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Part One—Waking Up


I woke up in my cell with an excruciating headache. I was tied to many, many tubes. One to give me nutrients, a couple for my waste. They were beginning to get painful. The freezing air of my cell eased the pain, as cold air always did.

The cell was only big enough for me to fit in, and nothing else. Not even clothes. I didn't realize where I was at first. I thought I'd fallen asleep the night before in my bed, warm, and with my mother kissing me on the forehead just before turning the lamp off and leaving my room.

My warm bed was replaced by this tight, cold space. Then I realized it was only a dream. Everyone had dreams at least 24 hours before they woke up. The scientists told us this before we got the injections.

"Good morning, Violet," a woman said. "You may feel confused. You may not even remember who you are. This is common. I'm going to give you precisely ten minutes to fully wake up," the female voice informed.

And then it all kicked in. I had been asleep for 200 years. I was on a starship, on my way to Planet Luna. Planet Luna was one of the three planets they found one solar system away about 250 years ago. So if I'm counting correctly, the year is now 2268.

It's sort of breathtaking that my body was able to be frozen and preserved for 200 years. It was breathtaking that I was going to a new planet. And it was breathtaking that all of my middle school friends and some of my family was dead.

There are three planets exactly like Earth. Luna, Everett, and Linx. I was a part of a group of precisely 1,000 people who would live on Luna. 500 male, 500 female. About half of each of those groups were teens, like me.

"You will now be transported to the doctors," the woman's voice said.

My cell then shifted so that I was standing up, and shot backward. My stomach turned and twisted. I laughed to myself, recognizing that I was car sick. Well, cell sick. After a few minutes, my cell stopped.

"A new patient has arrived," a female robot's voice said outside of my cell.

The front of my cell opened to a bright room, which only made my headache worse. There was a woman in front of my cell reading my identification card. She looked up at me and smiled. She had baby blue eyes and pale skin. She looked older.

"Hello, Violet," she said softly.

"How are you feeling?" she asked as she unhooked my tubes.

I tried to speak, but my words came out raspy. I also didn't quite remember how to form the words correctly. I'd forgotten how to talk.

"Who would've thought that after all the talking you used to do, you forgot how," the woman laughed to herself, looking at me.

"I'll need to test you and get you some clothes. Then, I'll send you to Blair," she explained kindly.

I went through a lot of different tests that I didn't recognize. Since my body was preserved, I was still physically 15 years old. But if we're getting technical, I was 215 years old. I weighed 109.3 pounds. Which was impressive, because I weighed around 196 when I first got the injections.

"The nutrients you were fed once a month were much healthier than Earth's foods. You were also given about a gallon and a quarter of water each day through the tubes. Therefore, you lost weight," the lady explained.

"Do you remember me, Violet?" the woman asked hopefully, after a moment.

I looked at her, searching through my memories, trying to figure out who she was. Her wide smile, warm eyes, and messy blonde hair were extremely familiar. And then, I realized that this woman was my mother, who was hired to go to Planet Luna as a doctor.

She probably woke up about a year ago, because she was a part of the staff. She's been training. I nodded, and I felt a tear run down my cheek. I was already getting homesick. Or should I say, Earthsick? Earth wasn't home to me anymore. Planet Luna was. This starship, Starship 360, was.

Authors Note—

Hello! The stories to come will most likely be longer than this. I'll try to post a new one twice a week, but definitely once a week. Let me know what you think!

Sydney Maddox
Sydney Maddox
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