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Nuclear War Killed All Life On Mars, Claims Scientist

Exploring the Possibility of Ancient Extraterrestrial Civilizations on Mars

By Abdul Hannan SaifPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

The possibility of life on Mars has always been a topic of immense interest for scientists and the general public alike. With the advancement in technology, we have been able to gain a better understanding of the red planet's geological and atmospheric features. However, the question of whether or not life ever existed on Mars still remains a mystery. Recently, Dr. John Brandenburg, a physicist, has made some extraordinary claims regarding what he believes might have occurred on Mars in the past. His theories suggest that a nuclear explosion wiped out the planet's ancient civilization, which could have existed millions of years ago. Dr. Brandenburg's hypothesis has generated some controversy and sparked discussions among the scientific community, and researchers are working tirelessly to uncover more evidence to either support or disprove his claims.

According to a theory proposed by Dr. John Brandenburg, there may have been two distinct civilizations of extraterrestrial beings and humanoids that once existed on Mars, known as Sidonia and Utopia, respectively. Dr. Brandenburg suggests that these civilizations may have been destroyed by a third alien race. These claims were initially made by the researcher in 2011. However, Dr. Brandenburg has recently conducted further research and will be presenting his new findings at an upcoming meeting of the American Physical Society. Additionally, he plans to publish his research in the Journal of Cosmology and Astrophysics.

The basis for Brandenburg's claims comes from the high concentration of xenon 129 found in the atmosphere and the detected patterns of excess abundance of uranium and thorium on Mars's surface relative to Mars meteorites. He believes that the surface of Mars was apparently the site of massive radiological events which created large amounts of signature isotopes and covered the surface with a thin layer of radioactive debris enriched in certain elements relative to its subsurface rocks. He says that this pattern of phenomenon can be explained as due to two large nuclear explosions on Mars in the past.

Although some scientists agree that he's not technically wrong about the soil thing, the discovery of high concentrations of xenon 1229 should not be a surprise as it is a commonly found substance. Despite this, Brandenburg is not convinced and will use photos taken from Mars rover Curiosity to back up his claims. He told Vice that given the large amount of nuclear isotopes in Mars's atmosphere resembling those from hydrogen bomb tests on Earth, Mars may present an example of civilization wiped out by nuclear attack from space.

While his ideas sound like something straight out of science fiction, it's important to note that there is no concrete evidence to support his claims. However, the possibility of life on Mars is something that has always been intriguing to us. The universe is so vast, and the idea that we are the only intelligent life forms in it seems unlikely.

In fact, some people believe that we may have actually originated from Mars. The theory goes that we were all originally living on Mars, but there was a big alien invasion and a nuclear blast. We all had to get off the planet and hit two other planets, with some of us going to Earth and others going somewhere else. Those who came to Earth may have had their spaceships crash, had no technology, and had to start over. While this theory may sound far-fetched, it's still an interesting idea to consider.

In the end, the possibility of life on Mars and the idea of extraterrestrial civilizations are topics that will continue to intrigue people for years to come. Whether or not Dr. Brandenburg's claims are true remains to be seen, but the search for answers will undoubtedly continue.


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