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Why can't we find aliens? This theory, which is even scarier than the Dark Forest, offers an explanation

by Test 2 months ago in science fiction
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Dark Forest

Although our literature and film and television have pretty much explored the possibility of alien creation, we still don't have any evidence that they really exist, let alone actually find them, as far as actual astronomical research is concerned, but even theoretically, the possibility of alien civilizations existing is very high.

So why can't we find aliens? A famous theory called the Dark Forest suggests that the reason aliens have not shown up is that, like us, they are actually afraid of revealing their location and incurring the risk of death.

The Dark Forest

The Dark Forest theory compares the entire universe to a huge hunting ground and assumes that there is more than one civilization, and that the subjects of these civilizations are both hunters and prey, because of this reason, we have to always be on the defensive while hunting to avoid being the target of others.

In this sense, alien civilizations, regardless of their rank, are actually doing their best to avoid exposing themselves, just like Earth.

Once we launch a signal to the universe that can be located with great fanfare, it will instantly become the object of attack, the same for the aliens, so no matter what will not let us find them.

Of course, this theory presupposes that the so-called extraterrestrial civilizations really exist, whether they really exist or not, as if a question destined to be unsolved, if we want to get the answer, it is possible that we have to pay the price of life, otherwise we still have to continue to live in the speculation and imagination.

But so many years of astronomical research is not no information, in many space exploration, scientists have found evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life.

In the 1970s, the United States launched a probe to Mars, the machine called the Pirate programmed to begin recording on Mars, in the mission to the soil test this item, the Pirate probe came up with some surprising results of analysis.

In the soil on the surface of Mars found traces of material metabolism, and a small amount of radioactive gas, although further experiments did not give more information, but these conclusions alone have been enough to excite scientists, Mars is likely to exist on the life.

Although it has not evolved to the stage of civilization, this at least tells us the fact that extraterrestrial life is more likely to exist than we think.

A similar signal was found on Venus at the beginning of the 21st century. While analyzing its external clouds, scientists found some anomalies, and carbon monoxide, which should have been present in large quantities because of radiation and lightning, proved to be present in only small amounts.

After a thorough examination, no material was found that could have absorbed carbon monoxide, and the only explanation was the presence of external factors unknown to us.

Primitive atmospheric simulation

Of course, in addition to these unexplained facts, there are also more direct events, such as unexplained signals received by large radio telescopes. After ruling out all possible factors, one can still only move the extraterrestrial civilization out again as a pending answer.

The Great Filter Theory

Even though there are a variety of similar signals that are vaguely indicating the possibility of the existence of aliens, they still cannot be considered as hard evidence.

In addition to the Dark Forest theory, there is an influential explanation called the Great Filter, which describes the conditions that need to be met for a group of organisms to become an advanced civilization.

These conditions are divided into many different stages according to the difficulty, each stage is like a ladder, only all step up to become a sufficiently advanced civilization.

So what are the specific stages? The first is the environment in which life is born and nurtured. For humans, the ideal environment is the Earth, but not all life has to copy the pattern of the Earth.

In fact, there are creatures on Earth that do not need oxygen to survive, so we can actually try to cut from some new angles when we conduct extraterrestrial exploration, instead of always holding on to those few deeply rooted conditions, such as sunlight, air and water, aliens, if they really exist, may not need these things at all.

Secondly, these conditions should not only be able to supply their life activities, but also be able to support their long-term development and reproduction and growth, which means that itself can continue to replicate itself, so that the form of the biota can be maintained in a longer period of time. After these basic requirements are met, there is a continuation of evolution.

In terms of reproduction, they preferably reproduce sexually, because this form can better increase genetic diversity, and in intelligence must also be distinguished from other life, which is mainly reflected in the ability to make and use tools, and develop high-level technology.

For humans, we are exactly at this stage, and after this to face, is how to ensure that this biota can not be destroyed by other foreign forces, whether it is the change in the environment itself, or the so-called extraterrestrial civilization, to do this, the only way out is to enter the space age, in a broader space in search of resources.

This stage is the highest ladder the Great Filter can think of, but obviously, for humans, this last level is still difficult to cross, and it is still unknown whether other extraterrestrial civilizations already possess such capabilities.


Whether it is the Dark Forest theory or the Great Filter theory, it seems that there is inevitably an element of competition, and the imagined cosmos in film and television seems somewhat naive in this context.

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