The star, the girl, the universe

Two sisters born with two very different purposes. But bound through commitments made before they were born. One girl adapts easily and the other finds herself challenged every step of the way. A story about the warrior, a protector of worlds and the Lavandula star of the far away planet Otalia.

The star, the girl, the universe

As the story begins, the magic unfolds. As the veil begins to fall down, the blind fold crumbles to a million pieces of star dust. Even the blind fold holds the answers to the secrets. An energy created with the intention to cover up what is beneath the surface, yet as the intention that initially created the blind fold changes, it is now created to heighten awareness. The shedding represents a process; awakening, transforming. It represents that energy is energy, love is love. It’s simply the intention behind it that gives it direction.

Chapter one: A sacred discovery

The morning gracefully penetrated my window and to my delight was the sound of birds, singing. Together they sang a song so beautiful that waking up felt like the first day of life as an innocent being with not a single worry in the world. I spurted out of my bed but quickly fell back down, surrendering into my soft covers, pink, gold and floral patterns, I begun to feel conflicted. “Come on Samura”, I said to myself with a gentle urgency. “We have important things that need to be done today – very important”. As the last two words from my mouth fade off my tongue, I asses why the morning had such a beautiful warmth, a warmth that certainty did not represent my sister checking into hospital in two hours for a life changing surgery. A surgery that had me shaking in my bones.

Standing up out of bed wrapping my gown over my body, tucking my arms tight around myself, I take a long deep look around my room. Am I really this scared? So scared none of this seems to fit. My beautiful silk curtains. Pink just as my 16-year-old tantrum requested, the white vanity that belonged to my great grandmother. The soft off-white walls. Looking around my mind twirls, it twirls because it feels my entire life is changing yet nothing in this room has. “Dam this shit is old”, I smirk. “When Leonie comes out of this surgery all of this is going, a new me, a new bedroom.”

My trace is broken to a knock on my door. “Samura? Surly you are awake, we are still getting breakfast, together right?”. To my delight, my sister Leonie’s voice brought a loving essence to my wandering mind. As I opened the door there, she was, in her gown as well, wrapping her arms around herself as she tilted her petite body to the right. “Of course, sister, how could I deny the older, much scarier, defiantly sassier version of me”, I say with a chuckle and grin. “And what about you sister? Witty charm, whimsical long brown hair, dashing eye brows”. Leonie grabs me by the hand as your 80-year-old grandmother would as she lifts my spirits. “Okay, okay you cannot beat these brows, now how about we get ready, I really would love a hand picking out some quality going to the hospital clothing”. My humor intends to being dark, my expression sarcastic. Leonie sits on the end of my bed playing with her fingers. Her energy moved quickly from playful big sister to concerned big sister, her head lowered, however my courage amplified. “You know this isn’t the first time someone in our family has gone through this and we survived last time Leonie, we took a hit and came through stronger. This time won’t be any different”, I say whilst my back copping the hits of her worried eyes, searching for something in my draws only to find my clouding tears. Feelings of wonder come over me, this morning felt like I had been reborn and why now I feel overwhelmed with fear. Leonie and I only had each other, her being cut open didn’t give either of us comfort. We have both felt it, we both had the dreams. Whatever is going on inside of her is not the result of ovarian cancer like our mother. But we both act like it is, we act like it is simply because we’re scared. A secret between us both. “I really want to talk about our dreams”, I say turning around. “I can’t keep acting like we both don’t know it’s beyond what doctors could believe”. She pauses. “We don’t know for sure Samura, we have to do this to make sure, and if I have to be the logical mind in the this then I will be, the doctors aren’t sure, the specialists aren’t sure, I’m not sure”. Leonie stands to face me. “Look I know that whatever is going on, there is a reason for it”. “When you come out of this and they don’t find anything. We have to talk about the dreams”. “I promise we will, for now let’s go eat, so hurry up and get changed”. As she walks out my door closing it, I flash back to my dream the night before. The same dream Leonie and I had both been experiencing for months. We are walking on a path of golden sparkling light, a path paved for us just to walk on. In a flicker two bright lights stop us in our tracks. A hand begins to form out of pure light from one of the bright lights, pointing at Leonie’s stomach. Like I understand them I turn to Leonie and say to her “There is light in you”.

