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US Government Admits UFOs / Aliens Are Real !

General Public Still Asleep 😴

By Paul GuadagnoPublished 4 months ago 4 min read
Pentagon talks about Alien Mothership

Why would The Pentagon come out of nowhere and say "There might be an alien mothership in orbit ?" Keep in mind the UFO/ UAP phenomenon has been going on for at least 70 years.

I believe our authorities realized they are finally losing control of the narrative. So, they got ahead of the problem by putting out this crazy statement. True or not, this is a complete flip flop from how they usually handle releasing UFO/ UAP information.

The craziest thing about this is , the mainstream public is still not talking about this , even though it's been all over the news. It looks like the new narrative is , "Tell the truth and don't worry about it because they won't believe you anyway !" I guess I can't blame the government or the media anymore. People are just blind and careless about the biggest story of the century or of all time ?

If I'm wrong about this, please bring it to my attention ! I don't hear anyone in public places talking about this revelational news !

It could be because it wasn't really a statement of fact. It was just an idea that said it "Could" be true. What if it is true and they just won't say it ?

This is how the authorities consistently throw plausible deniability into everything they say when it come to UFOS and Aliens.

The public response to this confirms my belief that most people are just zombies living in their own little worlds with no understanding about what's really going on around them.

This also confirms my belief that it's easy for authority figures to control the economy and markets by making the greater majority believe certain things wether they're true or not.

Things like buy Bitcoin and sell Gold. This belief was portrayed by the media. But is now about to blow up in there faces. Right now , Bitcoin is trying to look like a safe haven by going up with the precious metals. Don't buy it !! Bitcoin is likely topped out at $28k.

Here's a more recent example of certain people bashing gold and pumping Bitcoin.

Regarding the video above: This guy looks and sounds desperate, because he knows he's gonna lose . Making a ridiculous claim like "gold will fail " shows you how ridiculous Michael Salor really is ! Central banks are buying gold, not bitcoin !

Only precious metals will rally higher as Bitcoin begins to decline again along with total stock market. Only true safe havens rally on the biggest negatives. Nasdaq tech stocks are the last mainstream stocks being pumped right now. Soon they will be dumped again.

Bitcoin rallied on a supposed fix to the banking crisis. Is it really fixed ? Or is it just the beginning of a bigger problem ? We will find out soon. Market reaction to Fed decision is short term noise.

People that thought Bitcoin is a safe haven will be in for a rude awakening soon.

Regarding gold - refer to the video below:

Rick Rule is typically very cautious about what he says regarding Gold. If he says gold investment will quadruple, you could do very well to listen !

Everything is pointing to Gold and Silver outperforming everything !!! Keep in mind we are 20 years behind the curve for this happening. (Consider downside manipulation in precious metals for at least that long.)

Bitcoin Vs Gold and Silver

People should be taking some of these quick gains in Bitcoin and putting it in some junior gold silver mining stocks !!

Upside in Bitcoin will be limited !! Some news outlets want you to believe Bitcoin is a safe haven. This is false ! Bitcoin is a risk asset !! The best upside will occur in some junior miners and physical gold and silver. If you pick the right mining stocks, they could 2x to 10x your money or more by the end of the year.

Tmrc is likely one of them. Some that are close to a 52 week low are your best bet. But do your own due diligence studying the company and talk to management before investing in any of them. Not all of them will succeed. I can only speak for Tmrc because I watch it trade on a daily basis. Fundamentals are lined up for strong positive upside . The technical chart shows it bottoming and the pendulum is about to start swinging the other way. Tmrc stock went through a heavy washout about 5 weeks ago. It rebounded nicely over the last 4 weeks on better than average volume. The 52 week low was .755. The monthly chart has gone green. There is still some shorting, but the share price is pretty stable in the .90 cent range. I think the number to watch is $1. If it can start trading above a dollar for at least 2 weeks straight, you are safe to go long. This is my opinion based on years of experience watching the fundamentals and technical trading of this company. If you wait for the big news it may be too late to get in. It will likely spike much higher very quickly.

Refer to other articles I wrote on Vocal.media

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  • Paul Guadagno (Author)2 months ago

    Just a gut feeling, this could be the last chance to get into tmrc at these low levels. If you trust my perception of what's going on, put in a good bid just above $1

  • Regarding Tmrc. 7/18/2023 is 2 straight business weeks trading above $1 .

  • If you thought this article was interesting, please share. Thank you Paul

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