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Vibin' N Thrivin'

by Rini Mulani 2 months ago in Science

The Science Behind Sensing Vibes

Can you recall a time when you felt an instantaneous connection with a person or pet? Perhaps you were drawn in by a specific object that felt like it chose you versus you choosing it! This phenomenon couldn’t be expressed through words but something deeply resonated within creating an effortless harmonious relationship. It was seriously good vibes only, a cosmic connection with the feeling of being on the same wavelength. This is when “vibing” becomes more than just a figure of speech and a scientific fact! Nobel Prize for Physics winner Albert Einstein couldn’t have stated it better, “everything in life is vibration.”

Basic Physics Lesson Prelude:

Energy is everything and everything is energy. Quantum physics is defined as the study of matter and energy on both an atomic and subatomic level, concentrating on the microscopic particles that build the foundation of all life. Dr. Bruce Lipton, a pioneer in energetic biology breaks down the basic fundamentals of physics in layman’s terms to fully understand how vibrations function.

The human body is made up of cells that are composed of atoms. Atoms broken down are merely protons, neutrons, and electrons. Taking this a step further and dissecting protons, neutrons, and electrons they are vortices of energy. Quantum physics tells us that matter cannot be customarily conceived because atoms on a subatomic level are not solid but 99.999% space, filled with pure energy. Physics has also concluded that everything in the universe has an energy charge including human beings. Atoms generate waves and together waves are called a field. Humans are a giant electric field using other electrical fields to help send and grasp communication (throughout the body and to others).

Just Vibin':

When you sense somebody’s vibe scientifically it is your energy (or vibration) responding and reacting with somebody else's. We are all surrounded by our own personal force fields with the aid of neural oscillation. Neural oscillation is when the neurons in our brain fire together and emit a subtle frequency outside of the brain. HeartMath Institute is a nonprofit organization who has developed reliable scientific research throughout a thirty year time span. HeartMath is dedicated to studying correlations between the heart and mind resulting in overall mental wellness. Researchers discovered that the heart sends out an electromagnetic field ranging two to three feet from your body. The frequency is determined by the emotion or thoughts we are feeling in that current moment. Think back to a time when you felt absolutely euphoric. In moments of pure love, joy, and laughter your body was physically reacting to your emotions releasing chemical hormones like dopamine and oxytocin. Same rules apply for troubled emotions working in reverse. Guilt, shame, and anger pump cortisol or epinephrine into the bloodstream concocting a heavier energetic vibrational shift. In the book Power Vs. Force by Dr. David R. Hawkins, he created a diagram of vibrations based on emotions.

What's The Vibe:

So the question is what happens when two fields of energy meet? Simple, they become entangled with one another. Two waves can interfere and cancel each other out resulting in a lower amplitude from the point they are entangled. It is constructive and deconstructive interference AKA good and bad vibes. Constructive interference is when the two waves meeting are in phase, you would say the waves are aligned. Deconstructive interference is when the two waves are completely out of phase. Imagine these as relationship types, one leaving you in complete serendipity while the other leaving you exhausted and mentality drained. The emotions, thoughts, and feelings you associate with on a day to day basis are literally affecting you and everybody in your vicinity. We are constantly interacting with each other's electromagnetic fields. That’s why we are able to sense good and bad vibes. When you hear the phrase “you are in my personal bubble” there is truth behind the statement. Jack Fraser leader in physics at the University of Oxford explains how all humans have their own unique energy bubble surrounding them being controlled by the heart.

Bad Vibes Don’t Go With My Outfit:

Research at HeartMath Institute has shown by shifting into a coherent state both the brain and heart operate “synergistically.” Personal coherence is beneficial to all we come in contact with. Another HMI finding suggests when people hold a genuine warm feeling it naturally increases heart coherence. “Scientific research in laboratories has confirmed that when an individual is in heart coherence, the heart radiates a more coherent electromagnetic energy field. Heart coherence is not an idle state it reaches out and supports others”, impacting positively or negatively depending on the frequency you are projecting (constructive vs deconstructive). On average humans emit a grand total of twelve gigahertz of energy. The heart and brain control the frequency and energy we emit. The heart conveys more information through the nervous system to the brain, a basic physiology fact dating back as far as the 1800s. Each and every person is constantly casting out a fluctuation of energy frequencies at all times. It is also scientifically known through the study of emotional residue that the nervous system can pick up on chemosignals such as sweat or tears left in a previous location by others.

I Decide My Vibe:

There you have it! All matter emits vibration. No matter your physiological outlook at some point in time we have detected some form of vibes from those around us. We are usually directed to listen to the words of others instead of following what our instincts are telling us. Language is designed to hide feelings, but with vibes you can communicate without saying a single word. Vibes speak louder than words. Choose positivity and check your vibe!

Fun Fact/Obscure Knowledge:

Sensing vibes is a REAL phenomenon backed up by scientific evidence!

Rini Mulani
Rini Mulani
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