Driving to the hospital a rush of energy washes over me. Suddenly I felt as if there was something I was meant to do. That sensation where you try so hard to resurface the memory because you forget the name to a song you loved. A longing to remember something of great importance. Yet there was absolutely nothing I could think of that was so urgent. Natural flow of green traffic lights encompassed the journey we were on. Heading to the hospital with no hesitation or hold, like the universe was pulling us toward it. If it weren’t for my deep understanding of what is meant to be will be id hate the fact that we are moving toward the very thing I’d been dreading for weeks. And more then I like to admit. Tilting my head back I ponder out the window on myself. “Why did we freak out so much?” … I ask myself in thought. “Perhaps all of the stress and anxiety was a result of not speaking what I felt to be true more often. I should have spoken up about it more. The dreams, the feelings, the random bursts of wow I know why I was born. All of these beautiful things occurring while Leonie has been ‘sick’. Yes, the symptoms are all relatable to ovarian cancer. I won’t deny that. But what about the other symptoms? The ones I kept to myself, the ones only I could see; her incoherent sleep talk, the way she keeps holding her belly, nurturing it, her sudden hair growth and illuminated complexion. Surely, they aren’t symptoms of cancer. She’s showing signs of a pregnancy, with a denied pregnancy test. A denial of sexual activity. My love for her extends above and beyond. She’s my sister, my best friend and my mother I know her better than anyone else”.

“Okay, whatever happens today just remember I love you and… don’t forget to water my plants”. Leonie smiles and I can sense she really needs the attempt to make a joke calm her. So, I let her have it. “Thanks mother I’ll be sure to care for your only friends” we laugh, passing honest eyes to each other. Even when we joke our bond runs deeper than the ocean at its depths, to comfort her right now is so important to me.

Before opening my eyes, I assumed that falling asleep in the waiting room is what I had done. To my surprise I opened my eyes surrounded by white light. Convinced now I was still dreaming. There Leonie lied next to me, with soft brown hair partially covering her gentle face. “Leonie wake up”, nudging her shoulder. “We are in the dream again!”. She begins to wake but a look on her face suggests we aren’t exactly experiencing the dream like we had previously. “What’s wrong?”, I ask her. “If we are in a dream Samura then why do I feel like I am wide awake, I don’t even remember getting out of the car?” Her awareness flickered a light within mine. Something was different. In the other dreams we were both wearing white baggy gowns, this time we are wearing the clothes we left the house in this morning. “We aren’t dreaming, are we?” as we both stand, first using our hands to lift our bodies from the translucent white ground we curiously look around. We start walking. “Oh my god!”, I look down and as I start walking a golden path glistening with sparkly energy forms beneath our feet. “A path just for us”, we both say simultaneously turning while looking at each other dead in the eyes. Continuing to walk it becomes obvious that our dreams were in fact precognitive as everything that happened was unfolding in front of our eyes. My heart dropped. My stomach sinking as two bright lights stop us in our tracks.

Trying to come up with the appropriate word for this right now all I come out with is “Fuck”. And as a hand forms from one of the two bright lights pointing at Leonie’s stomach, I turn to her. Looking down. I knew what to say, I knew what they were saying. But if I wasn’t dreaming then I want to make more sense of this. Instead of saying the same thing I did every other time I demanded “Tell me what you are and what you want”. Both bright lights begin to reshape, they twist and turn, shape shifting right in front of our eyes. Finalizing into the shape of alien like beings with white skin, that was solidified by luminescence, tall, slender, eyes bigger than I had ever seen but so beautiful and innocent in their stair. “Wow, I didn’t expect that”, Leonie says, eyes so wide out of her head. “Hmmm, I am going to go with aliens, right? I mean, you probably kidnapped us. After everything I have been through this year I don’t care if you wish to probe me, Samura might though because she’s so sensitive but I’m the care giver, I’ll take the hit. Just don’t hurt my sister”. Touched by her words of sacrifice however I didn’t feel afraid or worried of being probed. I chuckle to myself. “We are light beings from the planet Otalia, and we were assigned to retrieve the star, my name in your earth language is Lunar and this is my companion Deva, we hope you don’t mind our delayed responses at times, the earth language is very bizarre for us to speak. Where we are from, we simply use our minds, energy and shapes to communicate. Our kind have evolved beyond the use of words, beyond the barrier of spoken language which you can choose to say the opposite to what you think then everything be on the table instantly so to speak. There are no lies, no miscommunication or deception on Otalia only the truth.” I couldn’t help but feel at ease.

