10 Never Forgotten Moments from Old-School Pokemon

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10 Never Forgotten Moments from Old-School Pokemon

As much as I love PokemoGo and Pokemon X/Y ... I really miss the old days of Pokemon. Sometimes I really don't mind all the new generations ... but the truth is that Pokemon Red brings a lot of nostalgia to me. The OldSchool Pokemon, I'm talking about Pokemon Yellow and Mewtwo Strike Back. So ... my childhood really. I put together here a list of ten never forgotten moments from Pokemon in the 2000s era. I hope this brings back a happy memory or two.

10. Pixel Art

I know that the new graphics are really amazing and I do like them. However, it's always nice to go back and play some of the classics in 8-bit. Especially those pixel slot machines. :P

9. Obsessively trying to find poke-balls on the floor...

You just had to look everywhere, they could be ...

  • In trash bins
  • Behind fences
  • In tall grass
  • And sometimes just in plain sight

8. A sleeping Snorlax is always in the way ...

At least a Snorlax is a realistic thing to block a path ... I mean, couldn't I just walk around the tree?

7. All the police officers are named Jenny.

I'm actually still confused about this. I really thought it was the same chick just showing up everywhere.

6. Remember this awful riddle?

"What is 'read', but has no words" .... 'The Volcano Badge'

Blaine (Gym Leader on Cinnabar Island)

.... I still don't get it ... is it suppose to be clever? Funny? Make sense?

5. Was anyone else freaked out by the Mr. Mime that cleaned up Ash's house? .... Did anyone else think he was Ash's father?

Mr.Mime is pretty creepy in general, but why was always doing the dishes? ... This was enough to confuse any young child.

4. When Pokemon got serious and gave you some good life advice...

"Life is what you make it—no matter where you come from."
  • I never thought this amazing life advice would come from Mewtwo.
  • The quote is from Mewtwo Strikes Back.

3. Jessie thought Santa Claus stole her favourite doll .

It was in one of old shows, the episode is called "Rougela's Christmas." I still think it's funny.

2. Naming Your Rival

Lmao, the grandfather forgot his name ... So I got to name him. :P

1. That moment you realized you could actually fish in statues!

Pokemon Red and Blue had some fun things to find, but this takes the cake for me.

The End

Thank you for reading my list! I certainly hoped you enjoyed it and I hope it brought back some happy memories for you. If you want to read more about me, just scroll down a bit for some bonus content! If you want to send me a message, my contact info is just below too!

Little Nerdy Nancy

When the battery died in my Game Boy I would walk around and pretend that I was still a trainer ... Except in the real world, now. This time with an Eevee on my shoulder that would probably evolve into a Flareaon. I would pretend I was walking through a maze to get to the gym leader. (The gym was a tennis court). Of course, the ultimate goal was to collect every gym badge after going on a series of epic adventures.

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