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By Rosie J. SargentPublished 10 months ago 4 min read
Amanda Rabb appearing on SoftWhiteUnderBelly

Lawtuber (Youtuber) BJ Investigates is being sued for simply looking for the truth. BJI appeared on my Ten YouTubers You Should Be Subscribed To article, her content is informative, engaging and at a professional level in presentation. BJ gave us an Emergency Update, as many of us, including myself, have been eager to watch Part Two of Amanda Rabb's story.

I am an advocate for the Truth. Here in the U.K. shaddy sh*t happens all the time, we have a habit we were say things we don't mean, and what we mean is usually something else, so you can imagine how our mainstream media is riddled with misinformation and manipulation. The information war is rife, the lines between fact and fiction are blurred, conspiracies, censorship, the list goes on and on its everywhere!

From my perspective, this case is a manipulation of the truth at its finest. Whether direct or indirect they killed her. It just seems too convenient for me that a young vulnerable woman of colour who was being supplied with her addiction, which they were supposedly helping her with, ends up dead in their care. That's a funny sort of methodology for rehabilitation if I have ever heard one. Lima (who you'll either know about already or will sadly know about after watching BJ's video) believes virtual reality is an innovative creative way of rehabilitation...

Anyway, quickly check out BJ's video, and her update down below:

Some interesting commenters on Reddit discussing BJ's video read:

This has led me to the correlation between mental health and the internet:

"By measuring correlation analysis, internet addiction was found completely associated with depression, stress, and anxiety. The analysis of the study results suggests that the association of the two conditions is multifaceted, and shows the effect of Internet addiction in developing other psychological symptoms."

Exchanging one addiction for another is not unheard of, but exchanging an addiction for an extremely damaging one is not going to do any good. Analysis of young adults/adolescents shows:

"Internet addiction occurs through some neurohormonal pathways. Addictions activate a combination of sites in the brain associated with pleasure, known together as the “reward centre” or “pleasure pathway” of the brain. When activated, dopamine release is increased, along with opiates and other neurochemicals.

The effect of Internet addiction on physiological and psychological health is tremendous. Various studies have reported it from time to time. The effect on psychological health in these crucial years of life inhibits productivity and scholastic performances of young adults/adolescents. Understanding the issue and providing timely intervention is crucial to prevent long-lasting psychological morbidities."

The diagram below illustrates this:

When Amanda first appeared on the YouTube Channel SoftWhiteUnderBelly, she would have been 24 years old. Science tells us under 25's are adolescents because the frontal cortex isn't fully developed. The frontal cortex is a part of the brain that plays a role in memory, attention, judgment, and other vital functions. If this is damaged, say from drugs, then:

"A person with damage to the prefrontal cortex might have blunted emotional responses, for instance. They might even become more aggressive and irritable, and struggle to initiate activities. Finally, they might perform poorly on tasks that require long-term planning and impulse inhibition."

Now, tell me if you think this Lima's method actually works. I believe this woman is taking advantage of vulnerable people. As a Brit, the 51/50 conservatorship sounds absolutely barbaric, and only reinforces the stigma that surrounds individuals that those with mental health problems or drug addictions. "Oh look these people cannot look after themselves, so in the name of 'help and support' let's remove their human rights.'

What angers me more is BJ has presented all the evidence and is challenging their version of the truth. There's nothing wrong with that, and in a case like this, I say it's justified.

"When you cut out a man's tongue you are not proving him a lair, you are only proving the world you fear what he has to say."

A young woman has died in suspicious ways, naturally, people have questioned this, and their response to BJ's video only proves Lima has something to hide.

Please go and support BJ at:

Rest in Peace Amanda Rabb 1995-2021.


The Relationship Between Depression and Internet Addiction:


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  • Frosch Pernice8 months ago

    Great writing

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