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What the Stars Wrote About Me on the Day of My Birth

by Katherine J. Zumpano 8 months ago in astronomy

A Breakdown of My Natal Chart

Natal Chart by Co-Star Astrology

I am a traditional Pisces: an empath, who explores the world through my emotions; a creative, who often gets lost in daydreams; an idealist, who would rather find joy in my work than financial success. I am intuitive and indecisive, imaginative and introverted. I love romance and poetry, and I feel the extremes of all my emotions.

For the longest time, I only knew my Sun sign. I didn’t know there were other placements, other planets and signs that influence us. It was easier to believe the stars have no affect on our personalities when I could read Piscean attributes and only relate to some of them. When I learned about birth charts, that there are multiple planets in different signs, it started to make more sense. I am a Pisces, but the other placements in my chart influence me.

Because Pisces is the twelfth sign in the Zodiac, it contains hints of the other signs; this has always been true for me. I am mutable, possessing contradicting traits and adapting to the situation.

Pisceans are known for being spontaneous, for going with the flow; my Taurus Moon keeps me steady. The Moon rules emotions, and much of my personality comes from it. I crave stability, familiarity. This desire for security leaves me guarded, afraid of losing people. Though the Pisces in me feels emotions deeply, swinging from one extreme to another, my Taurus moon is hesitant to express them, often waiting until the right time. Although these traits may seem negative, they keep me grounded.

My Ascendent is in Aries. This is, I think, where many of my conflicting traits come from. Pisces is gentle, but Aries is assertive. Your Ascending sign is often what you present to others when meeting them, while your Sun sign is your true self. People are often surprised that I’m not as outgoing as I appear. With this Aries placement, I am direct and make quick decisions. My biggest competition is myself, and I’m quick to anger. This is far different than the dreamy Pisces traits I possess, but an integral part of my personality.

My Venus is also in Aries. Venus rules love and relationships, and Pisceans are very romantic. Its placement in Aries means I am assertive and sometimes selfish in relationships. My feelings, especially romantic ones, are often extreme. I get jealous easily and can be passive-aggressive when upset. Still, there are positive aspects of this placement. I’m a warm and generous friend. In any relationship – romantic or otherwise – I value honestly, loyalty, and spontaneity. I fill my relationships with excitement to avoid staleness. Though I need quiet time to recharge, this Aries placement makes me the life of the (occasional) party!

My Mars and Saturn placements are in Pisces. Mars rules action and assertion, but Pisces is a passive sign. I avoid conflict whenever I can, though I need a creative outlet for my emotions. Saturn governs restrictions and limitations – in other words, personal flaws. Saturn’s placement in Pisces means I value quiet above all else, as I am easily distracted. I can be suspicious of others’ intentions and sincerity. I may struggle, but I always work hard.

I have one planet in Sagittarius – Pluto. Pluto rules power and rebirth. Its energy is subtle, but its impact is huge; having its placement in Sagittarius, an unusually aware sign, means I am more attuned to the transformations I need to make in my life. I find power in this self-awareness, which inspires confidence and curiosity.

I have two planets in Aquarius: Mercury and Uranus. Mercury governs communication and logic. Its placement in Aquarius adds excitement to my life. I’m intelligent and enjoy debates, as well as pointing out when others are wrong. Uranus rules individual liberties. I enjoy my freedom – freedom to create whatever I want, to be friends with anyone, and to change when I feel like it.

Jupiter and Neptune are in Capricorn. Jupiter, which rules luck, is a benevolent planet in astrology. I attract good fortune when I work hard and find success in resourcefulness. I’m dissatisfied when faced with uncertainty, so I do what I can to achieve comfortability in life. Neptune governs imagination and abstract thought. Its Capricorn placement makes me easily influenced and extremely sensitive, but it also helps me connect with likeminded people. I long to connect with a higher purpose.

Obviously, my natal chart doesn’t define me. I am who I am, but I think the stars hold great influence over us; the moon rules the tides, so why can’t the positions of the stars rule us? I was born on a snowy morning in Minnesota, the Land of 10,000 Lakes – fitting for a water sign. I’d like to think the stars aligned it all perfectly.


Katherine J. Zumpano

pnw | pisces | poet

wwu grad

IG: @kjzwrites

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Katherine J. Zumpano
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