10 (Unusual) Gameplay Tips for 'The Forest'

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10 (Unusual) Gameplay Tips for 'The Forest'

I didn't want to read any advice from other gamers because I was scarred I would find spoilers. So I made my own personal list of things I learned the hard way. I hope this helps my fellow survivalists out there.

1. Cannibals Can't Swim

I feel like it took me way too long to figure this out. Since they can't swim, it makes houseboats extremely safe! It's a great strategy for when you are early in the game; match it up with a makeshift bow an arrow and you will ready to safely start collecting some bones.

With that said, some of the more creepy cannibals can walk on the bottom of the water and may still be able to reach you... A legsy got my house boat!

2. But they can climb trees...

This surprised me. I guess a treehouse fort isn't as amazing as I first thought it was. With that said, a treehouse is still decently safe! Sometimes the cannibals try to climb up that tree, but it doesn't work. Other times they climb up another tree and try to jump at you... I still haven't had one reach me, but it' probably not impossible.

3. Note to self: There are actually sharks.

I know there are beached sharks, but I went so long without being attacked by one that I totally forgot about them. Anyway, a shark got me. More importantly, killing a shark is an achievement! I got the achievements by making a small raft and using my bow and arrows when a shark showed up.

4. There is no easy way to get suitcases underwater.

You can push them up and open them up above water, but that is all I know. I was hoping the rebreather would help me collect them, but sadly it didn't.

5. Cannibals are afraid of fire... sometimes?

I don't know why this seems to work sometimes but not other times, but some of the cannibals will run away if I light my axe on fire. Other don't run though. With that said, there is a cannibal that will also throw fire at you, so needless to say they don't actually fear fire... they are just really flammable.

Either way, fire is a great weapon again cannibals! Especially armsy! From flaming arrows to giant bomb fires that they simply walk through by themselves, fire is an excellent strategy for fighting cannibals throughout the entire game!

6. When growing your own plants, make your planters big!

It's the same amount of resources to make a 4x8 planter as it is to make a 4x4 planter. So when you are making your own gardens, GO BIG!

However, filling larger planters will require more seeds.

7. Alligators are a great resource for armour

A lizard only gives you one lizard skin, but an alligator gives you three. It's no bone armour or creepy armour, but it's better than nothing.

The easiest way to kill alligators is to stand on a rock and use arrows on them.... maybe even a spear.

8. Cannibals don't always attack

It's true, sometimes they run right by you, sometimes they simply just don't see you and... sometimes they just sit in bushes and watch you? Creepy.

9. The front of the plane is out there!

There is a flare gun on the front of that plane! I didn't want to put it's location in this article because I don't want to spoil too much, but I will give you a couple of hints to its location. For starters, it's not underwater like I first guessed. Also, it's nowhere near where the rest of the plane landed.

10. If you can find all eight pieces, you can build a gun!

Which means there are two guns, the flare gun and the old gun. If you want to collect all the pieces, remember that you need dynamite to get them! If you need to re-stock on dynamite, there is a collection of them in the main cannibal village (in one of the huts) conveniently next to the first gun piece!

Just below is a link to easy explanation to where all eight pieces of the old gun are.

The Forest is my new obsession. It is beautifully made and I would recommend it to anyone!! Except maybe those who don't like scary games... because this game has some scary moments as you creep through the dark tunnels with nothing but a lighter and then suddenly you see a six-legged mutant charging at you with a mouth between its legs! Seriously though, the first time I saw a Legsy (a.k.a. Virginia) was terrifying! I'm surprised I haven't had any nightmares from this game.

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