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Top 10 Most Expensive Liquids In The World

by Kunal Ravan 5 months ago in Science
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Top 10 Mind-Bogglingly Expensive Liquids Secreted By Animals

Liquid Bottel

If someone asks you what is the most expensive thing in the world, then your mind will first answer that some big cars, diamonds, gems or some things of gold and silver, but if you are asked that apart from diamonds and gems, some liquids are very rare and found only inside animals. If such a liquid is very valuable, can you tell its answer? But some rare properties are found only in these liquids.

You will be surprised to know that in today's modern times some of the most expensive liquids are extracted from the inside of animals because it has medical uses and is also used to save the lives of many people around the world.

So in today's article, we will talk about this topic which is the most expensive liquid in the world and is found in animals which are completely natural, what is its cost? And where is it used? Apart from this, you will know much more in this article.

10. Human Blood - $1,500 Per Gallon

Human Blood Bag (Donated)

Human blood is at number 10. You may not find this human blood so precious at first, but you know how useful it is in saving a suffering human. Although human blood is not that rare, it is very difficult to collect and maintain it. This process is not that simple.

Many of you must have donated blood. The blood you donate is called 'whole blood' and this blood is divided into 2 components. One contains plasma and the other contains blood cells.

Therefore, this whole process increases the value of human blood. If we talk about the cost of human blood, then the cost of one gallon of human blood is about $1500.

9. Manuka Honey - $8,000 Per Gallon

It is followed by Manuka honey at number nine. This is also honey, but not the honey that we use daily. This is a special kind of honey, that's why its name is included in this list. Manuka honey is a monofloral honey produced from the manuka tree.

There are many varieties of honey available in the market today, but among them, the most famous and most valuable and even the most delicious and most nutritious is Manuka Honey.

It is also sold as a medicine. Apart from this, Manuka honey is found only in New Zealand all over the world. Due to its antibacterial properties, its price is very high and its total production in a whole year is only 1700 tonnes. That's why it costs around $8,000.

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8. Insulin - $9,400 Per Gallon

You must know a little bit about insulin and how important it is for our body. In today's modern times a lot of people need it. A low level of insulin in the body leads to many diseases and many problems. Many diabetic patients depend on hormones from outside sources. This means that biosynthetic hormones will certainly not be cheap.

That's why the name insulin also comes on this list. It is mainly used to treat diabetes and PCOS and is derived from the pancreas of animals, usually pigs. Due to its high demand, it costs around $9,400 per gallon. So from today onwards, remember this thing before eating sugar.

7. Swiftlet's Edible Nest - $38,000 Per Gallon

After that, the nest made from the spit of a Swiftlet bird is at the number (7). Nests are usually for laying eggs and raising young. But in Southeast Asian countries, there are birds named Swiftlet living in caves, which make nests for their young with their spit.

The nests whose market is in China and Vietnam, where its demand is also very high because the people there like to eat the spit of these birds.

Unfortunately, all those birds lost their homes just because it is a kind of delicious food for human beings. In Southeast Asian countries, people boil these Edible Nestuls.

It is used in making soups and sweets. Now, these nests are not found everywhere. It has to be found inside the caves and the workers painstakingly collect it. That's why it costs $38,000 a gallon.

6. Horseshoe Crab Blood - $60,000 Per Gallon

After that the blood of the Horseshoe Crab, which looks like a horseshoe. The horseshoe crab is not rare, it is found in millions of numbers but it is in great demand in the medical field.

Now if the demand is high, then the price will also be high. That's why its name is also included in this list. The horseshoe crab is a species that existed on this earth before humans.

By the way, as much as humans have the right to survive, these crabs also have the same. But humans take out the blood of these crabs for their personal use on a large scale. Every year about 600,000 crabs fall prey to it.

Because the amount of copper in their blood is high and there is a special protein in their blood called "Limulus amebocyte lysate" (LAL). Because of this, the cost of one gallon of blood is about $60,000.

5. Bear Bile - $90,000 Per Gallon

China has a long history of using bear bile to treat almost any disease. Bear bile is one of the most expensive liquids. Bear bile is considered useful in traditional Chinese medicine for treating gallbladder problems. You will be surprised to know that it is cultivated in which the bears are kept in small cages inside the field and their bile is emptied periodically.

This bile is used in the treatment of ALPS and medical experts in China say that it also cures cancer. This bile extraction process is now very cruel, yet it is practised in China and Vietnam, and perhaps that is why it costs $ 9000 per gallon.

4. King Cobra Venom - $1.5 Million Per Gallon

By the way, the king cobra snake is responsible for the deaths of about 100,000 people in the world every year. For this reason, this king cobra is one of the most dangerous animals on our earth and it is one of the most powerful pain weapons. Its pure venom is very deadly.

It is therefore not used directly but has therapeutic uses because its venom contains a protein that can be used as a pain reliever 20 times greater than that of morphine.

Apart from this, this king cobra venom attacks only certain cells in the body, like the particles of a virus, it is used to destroy it. But alas, King Cobra doesn't produce much of it. So it costs $1.5 million per gallon.

3. Bull Semen - $5.5 Million Per Gallon

Farmland Bull

After that the bull semen at the number (3). Nowadays it is used a lot in animal husbandry and in a country like India, which is an agricultural country, its use has started here too.

A good breed of cow and buffalo gives us good quality milk and dairy products and these dairy products are one of the most highly demanded things in the world.

So it is obvious that every dairy farmer would like to have the best breed and the strongest cow-buffalo, here comes the role of "the bull semen".

Generally, Agricultural and Poultry Scientists extract the semen of the bulls of healthy and well-bred breeds and this semen is injected into the cows so that they can give birth to healthy calves.

Believe it or not, the bull semen trade is much more expensive than the dairy products made from those bulls. The market value of one gallon of bull semen is about $5.5 million.

Not all bull semen costs that much, there are some bull semen that are very huge and strong, and their semen costs so much.

2. Race Horse Semen - $7 Million Per Gallon

Semen of the racehorse is at the number (2). The horses that run in the horse race are the best breeds of horses in the world and you know that the biggest gamble is played in the horse race and because of this gamble it is so valuable. On average one-gallon horse semen costs around $7 million.

1. Scorpion Venom - $39 Million Per Gallon

After that, the world's most expensive liquid released from animals is scorpion venom. No chemical in the world costs as much as Scorpion venom because of its high demand for medical uses, such as the use of its venom to detect tumours during surgery. Apart from this, it is also used a lot in pain killer medicines.

Now a scorpion can extract a maximum of 2 ml and not all scorpions emit such venom, which scientists need. If you need 1 gallon of scorpion venom or if you want to extract that much venom, then 3 million scorpions will be needed, which is impossible. That's why its price is the highest in the world. Its cost is $39 million per gallon.

So, this is the list of the top 10 most expensive liquids in the world. Animals should never be under-estimated because 70% of our world's economy is based on them. Hope you learned something fascinating.


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