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by Mike Singleton - Mikeydred 10 days ago in Humanity
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The Number Thirteen Still Bothers Me But I Am Not Always Superstious


Thirteen Still Bothers Me

I have always had an ingrained aversion to the number thirteen. There is no logical reason for it but it still affects me, and I am not too sure why.

At the end of March I spilled over to thirteen thousand reads on my Vocal account and that actually bothered me. What was worse is that because I was in hospital I could not post anything on Vocal so my reads really dropped. I don’t often get retrospective reads.

Playing Games For Good

However, yesterday thanks to hosting the VSS Letters and Guess and a shared post on Van Morrison’s “Astral Weeks” I scored 136 reads which took me over fourteen thousand reads, and that gave me a slight sense of relief.

Positive Aspects of Thirteen

On the 13th day of 2014, I originally posted this on Seven Days In, it was also the 13th day of the month. Some people regard 13 as an unlucky number. It has been ingrained into me that it's unlucky, but there is no logical reason for it.

Numerous reasons are given such as Judas was the 13th guest at the Last Supper (well they all made up the 13 so anyone could be designated as the 13th one). Given that there was Jesus and the Twelve Apostles that would make Jesus the thirteenth one so does that make thirteen a bad thing? I think not but that is just my opinion.

Bakers used to always add an extra loaf to batches of a dozen in case one wasn't up to scratch. Well given in most cases that all the loaves and buns would be fine doesn't that make 13 actually lucky for the recipients?


It's like seeing magpies, one for sorrow and two for joy, but it's all about interpretation. Missing a bus could be the "sorrowful" event and catching one could be the "joyful" event. It's just how you choose to look at it.


It's like horoscopes, those wonderfully ambiguous, snippets of promise, given to us by the snake oil merchants that call themselves astrologers. Here's one of mine for today, I'm Libran by the way and that supposedly makes me a balanced personality:

"Once again, your dual nature pops up -- but this time, it's making life sweet! You can see both sides of every issue, and you can also find new ways to bring your people together. Have fun!"

Hmm, well that's clear as a thing that is not very clear. We shall see how sweet life is today and I will post tomorrow and see how I can fit events to prove that this was true (that should be easy ).


I always encourage positivity in myself and others, but that doesn't cause things to happen, but it will drive you towards instigating things that will be beneficial to yourself. If you can be happy, and positive you are more likely to be confident in your decision making then either reap the benefits of the correct decision or easily deal with the fallout from an incorrect one. Always look for the positives in a situation.

An addendum to this post, nothing in my "dual nature" manifested itself, nothing I did made life sweet, though lots of communications received did that, and I didn't get an opportunity to bring people together that I was aware of. Monday was a day much like any other, but if I do notice any horoscopes that come true I will say.


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