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This is a brief history of mankind's fascination with ruins

by test 3 months ago in science fiction
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A brief history of obsession with ruins

This is a brief history of mankind's fascination with ruins
Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash

In the unknown and dangerous wormhole life, this operation is more or less breathtaking!

In the New Eden universe full of infinite possibilities, there is such a group of people, who successfully developed a "wormhole economy", but also out to beat the top three alliances in the universe, the power of the war is not to be underestimated!

Today, we will talk about this group in the wormhole home, choosing to avoid the world of EVE players.

Wormholes, as the most mysterious space area in the New Eden universe, are roughly composed of unstable wormhole channels and relatively stable wormhole space.

Due to the instability of the space structure, the wormhole channel has a relatively fixed life cycle and will collapse naturally after a certain period. It has the unknown nature of the transmission location and the number of times it is used, so when players first use the wormhole channel to travel through, they will not be able to determine where their destination is, nor can they be sure whether their warships will cause the wormhole channel to collapse during the process of travel.

Wormhole space is a mysterious space outside of the main universe, connected by random wormhole passages, with certain mineral resources. The structure of wormhole space is relatively stable and does not collapse.

Generally speaking, EVE players will only use the wormhole passage for a short time, or in the wormhole space to collect a certain amount of minerals, and then pat the butt away, and will not live in the wormhole for a long time, bear the wormhole passage will be cut off at any time, and anywhere there will be a huge risk of uninvited visitors.

But the members of the Wormhole All-Stars (WHCFC) Alliance, have not only built their own secluded homes in wormhole space but even built a strong wormhole army, giving rise to a unique wormhole culture.

As mentioned earlier, although wormhole space exists stably, the wormhole channels connecting it to major galaxies are randomly generated and change randomly.

Therefore, the biggest risk of making a home inside a wormhole is that you never know who you will become neighbors with during the change of wormhole passages. Perhaps, the most powerful Union regular army within the universe, the most vicious interstellar pirates, will be in your unpreparedness, through the other end of the wormhole channel to visit your home.

It is also because of the unknown nature of the wormhole channel, that those who harbor the romantic idea of escape and seclusion of wormhole players spontaneously formed a loose alliance of attack and defense - wormhole all-stars.

Although wormhole players, wormhole teams, and wormhole legions may fight over the distribution of minerals in wormhole space, nearly all wormhole players will choose to put aside their grudges and unite in the first instance to sweep the unwelcome guests out of the wormhole in the form of a wormhole all-star alliance when faced with a foreign enemy invading wormhole space and preparing to destroy the home they have worked so hard to build in the wormhole.

Over time, EVE players have formed an unwritten unspoken rule, we use the wormhole channel to the shuttle, or mine in the wormhole space, you need to give courtesy to the members of the wormhole all-stars, do not have unnecessary conflicts, do not bring their own "death".

But the subtle rules are after all subtle rules, there are always a few head iron unbelieving players, relying on the strong power of their alliance, who want to challenge the wormhole order established by the wormhole all-stars, to destroy the harmony and love of the environment in the wormhole.

The top three alliances in the universe DRF of senior management has led the team through the wormhole space, "itchy" attacked the famous wormhole corps Red Crabs (Hard Knocks Inc) of the old home, in the wormhole internal set off a furor.

Although during this "accidental" conflict, the DRF alliance failed to bring substantial damage to the Red Crab Corps, at best, they just shot a few guns at people's doorstep and left after some fun.

However, the arrogant attitude of the DRF senior management who refused to admit his fault and bragged about his legendary experience of "surviving death" from the Red Crab Corps and the Wormhole All-Stars Alliance in the forum, drove a bunch of people to "smash and burn" in the wormhole space, destroying the stability of the wormhole. The wormhole is in a stable order.

Faced with the blatant provocation of the top three alliances in the universe, and the chaotic scene in the wormhole, the wormhole all-star alliance's performance is also very tough, directly a letter of war sent to the doorstep of the DRF Alliance, vowing to fight with the DRF to the death.

A bunch of Buddhist salty players who live in seclusion in wormholes want to challenge the hegemony of the top three alliances in the universe, and even completely erase the existence of DRF? This declaration of war has caused the forces of the universe to "look at the joke", they want to see how much weight this wormhole all-star has in the end.

But to everyone's surprise, the wormhole all-star sent a declaration of war on the same day, organized an army of 10,000 people to kill the DRF Alliance base camp, and hit the other side a surprise, the people operating for several years of star sovereignty are pulled out.

What is even more surprising is that the wormhole all-star alliance members, whether in small-scale combat operation awareness or large legions of tacit cooperation with the collective enemy, have shown a very high tactical quality. In addition to the continuous supply of personnel and supplies, they used only half a month to completely defeat the top three alliances in the universe DRF.

Faced with the embarrassing situation of "the clown is me", although the DRF alliance did not openly announce its dissolution, but almost in name, the main army left, scattered, completely by the wormhole all-stars to a third-rate alliance.

The most ludicrous thing is that after the Wormhole All-Stars overthrew the top three alliances in the universe, the group of Buddhist players packed up and returned to the wormhole space in front of the stunned eyes of the crowd as if nothing had ever happened.

So, you never know how many gods and goddesses exist in the "Buddhist salty fish" party that makes its home in the wormhole.

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