There Not Here (Part Two)

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A Two-Part Science Fiction Short Story

There Not Here (Part Two)
Hynek's third kind

There, not here.

Part two.

Jed and Eli's father had told them about the land, before his death. Their father worked at Greswick construction as a surveyor. He had told them that Carl's land sat on a wildcat well. He told them that there must be 'one hell of a Reservoir below that property.'

Their father had left them with the health insurance check of £250.000. Carl's land was worth three times that amount and an untold fortune lay beneath. Jed and Eli thought with a little persuasion, they could force Carl to sell. Their plan was simple. Eli worked at the general hospital as an orderly. He had access to the medical supply room. That's where he took the Propofol and the Epinephrine from.

For the past two months, Jed and Eli visited Carl's house, randomly, always around midnight. Both of them dressed in the alien costumes that Jed had bought online.

Whilst Carl was asleep, Eli administered the Propofol injection. The drug coursed through his veins, rendering Carl's central nervous system. Eli then injected a tiny dose of Epinephrine into Carl's neck, just enough to bring him round, but not enough to take away the effect of the Propofol.

He then positioned electroshock pads to Carl's temporal lobes. A light shock from the remote device was used to blur Carl's vision, also using a pulsating flashlight to further confuse, whilst they both stood at the foot of the bed menacingly. The procedure lasted around 30 minutes. Jed always made sure to erase the camera footage that Carl had set up in the room before they left. Their antics caused mass confusion for Carl, filling his mind with the concept of a mock alien visit.

Jed turned off the lights to the pick-up as they approached the dirt track leading to Carl's. They parked way before the farm, so as not to spook the animals.

"Grab the bag." Eli gestured to Jed. The leather holdall lay in the back of the truck.

Alighting from the vehicle, Eli slowly made his way to the front door of Carl's. Jed followed close behind. He used the spare key that lay on top of the door frame.

Both Eli and Jed, stopped in the hallway as they put on the tight-fitting suits. Moving to the bedroom, Eli quickly administered the Propofol into Carl's neck.

"Get the flashlight ready," whispered Eli to Jed.

It was then that they heard distress Carl's livestock outside. Jed moved open the curtains to see a bright beam of light. He stood in shock as he watched a cow levitating downwards towards the ground. He looked up towards where the light shone from and noticed a circular object hovering motionless and silent in the night sky.

There was a brief flash of a second beam of light. Beside the first beam, two figures appeared, Jed leaned closer to the window and squinted, trying to focus on the two elongated silhouettes.

"What the hell are you doing?" said Eli, angrily whispering as he placed the medical items on the bedside table.

Jed didn't reply as he watched another cow travelling down the beam of light, then another, totaling five. Five replaced the five that were previously abducted. The Greys ushered the genetically modified cattle into the fields to join the rest.

"There's something out here," said Jed, now trembling.

"What are you talking about?" replied Eli, making his way to join Jed.

Eli moved the curtain wider. Two sets of green eyes looked towards them as they noticed the movement.

Eli quickly drew the curtains shut.

"Shit... Shit. What the fuck is that?" said Eli as he backed away from the window erratically.

"I've no idea," replied Jed nervously.

"Let's get out of here," said Eli, quickly packing up the leather holdall. Carl lay comatose and completely oblivious to what was unfolding.

There was no time to erase the camera footage as they made their way to the back door of the property.

Making haste, they exited the rear of the property. Eli dropped the leather holdall as he noticed the two Greys six feet in front of him, Jed made a run for it, quite comically dressed head-to-toe in an alien outfit, but it was no use. One of the Greys deployed some sort of pulse weapon, completely evaporating him.

"Wait. Wait, please," yelled Eli, fumbling trying to remove his alien mask.

The other Grey trained his weapon towards him.

"I'm human, see," aid Eli, manically thinking that because of his outfit, he was a threat of the alien kind.

The Grey lowered his weapon and signaled to the ship. The same beam of light that delivered the cattle now pulled Eli screaming skyward.

A second light transporter now collected the Greys, pulling them, too, back to the ship.

There was a blinding flash as the ship departed, leaving Carl's farm back in darkness.

It was 6.30 AM when Carl woke. It was the sound of his cattle that woke him, five more than the day before. He stood baffled at the front of his property, as he stared at his full herd.

The only difference now was that three of his pigs had gone.

He usually remembered his visits, but for some reason, this time was different. Carl made his way back to the bedroom and checked his camera footage. He finally knew what had been going on all along. He would call Sergeant North, embarrassed, and tell him of his findings, only this time, from the many times he had called the sergeant out — who often told him, that 'aliens don't exist' — Carl would have to agree that these events were earth-bound and that "there, not here" and have never been here.

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