Lunar spoke with such clarity and depth that my inner body let go of all doubt and fear. “The truth you say?”, I perk up with a smirk on my face, hands on my hips. Did they understand wit? “If you are all about the truth, you can start telling us about the star and why my sister and I are in this place”. “We are currently in the Quantum filed of all-time space and existence. This is the place where everything is possible. The reason why we had to bring you here was so that you can reshape your current reality to match the frequency of Otalia. Which is extremely high. Otalia resides in the 79th galaxy of the Plenovia universe, no one can access Otalia without having a frequency that matches it as the planet has evolved into a state of pure light consciousness. Deva and I have instant access with our command however you two will disintegrate if we forcefully took you with us. We must only discuss the star at Otalia. Where the others will witness the conversation and record it for educational purposes”.

“Now close your eyes, we will take you through the process of reshaping your reality”. I felt my body fall to the ground with grace, I was speechless. If everything they were saying is true then I need to get this reshape thing right. “Don’t worry Samura we cannot leave the Quantum filed until you both match the frequency”. “Um are you in my head right now? How are you hearing my thoughts, and which one of you is this?”. “It is Deva, I am your guide. Lunar is in Leonie’s mind guiding her”. “So, does this mean you can hear all of my thoughts?”. “Yes” Deva spoke clearly. “Well I guess I better be honest all the time”. “That would be helpful for all of us.” I couldn’t really tell if Lunar and Deva were always this bluntly serious or if they could lighten up a bit? Considering they were made of light I don’t see why it wouldn’t be so hard.

Surrounded by the echoing voice of Deva I begun to float out of my body in a tingling sensation. Time and reality were slipping away as if it didn’t matter anymore, as if my mind no longer conceptualized with it. I was now pure body.

“Take yourself to a time where you felt the happiest, the most joyful, carefree”. Deva’s voice was like a lucid dream, it was defiantly real however the was a faded whisper that enriched the emphasis of her words. “Travel through your life, use the golden energy of the field to guide you where you need to be”.

Travelling across my life, I saw every scene of it as if it was only a movie. Then I stopped at a memory where I was lying in my mother’s arms. Her hand brushing through my hair, a young baby. Hardly old enough to remember so profoundly. “I am with my Mother, she is hugging me and nurturing me” …. “That is very good Samura, now I want you to concentrate on what she is saying to you, why did you come back to this memory?”, “She is saying to me…. um its really hard to make it out, I am so young”. “You remember, do not resist, surrender”. “Okay, she is telling me… I am… very special, and that I was born for a very special reason. As a protector of something magical, I feel calm. Mesmerized by her kind words, my heart feels activated and very warm, oh! I love her so much. I love you Mumma!”.

Within seconds I was catapulted through time and space, Deva holding me close. “HERE WE GO! HOLD ON!”, Deva voices dramatically as we head toward a force filed the color of violet. We collide and penetrate the field like an exploding star.

Chapter 2: Otalia and the magic of Plenovia

My eyes struggle to open, body aching from head to toe. I am not really sure what is happening. The sound of chimes dingle as if I had fallen asleep outside on the porch. Cuddled up on our outdoor sofa, it felt like I was home…. With a terrible flu or something. Foot steps tread around me and suddenly I no longer feel like I am back where I thought I was. As blurry slits carve the picture of a vague face above me, I let out a loud groan. “Samura…. wake up Samura…. Open your eyes”. “Mmmm”, I let out a loud please leave me be symphony of get fucked why are you annoying me. Then it clicked, no one else annoys me in the mornings more than Leonie. My eyes burst open but to a wicked surprise. “You’re not Leonie!!! Who are you?”. The creature had purple skin, spiked ears, blue and green fur around its body. Hair so long, bright, and sparkly. Actually, this creature was stunning. Feminine. Eyes so crystal-clear blue not even the most famous beaches could touch them. The winner was right here. And as I looked closer the creature’s eyes had little gold specs moving around where you would usually see basic color.

