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Your Favorite Psychic Characters Don't Live a Psychic Life

by Leliel - Authentikei 3 years ago in fantasy

There is more to psychic abilities than what the media tells you.

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Sorry to tell you this, but you don't know psychics as well as you think. You've seen plenty of movies and shows about psychic people and their misadventures, but if all you know about psychic phenomena is from watching that stuff, you're still in the dark.

Psychic abilities aren't just visions, dreams, talking to spirits, and self-pity. It's an intense experience calling out to all in very subtle ways. Perhaps these less-discussed traits of psychic abilities aren't cool enough for Hollywood, but I think it's important for us to know what really goes on in the life of a psychic. Let's go over the famous "clair-" abilities.


What everyone thinks it is: seeing weird things pop up then disappear, zoning out, time traveling, a bad dream means something horrible is going to happen (especially if it keeps popping up), I see dead people and now everyone thinks I'm a freak.

The technical definition: "Sometimes called 'ESP,' it is the psychic perception of objects, conditions, situations, or events invisible to most people, including auras, various health indicators, and spirits, as well as things at a distance in space or time," (Weschke, Slate, 2016).

What clairvoyance really is:

  • The subconscious connecting to a future, past, or present event and linking the event to one's sight
  • Visually recognizing the energy of an entity/spirit, which is often a vivid color, shadow, or light
  • Visually confirming the energetic presence of an entity/spirit or thing.
  • Seeing one's environment without the constraints of time or barriers in the third dimensional plane
  • Locating an object or being through sight, whether the object or being is close or far away
  • Insight between the relationship of two entities/spirits (with the application of claircognizance, if needed)
  • A clairvoyant's dreams transfer information that can be literal or figurative and are often related to the clairvoyant's personal life events
  • Clairvoyance encourages oneness

Anyone who has experienced these symptoms are expected to have a little angst, but these abilities you see in paranormal media aren't supposed to scare the beholder of the gift or those around them. The purpose of clairvoyance is expanding consciousness and identifying the interconnectivity of many environments or beings and their energies. Often, the wisest people in your life (and probably your therapist) are clairvoyant (I will always believe Carl Jung was clairvoyant, you cant convince me otherwise).


What everyone thinks it is: I think I'm schizophrenic? Did you say something? Why is everyone screaming? Why are there so many voices and why are they always angry? Everything is loud, I can't think, and now I'm miserable, I have to be alone forever.

The technical definition: "The psychic ability to hear things inaudible to most people, such as the voices of spirits, sometimes sounds of inanimate objects, such as crystals, minerals, artifacts, etc.," (Weschke, Slate, 2016).

What clairaudience really is:

  • Listening to someone's innermost thoughts (similar to telepathy, but no reciprocal communication)
  • Hearing energetic vibrations from objects of entities/spirits
  • Hearing the voice(s) of an entity/spirit in another realm who transmits messages of importance or warning
  • Can intermingle with channeling an entity/spirit
  • Actually isn't psychosis or schizophrenia
  • Clairaudience encourages awareness

It's not right to assume those who are diagnosed with psychosis or schizophrenia do NOT have psychic abilities. However, it shouldn't be believed that anyone with the symptom of hearing voices is clairaudient. This sounds contradictory and vague, I know, but the truth is clairaudience is different for everyone and it's common for all of us to hear an inner or outside voice from time to time. It isn't always chaotic, but it can be. The purpose of clairaudience is awareness, not fear.


What everyone thinks it is: hair standing on the back of your neck, I feel afraid of everything, "it's probably just my imagination," I got a bad feeling about this, does anxiety make me psychic? My existence is pure angst.

The technical definition: Reacting with the metaphysical senses; "'clear feeling,' clair being the French word 'clear' and sentient meaning to feel or be aware of," (Barnum). Parallels empathy or "clairempathy."

