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Oh I Forgot - The Benefits Of Vocal's QuickEdit

The Huge Benefits Of Vocal's QuickEdit

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 3 months ago 3 min read


I only have one story in Vocal Resource but today I have requested twenty of my stories to be moved to draft so that I can submit them to Resources I will also submit this article, because an observation in a comment from Naomi Gold made me think of a huge benefit of Vocal Quickedit which could only happen with a model like the Vocal one. If you want to find the quote it is in this story and you will realise why I am writing this.

The Benefits Of Vocal Quickedit

The initial one is when you notice a spelling mistake, or someone points out an error to you. It is extremely quick to correct it and republish it without having to go back to Vocal.

This is only available to Vocal+ Creators, but it is such a useful tool to have for the situations that I am going to go over in this piece.

Then there are challenges. You may have a story that virtually fits a challenge but needs a tweak like an introductory sentence or a phrase. With Vocal Quickedit you can easily apply that.

I often put together playlists and while I prefer to keep them short, sometimes I realise that I have missed a song or included something I shouldn't have, and with Quickedit I can add and remove things from the main body of the text at will.

The Vocal model allows a dynamic creation, so as well as pictures we can include video, which can enhance the experience of the reader greatly. One of the problems with any link is that sometimes those links, especially on YouTube, can be removed, making your Vocal story look a little less inviting.

Vocal Quickedit allows you to take action and rectify problems like this, and because of the amount of video that I include in my stories, I have taken that action many times.

The Title, Subtitle and Main Image

We are unable to use Vocal Quickedit on the title, Subtitle and main image and that means asking Vocal to put your story back to drafts and then doing your edits. I think this is a reasonable situation because if people could change these via Vocal Quickedit they could replace these things with anything they want and that would appear on the Vocal front page if it were a Top Story and in Latest Stories, Subscriptions and communities.

Those could be replaced by hate speech, racism and pornography and certain creators would try to do this.

My main problem with this is when I have used a YouTube video that has been withdrawn from YouTube leaving a blank image on my story which does not look very good, so I request for it to be moved to drafts, fix it and republish it.

One slight issue is that the title is used and the URL for the story, so if you change the titles all previous links to it on external sites won't work, and so have to be replaced.

I do think that this needs to stay like this despite many creators asking for these three items to be included in Vocal Quickedit.


When we write we make mistakes, we forget things, and we put things in the wrong order. Gone are the days of Pens, Pencils, Tippex and rubber erasers and we now write on our keyboard and always want the ability to make things as close to perfect as we can.

Vocal Quickedit gives us the ability to bring our creations close to what we see as our perfection.

It really is an essential tool for every serious Vocal Creator.


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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran3 months ago

    I don't have Quick Edit as I've never been a Vocal+ member and that's why I have to proofread many many times. Lol.

  • Seems it doesn't matter how many times I proofread something I've written, I always need to go back & fix it. Quick Edit is a godsend.

  • C C Farley3 months ago

    I find the quick edit very useful. I wish there were grammar checker.

  • Naveed 3 months ago

    Great insights shared!

  • Something else I like to do (besides fix the inevitable typo) is to submit a story to a challenge and then come in and add an author's note or links to other stories if it's part of a series AFTER publication. Why? Because I've been told that the judges see the initial draft that is submitted to the challenge, and while I want to add context for readers, I don't want the story to be judged differently because of these added elements. Perfect example: I critique my story a bit at the end of this one (which, while I might feel that way, doesn't mean I want to influence the judge's opinion that way, lol): This also comes in handy when I want to add these items but there's a hard word limit for the story that I would then go over. I don't consider that "cheating" since they're additions to the actual content, not the content itself, and supposedly the judges wouldn't see them anyhow.

  • Judey Kalchik 3 months ago

    I am glad you are publishing them. It is a shame the creator resource idea seems not to be a priority

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