The Sun in Sagittarius

Here's what you need to know about natal Sagittarius Suns

The Sun in Sagittarius

The Sun in a birth chart represents ones ego and strength. It is at the heart and centre of the solar system, and is usually the Astrological body that people are most familiar with. The Sun in our birth charts are associated with self-identity and our soul path. It also provides some form of direction as to where we are headed in life and the general strengths/weaknesses that guide us there. Our Sun sign is our inner motivation. It shines light on the ways that we view life and our expectations from it. Tropical Sagittarius season starts on the 23rd November and lasts until the 22nd December.

The Sun in Sagittarius governs a person who is knowledgable and has a good understanding of the world around them. They are gregarious and have an infectious passion for life. A natal Sagittarius Sun often proves quite successful in sharing their ideas with others. They express unique, philosophical and abstract perceptions that others have not yet thought of. However, their viewpoints are typically of a larger, general picture, meaning they don't spend much time acknowledging finer details.

It's almost always about the big picture and bigger meaning with Sagittarius Suns. Sagittarius Suns are very open-minded and don't shy away from life's greatest opportunities. There's never too much adventure or too many places or ideas to explore. Sagittarius is home to faith and expansion. The glass is always half full rather than half empty, and the energy is always all or nothing. Their constant focus on the future often helps them deal with the struggles they may be dealing with at present.

For Sagittarius Suns knowledge is power, and when accumulating this power they must explore all areas of the world and its languages and cultures. They tend to be luckier than others, which inspires their optimism and faith in life. They're the type of person who can find a positive out of every negative situation. Who can make still make a joke when faced with a major setback. Their adventurous nature inspires them to be more careless than care-free. Whilst they do care about the benefits of others, they certainly think of the benefits of themselves first.

This overly-confident character can hurt others with their words. They aren't trying to be mean or spiteful, but they have a way of justifying the negative things that they say with positive intentions. Their honesty and openness is certainly a positive attribute. However, this can turn sour as they struggle to find a pleasant balance between telling people what they want to hear and telling them what they need to hear. In terms of honesty, logic and emotions, Sagittarius tends to see things in a very black or white manner rather than acknowledging life's complexities.

Sagittarius Suns are generous. Benefitting others not only pleases them but fuels their ego and their high self esteem. Sagittitarians love to aid others in their prosperity, and share limitless inspiration and advice. This advice however is not always invited, but that doesn't mean they'll hold back on sharing. Life is always an adventure, and the biggest threat to their positive and expansive outlook is boredom. This boredom can extend towards the people in their life, the state of their life, or their immediate environment. Sagittarians simply want things to happen. They crave experiences and want stories to tell. However, these cravings for change typically mean Sagittarius Suns aren't one to stay in the same place with the same people, doing the same things for very long.

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