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To Run or To Fly

by Paige 2 months ago in opinion
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Just Another Dream

To Run or To Fly
Photo by Richard R. Schünemann on Unsplash

Just another day, just another long drive to work. Here I am again on the same long, country road to the nearest large city so I can attempt to make a livable paycheck. The green fields, farms, and random homes pass me by and the beautiful foggy silhouette of the mountains are in the distance ahead and beside me. As I drive, my mind is drifting from this thought to that. A usual occurrence on my long drives to anywhere as I try to distract myself from the boredom of the journey. I am content and calm as the day's activities toss about my mind.

As I'm driving and daydreaming, my attention is pulled up to the sky. The sky is beautiful, blue and clear today. Only a few wispy, thin clouds paint the sky. I admire it's beauty until I notice something strange. I notice not one but two passenger planes flying through the sky above. Not something most would consider weird but what made this instance strange was the manner of which the planes were flying. They were so very close to the ground. Not a touching distance but close enough that they could take out an averagely tall building if there were one in the area. I could see the blue and red on the tail and sides of the plane quite vividly. Good thing there was no such buildings around. But they weren't just flying low, they were also incredibly close to each other. They were side by side, one slightly higher than the other, flying in unison in the same direction. It was odd and fascinating, and I was very confused.

But as I continue to drive forward, watching as these strange planes fly off, not ever breaking from each other's side, another yet stranger sight catches my attention ahead. This one quite more troubling than the last. Ahead of me, I am approaching a four way stop light. As I approach and the light turns red I watch as a semi-truck starts to turn onto the main highway I am traveling. But this truck isn't carrying a normal trailer or any kind of normal cargo. Attached to the truck was an oversized, large trailer bed. And on this trailer was yet another plane. This plane was not in as perfect condition as the two previous planes. This plane looked as if it was coming from a horrible crash. It was twisted up, very wrecked. You could see broken windows and random pieces dangling about, as it made it's way by. One wing was missing while the other jutted out at an odd angle. As if they just piled the whole plane onto the trailer in any way they could fit it. It was a terrifying sight.

I stop my car and watch as the truck makes its turn onto the highway with its abnormally large cargo. It doesn't quite make the turn as it should and starts to brush against the tree line. I watch as the plane's broken, jagged parts grab at the trees and some of those parts start to fall off. Branches and plane parts fall about on the road. And then the oddly angled remaining wing of that plane hits the power lines. Sparks start to fly, more broken branches and wires hit the ground, fires start among the street. I start to quickly drive backwards, just enough to get away from the danger. Other cars are doing the same in all directions. Some people panic and instead, jump out of their cars to try and flee on foot. Injured people are falling about as well. People far enough from the chaos step out of their cars and watch from a distance. We are all talking and in shock as we watch the truck and remaining wreckage drive off down the highway. Even though everything is in such hell, I'm still strangely content. I'm not scared or panicked, which is strange because I panic at every inconvenience. I watch everyone around me and think to myself about what I should do next. I don't feel rushed or upset or anxious. I'm unnaturally calm.

As I watch and wonder about what to do next, I notice a fallen person who seemed unconscious, close to a spreading fire. No one was paying any attention to her or even seemed to notice her lying there. And as I start to calmly move forward in her direction, I wake up. I lay there in bed, the dream still vivid and real inside of mind. How strange of dream. What was that all about? I have these strange dreams and sometimes nightmares on occasion but here lately they have been so frequent. I haven't usually been the type to dwell on the meaning of dreams or how they may be connected to my daily life. But here lately I have had a lot of time to wonder and think. I don't believe that every dream has a significant meaning. I don't believe that if you see a cloud here or your teeth fall out there it has a specific meaning to your actual waking life. But there is so much we don't know about dreaming or about the brain in general. I personally think there may be more to dreaming than we really know. I believe that maybe our subconscious can try to tell us things in our dreams that we might be to busy in our waking life to see or understand. I believe that maybe God or angels can talk to us or communicate with us in our dreams since it is the only time we are really still. Or maybe I'm just overthinking it and dreams are all truly just our overreactive imaginations releasing the day's stress in a fun or scary way.

Regardless, the mind is amazing and I do hope to connect with myself to a point that I can maybe decipher some of these messages or meanings. If they are truly there. I like to learn new things and I dive into the supernatural and unique aspects of things often because the idea truly fascinates me. It may be a real thing that merits research and my time or it could be a bunch of nonsense but the journey to figure it out is what makes it fun.

"I dream of painting and then I paint my dream." -Vincent Van Gogh


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