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Collection Of Treasures

By Prince PuraiyaPublished 2 months ago 3 min read


A collectible is an object that piques the collector's interest. It could be anything from stamps to dolls. As a result, the item does not have to have a monetary value.

However, while it is not required, people use the term "collectible" to describe anything that has at least one of the following characteristics:

Original\s Expensive

Antiques (100+ years old) that are rare and uncommon, particularly those associated with significant historical events. The Brasher Doubloon was the first gold coin ever made in the United States. This 1787 coin is currently valued at $9,986,500!

Other popular rare coins include 1921 peace Dollar, the 1916 Mercury Dime, and Lincoln Cents. If you have any old coins lying around your house, give them a thorough examination because they could also be worth thousands!


Since the 1840s, collecting stamps has been one of the most popular hobbies. People enjoy amassing stamp collections of the world's rarest and oldest pieces. A stamp can cost anywhere between $10 and $1 million.

The good thing is that stamps are widely available. Some people inherit entire stamp collections from their forefathers. Even if it did contain ordinary ones, selling it to a dealer will net you at least a 20 to 30 per cent profit.


Over time, bank notes deteriorate or decompose. Because no one has old currency these days, you might expect it to be more valuable than coins. However, the reality is somewhat different.

Outdated currency has less monetary value, so expect to receive a few tens of dollars in exchange. Nonetheless, a large number of collectors are drawn to the item. Old banknotes in mint condition are likely to be in high demand. Its value rises if the bill is rare or has flaws such as misprinting or blurred numbers. Check out this in-depth beginner's guide to collecting paper money.

Games for the Table

Because the world has become far more technologically advanced, collecting board games may no longer make sense. However, if you consider the characteristics of collectables, you will notice the term "old." That is the whole point of learning about history and appreciating it. Fortunately, vintage board games have a strong market. Special limited editions, such as Monopoly 3D: New York Edition, are worth hundreds of dollars. If the collectible is complete, you can expect a higher return.

Photographs from the past

Since the invention of the first camera in 1816, people have been capturing images. So, while art is not new, technology has advanced significantly. That is what the old photographs represent. You're in luck if you have an antique image collection. Individual collectors and auction houses are willing to pay exorbitant prices for these photographs. However, keep in mind the distinction between vintage and antique collectibles.

Antiques are at least 100 years old, while vintage is anything after that. The vintage photos are of little value if they do not depict a notable person or event.

Pottery and flower vases

There is a scarcity of flower vases or pottery collectibles on the market. This is why this is an excellent niche to invest in right now. Your collection will face less competition and receive more positive feedback.

However, make sure to center your collection on antiques and limited editions. McCoy, a relatively modern flower vase, will not sell for even more than a few hundred dollars.

These collectibles can fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars at auctions, private sales, and online marketplaces like eBay, TrueGether, and free Shopify alternatives. However, for the value to be that high, the collectible must be in good condition. Poorly maintained pieces are worthless.


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