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Dead eyes see nothing

by Cheryl E Preston 2 months ago in Science

Humans have a fascinating quirk that takes place when they pass away that is not shared with the animal kingdom.

Growing up in the county I saw dead animals all the time. Dogs, cats, skunks, deer, mice, etc. and they all looked the same. Their eyes were open but without life in them. I also became used to dead bodies because I lived near the community church. I cared for my mother at home as she was dying and did not notice anything specific but with my husband, it was very different. When I observed that he was no longer breathing there was still a little bit of movement in his fingers.

My mother had loud labored breaths shortly before she died and stopped breathing twice only to start her respirations again before she actually died. I wanted to make sure my spouse had indeed passed away before notifying other family members. For some reason, I felt led to check his eyes. His lids were half open as my mother's had been and I lifted the left one. That old saying about curiosity killing the cat came to mind only I did not die but I was startled by what I found beneath his eyelid.

Wide flat eyes

I saw something that no one had ever told me about and that I had never read in any literature regarding the deceased. I heard stories about people who were taken to funeral homes and were still alive and realized that if they had checked for what I had just seen there would be no doubt whether an individual had passed on or not. I lifted my husband's right eyelid and saw the same thing that was in the left and I knew he was really gone.

When I checked his eyes I saw that they were flat as pancakes. The above image is similar but not exactly what I witnessed. His eyeballs were no longer shaped like balls but looked like a tire where the air had been let out. At first glance, his eyes looked to be seeing something frightening which is what I had been told happened when people went to hell. I had heard stories about individuals who died hard and the look of fright in their eyes, but my spouse had experienced an easy death as well as what I believe to have been an angelic visitation.

He had a tracheotomy tube in his throat so his breathing had been slightly noisy for some time. On Friday afternoon March 5, 2021, the nurse who was caring for him said she could not get a blood pressure reading and that he was transitioning. I thought about my mother's labored breathing and did not desire to go through that again. Our daughter who has asthma said she was praying her dad's breathing would not become loud because it would remind her of her struggle during an asthma attack.

Living eyes have shape and depth to them.

Just before she went home our daughter suggested I watch a movie to get my mind off things. She had purchased me a Roku box because the downstairs television was not hook connected to the cable. Just as I began searching for something to watch the movie GHOST came up as an option. The next day, Saturday around 2:30 in the afternoon I was sitting by my husband's hospital bed when the room seemed to brighten and I experienced a sense of peace and calm.

I recalled the scene in GHOST where Oda Mae says "Sam they are waiting for you" and you could see bright angelic beings in the distance. I knew that "they" had arrived for my husband and I pleaded for a little more time. As I looked at him his gray hair glistened and there was a glow on his face. Our daughter remarked how peaceful and youthful he looked.

The next day, Sunday March 7, his breathing was normal and no sounds were coming from the trach tube. I did not even have to suction it as I had for the past two weeks. It was as if my spouse was getting better but I recalled my grandma saying that some people improve just before they die. About 10 minutes before he passed away he lifted his head and looked to his right as he did when someone was sitting in the chair and talking to him.

At that moment my son and I were on his left so I wondered if his mother or someone else had come to take him home. He laid his head back down and my son left the house. I turned my back to straighten the couch and when I looked at him I knew he was gone. I processed the bright light, the feeling of peace, his easy breathing, glistening hair, and glowing face I knew these were signs that he was in heaven.

In that moment I knew there must be a scientific explanation for why the whites of his eyes, as well as his pupils, had gone flat. It was several months before I began researching and talking to medical personnel. It took about a week but I found out that human eyes naturally deflate when you die and it had no bearing on where you went in the afterlife. This gave me some peace but I wondered why this was not listed as a method of detecting death. I also took note that with all of their technology and special effects Hollywood has not produced anything that looks close to the eality of the eyes of the deceased.

Without active muscles, the eyes have nothing to keep them in their natural shape so they become flacid. The whites as well as the colored part of the eye both become completely flat. I then began thinking of all the dead animals I had encountered in my lifetime and wondered why their eyes did not flatten when they passed away. Dead eyes don't see anything whether you are human, fowl, or an animal. Still there was this bizarre difference with homosapians and I desired to know more.

I did an exhaustive Internet search and could find nothing on the subject so I have come up with my own conclusion. It has been said that animals, unlike humans do not have an immortal soul or spirit. Could it be that when death occurs and the spirit of a man or woman departs that the eyes deflate because the life force has exited the body?

I think of the phrase that the eyes are the windows to the soul. I shall continue researching and write additional articles should I find any information to back up my theory. I also want to give a heads up to those who are not aware of flattening eyes so that should they encounter this they will not think things that are not true.


Cheryl E Preston

Cheryl is a poet, freelance writer, published author and former Newspaper columnist. She has degrees in Psycology and Biblical studies. She enjoys sharing natural cures, and Nostalgia related info. Tips are greatly appreciated.

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Cheryl E Preston
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