“It is me silly. You’ve been asleep for five days; I can’t even begin to describe the magic here”. It was Leonie but my obvious question was why on earth is she an alien? “Please tell me why you are looking so, umm. Intergalactic stripper cross Victoria secret right now?”. My voice was curious yet sarcastic knowing Leonie well.” “We are on Otalia. Don’t you remember arriving? You were pretty out of it; the field did a little damage to your nervous system but the shamans have been working on your DNA while you have been asleep. They said once you wake up your body will instantly heal”. She wasn’t wrong, two minutes ago it felt like I had been hit by a truck now I feel like a completely new person. “Coming to Otalia changes your DNA and original body functions to align with the frequency here, so things may become a little different”. “Is that how you became an alien? Tell me already will ya!”. “Okay, okay”, she says while coming down to sit on the beautiful silk bed I had been resting in for days. “So Otalia isn’t like Earth as we know it. Here they have evolved beyond 90% of the entire multiverse, it is one of the oldest planets and universes in history … well history as we may not exactly understand it. But, because of their evolution they are now pure light beings, living in constant euphoria. Everything here is light, they however can choose physicality its just less comfortable. To get to my point”. “Yes, go on”, I smirk. “We came here as physical, yet some of the laws of Plenovia are accessible to us since we came here through our shift in frequency with Lunar and Deva. I now can take shape of anything I desire, I can even take the shape of a light being if I wish, but the only problem with that is becoming a light being, which is the best state of being I’d have to make an oath to Otalia, bounding me to the planet. Then I will be an Otalian not an earthling anymore. Here, they gave us both instruction manuals on how to shape shift and manifest. Its easy really”. She hands me a light golden energy shaped book. “It feels like nothing, how does it even open?”. “Just imagine the book forming into a book you can read, go on see what happens”. She was right, the book took more body, suiting my every desire, the more I thought of a book to my liking. “Wow, so everything here around us has been created?”, I asked her. “Yes, I created your bedroom, I created this whole mansion we are in, took me minutes”.

No wonder I heard the wind chimes from our home on earth, looking to my right there they were hanging from a crystal hanger, clinging onto a million fairy lights from the ceiling. Little had I noticed my surroundings. It was incredible. Ferns, vines and forest like plants grew magically up the walls made of pure clear crystal, boulders the size of me, made of pure rose quartz. Leonie loved rose quartz, wearing it day in and out. My room was not like heaven, it was better because someone who held deep love and consideration for me built it with her mind while I was sleeping. Then I admired my covers and the bed she made me. The natural looking waterfall submerged in the soft luxurious marble floor. “Do you love it? Remember this is your room. Its yours to mix and match as you please”. “Oh my god Leonie, I love it, I love you! I love you so much!”. I dive into her, jumping on her out of the silk purple covers. It was a little weird hugging a fluffy alien but hey, she is 110% my angel of a sister. “Come on, lets get you cleaned up and ready to see the others, everyone has been eager for you to wake.” My stomach dropped a little, the others? Are there going to be more aliens? Perhaps this is good, we can feed our information hungry mind and answer some of our questions to why the hell we are even on another planet in another universe in the first place!

“Have you ever seen a bath room like this?” ... As the doors glided to the side, with our intention to enter I make my way into the open door way. Wild, it was all nature from earth. Even the doors were made from pure trees and vines. To the front, to the side, on the roof, everywhere was like I’d stepped into a jungle paradise. No humidity, nor hot, nor cold. No bugs, thank god. Just the sweet scent of vanilla and hints of frangipani brushing across my nostrils. “This place is paradise but where’s the shower?”, “You really think I would create a basic shower if I can make whatever I want?”, she takes me by the hand, smiling with utter enjoyment of what she has created. Better yet what she is going to show me. We stood in the middle of the room, Leonie closed her eyes, let her arms drop down to her side, facing her palms upward. As her chin goes up her head falls back. Her concentration was remarkable, and everything felt so much like fairy land I begun to question if I could hear magical sparking sounds around us as she worked her mojo…. Within seconds of her in a meditative state, I could feel tingling all around me, my hair fell out of its messy bun, waving in its length, softening as it flowed. My clothing faded away, leaving my bare skin. Pure light energy lifts me up in the air highlighting every inch of my skin. Dropping back down, noticing a giant pool like bath forming underneath me. Curving into a natural rock pool, made of a green crystal the color of emerald. Via pure light I drift down into a warm and soothing bath. Leonie joining me. “Its like, water but it’s so…. glitter like?” with both my hands the water runs through the breaks of my fingers, glowing as it fell back into the mass. “Yeah, it’s called the stream of Plenovia, its in the book. It is blessed water from the Goddess of the Plenovian seas. Elements from every ocean across the universe even Otalia when it was in its physical form. “Well I am defiantly impressed sister. Is all of Otalia like this?”, I question playing with the diamond like water. “Not exactly, we can create but only in our sacred space. The rest of the population can’t see what we have created unless they want to be physical, which like I said they don’t really like it.” I felt confused. “So only those who are on the same level as us can see our creations?”. “Just wait until we see the council, they will explain everything, including how to use your book.”

