, it also helps in focusing for most of the gamers and makes their memory sharp. For the people who do not have much free time but want to play games then puzzle games are their go-to choice.

High competition: Gaming industry always had a high competition from the beginning but after the introduction of metaverse and new shifts of the individuals towards the hype of the game, the competition has also increased drastically.

The above are the top trends in the gaming industry that can be witnessed in 2022 that will help you to pace up with the current hype going around in the market.

Interesting isn’t it? Well the answer is a big YES, how the untapped market of gaming industry has created a lot of hype in the market.


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Lakshay Pareek has experience in Game Development Company and worked with projects at different stages of development and with different areas of responsibility. He can bring your ideas to life.

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