The Paranormal Gift

by Yvonne Glasgow 2 years ago in fantasy

A Short Paranormal Sci-Fi Story

The Paranormal Gift

In the darkness, she heard a sound that wasn't at all familiar, even though it completely was. It didn't bother her though, it seemed like something new came to her each night. She was used to it by now, and even though it was a new sound, a new voice, each time, it rarely shook her anymore. It wasn't just something, but usually always someone. Though there were a couple times she was sure her visitors were animals of some sort (the four-legged kind, rather than the human version).

Sometimes her nightly visitors just came to talk, sometimes they wanted something more. They always wanted something though. Geena's visitors were ghosts, spirits, whatever you prefer to call them. Geena liked to call them the living-challenged. Though sometimes she really thought they had it much better than those of us who were still breathing. Sometimes they wanted Geena to deliver a message to a loved one, or find a secret item that they had hidden before they died. Sometimes they wanted her to solve their murder, and those were her least favorite. She wasn't a cop or even a detective. In fact, Geena was a stripper. Yes, a stripper; dancing polls and getting naked, a stripper.

One may wonder how it is that a person with a gift for communicating with the dead would be working in such a risqué profession, Geena often wondered that herself. However, she was already a stripper before she got her “gift.” Let's just blame it on a guy...

One night after a long shift at the club, Geena was walking alone the two blocks to her apartment when a stranger came out of the shadows. She wasn't able to see his face, but he spoke to her in a low voice. He said it wasn't safe for her out here at night. He offered to walk her home. In fear, she thought it better not to argue with him. She nodded her head and tried to smile. She wished she could see his face. As they walked she heard footsteps down an alley they were passing, she heard the sound of a switchblade opening. She held her breath. But the hidden person must have seen the gentleman with her, because they never came out of the darkness. When she reached her apartment she realized she was holding the stranger's hand. Without thinking she allowed him to come into her home with her. In fact, she walked with him right into her bedroom. For some reason, she felt comfort in the fact that she hadn't seen his face yet he had been her rescuer. It was because of this that she didn't even stop to look at it while she took her own clothes off, then blindfolded herself with her stockings. She waited for him, and it seemed like minutes passed before she felt his hand caress her. He touched her gently, all over, and laid her down on the bed. He took his time, and she enjoyed it. She fell asleep afterward and woke up to a strange voice speaking to her. It wasn't his, and in that thought, she realized she had never even found out his name. As she tried to focus she felt the empty side of the bed, and was disappointed in his not being there.

The voice continued, “Wake up, oh please, wake up. I need your help?” Geena opened her eyes and there was no one there, just a disembodied voice. This was her first encounter with a ghost. Somehow her missing lover had lent her his “gift” it seemed, and now she had ghosts yapping at her all the time. Tonight her visitor just wanted to talk. Sometimes these were the worst because they would just talk and talk, with no end in sight. They miss their family and friends, and chocolate chip cookies. They miss dreaming and cooking...

However, this ghost had something better to talk about. After introducing himself as David, who had just died in a car accident, he explained that he just wanted someone to talk to and that he had something very important to tell her. “I met you, in life, once,” he said. She only heard his voice, she was Clairaudient—she heard spirits but didn't see them. “I don't recognize your voice,” she said to David. “I must apologize,” he said, almost sounding like a frightened child. “I saw you dance, you were so beautiful. I walked you home that night...” He went silent for a moment, before continuing. “I wanted to stay until you woke, but I was afraid you'd have thought I was a bad person.” He trailed off again, and Geena swallowed hard. It was him.

It had been a couple months since her night with the stranger, and she thought of him often. It was two months of dealing with this new ability and the constant abuse from ghosts, both physical and mental, all brought to life because of this man, now a ghost himself. Geena couldn't have a real relationship anymore. She looked crazy to anyone that saw her talking to herself. And when they would show up at night, and the most inopportune times, she just couldn't deal with it anymore. It was easier to be alone.

David continued his silence forever it seemed, though it was likely only five minutes or so. Then Geena thought she heard weeping. “I... I'm sorry,” David said.