Floating around in the water I face the ceiling, seeing Leonie in my peripheral jumping out of the bath reaching for a towel. Eyes stuck, I allow my arms to float to the side of my head. What is the star? That’s all I want to know.

Leaving the bedroom was spinning my mind because the existence of everything around me was beginning to move so strangely. Walking out of the front door this sensation was getting worse. My surroundings were so incredibly bizarre.

Continuing to walk, Leonie by my side. I was seeing trees that I had never seen before, defying all physics. Orange trees that were pulsating, their limbs growing and shrinking in the light breeze. Pollen that was echoing a mysterious song as it floated around the air sparkling in its appearance. These plants around me were beyond my conception of reality, jaw dropping and eye ball enhancing. The path we walked on was made of a yellow dirt similar to what is found on earth, finding comfort in this I decide to look closer, maybe if I focus on this earth like dirt I will feel more at home. But something started to happen right in front of my eyes. The dirt was changing color, to a metallic blue, and then to a wider rockier terrain. The more I looked the more it was changing. Now every second it was changing into shapes, sizes, colors and textures that were defiantly not of earth. Looking up everything was the same. Changing rapidly. Different building, trees, roads, light beings, aliens, vehicles. It was all changing so fast my whole vision begun to blur, and it was becoming a chaotic nightmare, a kaleidoscope of events. As if every idea, every reality every physical manifestation of everyone around me I was seeing simultaneously. I started walking faster to try escape. “Samura! Where are you going!”. I here Leonie’s voice shout in shock as I try running away from the events unfolding in front of me. “SAMURA! STOP!”. I fall to the ground covering my face, curling my legs to my chest. “MAKE IT STOP! MAKE IT STOP!”. “What’s wrong? What is it?” Leonie kneels down beside me, grabbing me and holding me in her arms. “I see everything, it’s all changing at once, I can’t see where I am going or what anything is. What is happening to me?”. Tears rush down my face, I squinted my eyes closed so tight that my face scrunched up in a painful manor. “I really don’t know, we have to get you to the council, they will know I’m sure of it, maybe close your eyes until we get there”. Why didn’t Leonie have the same problem I started thinking.

A bright light consumes us both as we attempt to getting up. A warmth a radiance igniting my skin, and I opened my eyes. And there I was back in the Quantum field where we first met Deva and Lunar. Deva appeared in her alien form. “I see you are having some troubles adapting to Otalia”. She says to me walking closer and closer. “Please tell me what’s going on, I can’t go back if its like that. I was going crazy”. She took me in her arms and we walked along the golden path. “What was happening is unusual, we thought you would have been able to see only your own reality. Your sister adapted to this very quickly for an earthling. Quicker than any other being to visit our planet in history. This will be explained to you both once you reach the council, I am not in a position to share this information because I feel this is beyond my wisdom. But it seems that you are not yet aware of the process in which one is able to create their own reality on Otalia. And this reality can be whatever you desire. Many beings here chose light but some do not and they create things from other planets they have visited or come from. It’s all mixed and matched. For now, you need to focus on your own wants so we can get you to the council. It is all a choice you get to make.” “Okay I understand and to make the reality my own I must imagine what I wish to see?”. “Yes, things will appear as you command, and even buildings, beings will appear as a result of collective imagination. Say if 5 people from completely different parts of the main city of Otalia wish to eat classic Otalian cuisine a restaurant will appear for the collective. And they will all go there. Very similar creations take place on your Earth but you are less aware of the energetic make up of your existence, once aware you can then manipulate energy into your most abundant desires. “Ahhh I see, so if I want to make my way to the council in a way that makes sense to me the path will be clear? Won’t other people get distracted if I chose to ride a flying horse there? Won’t Leonie get left behind? Or get confused?”. “Nothing is happening the same to anyone else. And how you perceive the event will be tailored to your imagination and reality. You can invite someone along in your creation, as long as they willing to participate then you may have a collective experience. If you wish for your sister to fly horses with you then all you need to do is express your intension to experience the same reality. Once the bond has been created your two realties can synchronise which may allow an easier relationship. Many of the partners and companions here do this, it makes it easier to spend time together. It’s a deep connection of wave length. Lunar and I were born as companions. Our parents were light beings of the highest council in all of Plenovia. They requested two children that were bound for life to serve as the retrievers of the star so her and I see the same reality and always have. You and your sister were created in a similar notion. Bound together before birth but it seems your connection isn’t as limited, you two have a free will to your bond, a disconnected connection”.

