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What Is Up With The Stars

by Tina Miller about a year ago in astronomy
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Leo in the stars

photo was captured through google search

Haven't you ever been curious as to whether or not you are anything like what the stars say your character is supposed to be like? I mean are you what your astrology sign says you are?

Seeing as I truly believe that somehow each one of us are a unique part of this universe and the stars are included with this universe, why wouldn't the stars have something to say? What our astrology sign says about us really does mean something. Imagine deep down what your strongest characteristics that are buried in your deepest part of you body. Everything means something.

According to astrology meanings: There are four elements in life: Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. Each element holds other characteristics deeper inside. Like anything in life if you were to really look at it, you would notice more deeper structures beneath what is visible to the naked eye. The Stars are a part of life. They are alive in the skies. They have their own way of living. But they are still connected to us as a person. The image you see below is a star being born!

This is a star being born image through google search

Leo holds the highest element in life which is of Fire. Leo's hold a wonderfully strong character. Leo's are confident and loyal. Do I believe that I hold these traits inside me?

Confidence in Leo is something that I could have more of. I believe that I am confident to an extent; while another part of me says Yes that I do hold strong traits of confidence for as much as I have achieved in my life. When I look at my achievements in life, I can honestly say that I have always been a confident person. I have always believed in myself. I didn't have someone in my life encouraging me to be the best that I could be. No one cared what I would ever achieve. No one cared enough to tell me that I was good at anything....BUT....through these circumstances that were bestowed upon me, I was able to be something that I never thought I would be. So if the stars have nothing to do with who we are, how did I find my way out of a life without any encouragement at all.

Loyalty is high on the list of characteristics in a Leo. I truly believe that this is one of my most highest qualities that I possess. I did not grow up with loyalty. I probably never knew what loyalty really meant until a few years ago. Loyalty was not something I grew living with. Now that I know what loyalty is and what it feels like, yes, I believe that this is one of the highest traits that I hold deeply today. But as with anyone, if you do not get that loyalty back...you will find another path that will provide the loyalty that you give out.

Leo is buried deep inside of me. I love the sun! I feel that the sun is my Goddess. The sun is my soul which lights up my other characteristics. Just think about where Leo is located. Leo's season begins July 23 and runs through August 22nd. This is the hottest time of the year! Leo's love heat, sun, warmth.

All in all, I think the stars say alot about my characteristics. If you really sit down and look at the stars in the amazement that they lay....that makes them so mysterious. What lies in the heavens waiting to be discovered? Why couldn't the stars be right? I am buried deeply in the heavens and Leo is buried deeply in me.


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