What clairsentience really is:

  • Responding to the energy of an area or another entity/spirit through sensation
  • A "gut" feeling or intuitive feeling reacting through the body (this feeling can connect to positive or negative emotions)
  • Is psychically activated by energy without the influence of external factors or stimuli unrelated to the energy the psychic is connecting to
  • Can combine with other psychic abilities (especially empathy)
  • The psychic response is not restricted by any dimensional space or time; it's automatic or inevitable for some
  • Clairsentience encourages authenticity

So, the next time your grandmother tells you her knee always hurts because it's about to rain or you can immediately "feel the room," clairsentience is about. It's understandable to dismiss this ability as just a part of one's biology and instinct, but clairsentience is fueled by energy and sensation; physical energy, our biology, is a small section of the spectrum of energy. Those who choose not to hold back what they feel or are open to others are most likely to have this ability (emotional energy is another section of the energy spectrum). In movies, this ability is only triggered when something bad is about to happen and is often a poor plot device. Clairsentience is an ability that can connect to the whole spectrum of energy and those who are tapped into it are encouraged to stay true to themselves as the diversities of energy are explored.

To add, there are two other abilities that are grouped with clairsentience: clairscent (clear smelling) and clairgustance (clear tasting). Like clairsentience, these abilities are activated by energy and sensation. Those with these abilities don't go out of their way to sniff something or have something in their mouth when it's active.


What people think it is: I'm a genius, I just know, I'm gifted, it's clairsentience, but in your brain, I don't have proof or a reference source, but this is it, God told me okay? This is gonna happen...called it.

The technical definition: "Clear knowing," the metaphysical ability to receive information from a source or being of energy; a connection with mass consciousnesses.

What claircognizance really is:

  • The receiving or downloading of specific information the psychic desires or calls out to
  • A telepathic and energetic connection to information or an entities/spirits with information who may or may not be in the same physical dimension of the psychic
  • The Law of Attraction and The Law of Expression cooperating for the psychic's knowledgable purposes
  • Related to clairsentience, but summons the energy rather than reacts to it
  • Closely related to DNA activation
  • The information received may not exist in the psychic's lifetime or realm; information may be otherworldly and can't be cross-referenced with tangible sources (e.g. academic studies)
  • Not limited by timelines, but allows the psychic to travel through them (precognition and retrocognition)
  • Claircognizance encourages empowerment

This ability isn't a "geniuses only" thing, but it's been theorized to answer to why geniuses exist. Our brains already retain a load of information through physical stimuli alone, but the metaphysical senses also gain information. You could say it's where ideas come from and explain why there are no "original" ideas, but claircognizance is more powerful than epiphanies. Additionally, the Law of Attraction and the Law of Expression are the bread and butter of claircognizance. It's a calling or manifestation of what the psychic wants and then the information is expressed through whatever means the psychic plans to use. DNA activation would need an article by itself for a full explanation; long story short, it's the calling of other beings or connecting to a mass consciousness (network) and what is then learned activates further abilities or qualities of the psychic. It gets pretty heavy from there, but most importantly, claircognizance is meant to empower, not make someone an arrogant know-it-all.

Under the claircognizance umbrella is also psychometry, or clairtangency (clear touching) and channeling. Clairvoyance and psychometry often work hand-in-hand.

Now you know what's really going on with psychics. There are some media outlets specializing in horror and science fiction that take baby steps toward a true psychic's life, but don't believe everything you see. You may later run into those articles that say "5 Signs You Have [Insert Psychic Ability Here]," but I hope you realize the psychic ability you resonate with will change your life more than it does to characters in the movies. Perhaps reading this, your gut knows you possess some of these psychic abilities and I hope you see your existence and this life for what it really is.

Disclaimer: None of the photos are mine. The use of these photos is in respect of the Fair Use Clause. Please contact me if you are the owner of any of the images and would like them removed.

Disclaimer: This article isn't ridiculing the struggles of mental health, but how the media portrays it. Please take care of yourself and others.

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Leliel - Authentikei
Leliel - Authentikei
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