Well it seems my sister and I are bound but at two ends of one huge stick. Two players in a different game but on the same team. It seems she has adapted so fast, waking up before me, being able to control her focus on her own reality faster and masterfully creating the incredible house. Like we have a separate purpose, purposes that rely on each other to be fulfilled. And its she belongs here. I feel like I do not.

It reminded me of a story our mother use to tell us. In the story there were a group of women all walking in the same direction. Some women fell behind, protecting the women walking in the front. Then some women walked to the side picking berries for everyone to snack on. One woman trailed so far away from the others she disappeared from the path. All the way down to a creek, she didn’t quite know why she felt pulled to wonder off but once she reached the creek, she realized she was the only one who was carrying a wine sack. An empty wine sack. Collecting water, she heard the call of the other women, their song captivating and loud. She sung back with a deep knowing that she was needed, loved and only she could be the one to collect the water for everyone.

This story reminds me that even when I feel lost, I have a purpose. Even when things get hard, I am loved. Most of all when I feel useless it reminds me that I hold gifts within me that only I possess. Same goes while I am on Otalia. I know that there are gifts within me that are different from everyone else, all equally unique, beneficial to the entirety of the multiverse. At times we all feel flickers of doubt. Being here is bringing out some of my deepest insecurities. Feeling like I am not good enough as well as feeling like everything that is happening is perfect. A combination of feelings that you wouldn’t expect to merge together but they do. Ones a natural hopeful reminder while the other lingers in the back ground whispering in my ear. Which is more relative? Which emotion holds the truth within me? questioning everything seems to open up doors that I wasn’t aware were there. All of my life I have felt a deep responsibility, to be someone. To be the person who never gives up. And sometimes I just need someone to help me to, to hold my hand telling me everything will work out. That person was my mother, if only she was here right now to share her wondrous stories of courage and hope. Hold me until I slept. We all need a guide, a teacher present to us, a person who absolutely inspires us to be the best version of ourselves, devoted to us regardless if we ‘fall’. Time space, reality. Its all merged into relevance, com-busted in creativity. Being as everlasting, ever loving and never ending as we command. In saying that, if I fall, then to me I can be flying. To me I can be on the verge of greatness because I constructed the reality that I live in. dreaming big since a child I didn’t expect to be on some random planet on the other side of the universe questing my very own self-worth as I am challenged every second I am here, I did feel something? Didn’t I? In a child’s life, expression isn’t with boundaries. I felt spiritual as a child, free as if I was born to do things only, I could do.

Years go by, boys and feelings distracted me. School and the ‘norm’ of a people pleasing society shaped me briefly. Yet it never crushed my independence. Once Leonie fell sick, I begun shedding layers created on earth, feeling freer, experiencing breakthroughs, breakthroughs that I would consider waves of universal truth being channeled through me. Guilt. The guilt was a part of me being upset that all of these magical things were occurring in my life, then seeing my sisters face try so hard to smile when she thought nothing positive in life was in her reach anymore. Can’t we all win? It seems her illness was in fact a fall blended with beauty, we are here, all of her symptoms gone.

In a flash I was back in Leonie’s arms. And with my now knowledge I started imagining my way to the council before I opened my eyes. “Leonie, I am going to open my eyes soon, first I need to fixate on what it is I want to see when we are walking there.”

To be continued.....

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