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Twin Flame (3): Float On

by Patricia Anne 4 months ago in literature
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A Narrative of Queen Penelope and Her Husband Odysseus

Penelope. Thomas Ehretsmann

Twin Flame (5): Float On

© Twin Flame: A Narrative of Queen Penelope of Ithaca and Her Husband Odysseus, Patricia Anne Reid, 2021

Episode 5: Twin Flame: Float On

Image credit. Penelope. Thomas Ehretsmann

* * *

Penelope Odysseus says you must understand me. Now he says this as his hands stroke down her body. She lies on top of him in their conubile embrace. There is no one above you. It is all you and only you Penelope.

This body of mine is weak and errant. I abhor it. I truly do. It acts on its own accord sometimes Penelope my dear and I know not what to make of it. I am ashamed. Still it is no good excuse. No. I am completely at your mercy of recompense.

I will do anything you demand of me to serve restitution for the dishonor I have made against you Penelope anything you require of me to right this ship.

* * *

Odysseus hush. Penelope speaks softly by his ear and relaxes into his body.

It is quiet here in the morning with you. Let us be silent together for a time. I know you are a man of great honor. My heart swells again at your words. My mind is not set against you my love. My body is yours. I am here to vanquish this disease between us. Be with me Odysseus. Lie easy and float now on our benign energy of love.

Float Odysseus.

Aquarius and my name is Ralph

Now I like a woman who loves her freedom

And I like a woman who can hold her own

And if you fit that description, baby, come with me

Take my hand, come with me, baby, to Love Land

Let me show you how sweet it could be

Sharing love with me, I want you to

Float, float on

Now Odysseus. I have come to you this morning to vanquish the demon jealousy that plagued me so last night.

I wept until my pillow was sodden and my heart ached with a deep pulling sadness. But this morning I woke renewed having felt even then a deep passion for you in my sleep. I longed for you even in my dreamscape. I cannot escape this love for you nor do I ever want to.

Odysseus God has blessed us with a mighty mighty passion and if I spoke to you in anger last night it was because the harpy wounded me not you.

Odysseus starts and raises his head from where it lay on the pillow.

Odysseus. Let me explain.

You were wrong to give yourself to thy lust and you were wrong to lie with these unclean women. I censure you for that. But my pain is not with your physical waste but rather with the longing you felt towards another.

O Odysseus this is the arrow that pierces.

It is not so much what you have done with your body that is the infidelity of matter but what you have done with your mind. You might say no Penelope but I cannot bear the thought of you thinking of another in this way and not of me Odysseus. Please. I must assert this again.

Do not use your body in a wanton way with another woman and worse do not turn your mind to another woman. This hurts me beyond all reason and it is this that grieves me still. I must rid myself of the treacherous memory of your wanton thought.

Odysseus cannot remove his eyes from her. He is silent and watchful above her.

Now Odysseus. Athena has come to me in the night vision with the antidote to my disease. She says to me dear Penelope — now this will strike hard but bear with me — you must tell Odysseus now about the suitors.

I said O Athena no no but why? I mean to shield him from this. That will be a terrible blow for Odysseus and will enrage him and inspire him towards violence against many men Athena.

Why would I intoxicate my husband with this knowing of the suitors? No. That was such an injury to our house to me to Odysseus and Telemachus too. Why must we open this wound Athena? No.

Yes Penelope Athena says. It will strike Odysseus hard to know of the suitors and their methods of betrayal but Penelope in order to vanquish the demon lust and secure Odysseus’ body and mind as only your own you must impale him with the self same feelings. Do you see Penelope? Odysseus must know for himself the injury of this thinking.

Wise Athena I said I thank you for your counsel and then she was gone Odysseus and my dream continued and turned into a serpent that you slew with a mighty and merciful sword. You said to me Penelope this serpent is my tongue and then I awoke.

What? What are you saying? This serpent is my tongue Penelope? What could this dream be? I know I must hear this tale. I dread it Penelope. What is this dream?

I know not Odysseus but I record it here for it followed the wisdom of Athena and I am wont to trace these tales for their meaning even if at first I can find none there.

Yes wife that is wise and I pledge to do the same though my head is too often muddled by the evening wine and this prevents the spell from reaching its fruition.

Just so Odysseus. Less wine more love making is what we say do we not my love?

Forsooth Penelope and on that association I say come here and let us find our morning succor and then engage me my love enrage me with this news of suitors.

I already feel the flow of the beast inside me but first I will take my wife where we meet on the field of hallowed glory.

Yes Odysseus take me now as morning glow gives way to colder noon.

Libra and my name is Charles

Now I like a woman that’s quiet

A woman who carries herself like Miss Universe

A woman who would take me in her arms

And she would say, “Charles, yeah”

And if you fit that description

This is for you especially

Mmm… take my hand

Come with me, baby, to Love Land

Let me show you how sweet it could be

Sharing loving with me, I want you to

Float, float on.

* * *

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