“Please, it's OK David. Months have gone by and I have let the pain go.” She added, “You changed my life that night, some good and some bad.” His weeping stopped. “The only thing I wonder,” she said, “is how you transferred it to me?”

David spoke slowly, with an unsure tone to his voice, “I really don't know, but after that night I never heard another voice from anyone that wasn't there again.” Geena suddenly felt something under the covers with her. She didn't speak. She remembered how good it had felt to be with him that night. She hadn't felt love making like that since. Even her living lovers couldn't compare. She longed for this, and even though David was a ghost now, she let him in.

Geena often wondered if she was crazy. Crazy because she “thought” she heard ghosts. Crazy because she thought she had just made love to a ghost. And even crazy because she enjoyed her twisted little life. Geena had many human lovers in her past, but none had compared to David, alive or dead. He came back to her often over the next few weeks. It seemed as though they somehow had a spiritual connection. Maybe it was because he had been the one to awaken her paranormal gift that fateful night of their first meeting. David would also be the one to help Geena find true love, with the living.

One night on an unusual visit from David, when he just wanted to talk, Geena learned from him that he had an estranged brother. This brother was David's only living relative—that he knew of—and it was his twin. Daniel and David had stopped talking around the time David started seeing people that weren't there, only a year or two ago. David wanted Geena to find Daniel. David filled Geena in with all the info she needed, and with a simple look in the phone book, she found Daniel's address and phone number. The hard part was telling him how she found him, since there had been no obituary for David—he was just some John Doe in a car crash. And the fact that he quit talking to his brother because he was a nut, and now she was the one carrying around his insanity. David told Geena as much as he could about his brother. And Geena armed herself as best she could with knowledge about the two of them to make her visit with Daniel as painless as possible. What she didn't know was that she was soon to lose one brother, and find her true love.

Geena knocked at Daniel's door. David whispered in her ear. He was reassuring her that she could handle this. He told her he had faith in her and that only she could help him. She heard the footsteps coming towards the door and she began to panic. As she started to turn she heard the handle turning, it was too late to run away now. Since she had never seen David's face there was no recognition when Daniel answered the door. “Can I help you?” he asked. Geena blushed.

“I am here about your brother, David,” Geena said.

Daniel blinked. “I haven't seen my brother in a year or more, I think. I wouldn't know where to find him. I don't think I am in any position to help you when it comes to David.” Geena faltered, but David whispered in here ear again.

“I am not looking for David. David died, in a car accident...” As Daniel's face began to take on a shocked look, she added, “He was a friend of mine, kind of.”

Daniel invited her into his apartment, offered her a cup of coffee, and they both sat down at the kitchen table. Each of them stared at their own hands, afraid to meet each other’s eyes. Geena decided she needed to speak... even though she hadn't heard a peep from David since she stepped into his brother's apartment. “I hear ghosts. I know it sounds crazy, but I do. Your brother came to me after he died. He wanted me to find you and let you know he was gone. And that he wasn't crazy and neither am I.” She continued speaking, too fast for Daniel to get a word in edgewise. She told him all the secrets David had told her in order to convince Daniel she wasn't some freak off the street. These secrets included things that David only learned about his brother after life had left him, which were to prove that she only found this out after he died, and to prove that people really could commune with the dead. Daniel stood up and got more coffee when Geena stopped talking. He still hadn't said a word, even in the silence. Geena watched him now. She thought his eyes looked lost—it looked as though his mind was in a faraway place. She wondered if he always looked like that. Then she started thinking of David, and the past. She thought about what had happened since he died. She also thought about why he wasn’t here now.

Geena never did hear from David again, even after she left his brother's apartment. He moved on. His wish had come true, his secret wish. Geena and Daniel had hit it off, connected by the loss. It took a while for Daniel to get used to Geena's gift, but he no longer thought it was crazy. He also knew his brother had forgiven him, and he held no more guilt. David must have put a good word in for her on the other side too because ghosts don't interrupt her intimate moments anymore. It was almost as if she kept actual spirit communication office hours now.

Yvonne Glasgow
Yvonne Glasgow
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