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The Jyro and Mystie Series 2

by Shyra Rodgers 5 years ago in literature
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First Encounter

The Beginning of Everything

March: a good time to rethink of the weather and mourn the loss of the holiday that just passed us. The weather is cloudy with a chance of rain,which is more likely than anything else. If it was going to snow outside, I'd be more than happy to make snow angels and wait outside.

My friend Mike needed to go to Coastal Farms to find some belts to make alterations to his own and asked me if I wanted to tag along. I would've said no, but I usually don't stay indoors on cloudy days. For some reason, cloudy days are more comforting to me than sunny days. Then again, the fresh scent of rain is a better scent than exhaust fumes from a car.

As I walk around the store, I look over at the toys section. Some of the toys are original and generic, like the horse's head on a stick and play pistols with sheriff badges. Other toys were brand new, like the tractors and cowgirl dolls among countless others. They were good toys, but they were expensive to the boot! Honestly, I don't see how a stick horse should cost $15 for a kid. Five to eight dollars, maybe. But, for 15 bucks?

You're out of your darn mind!

Feeling a little bored — and, somewhat stressed about the prices that I was seeing — I left the toy area to go and find Mike, soon seeing him over at the counter. I start to walk over, but soon stop and turn my head as my eyes catch the sight of the TY Toys stand. I can't help but feel giddy and joyful at what I'm staring at before me.

On the top shelf, nestled in the corner behind the rest of the TY toys, is a small stuffed purple TY toy unlike any of the others. The wild, vibrant purple mane of hair pointing in all sorts of directions over her glittery bright purplish-pink eyes and lavender colored furry skin that contained two tiny purplish-pink hands that look like mittens along with two purplish-pink feet that look like hands with three fingers and a thumb each. It has a big closed smile with two buckish-snaggle teeth hanging out, making it look pretty adorable even without a nose. I can't help but be in love with this toy.

I reach to the corner and pick it up with both of my hands bringing it closer in order to take a proper look. By my guess, it's no taller than my lunchbox and as wide as my hand — which is pretty small for my age.

I look at the TY toy tag and read inside. It says:

LOLA"Give me a big hug, and you'll soon seeThat I'm as loveable as can be."Birthay: Jan. 15

Oh wow, I'm in love!

I look over at the pricing chart for the TY toys; the small ones being six bucks, the medium ones are eight bucks, and the big ones are thirteen bucks. That is completely unfair, especially since the big ones look like they're mediums! But of course, you can't argue with how a store runs their prices.

After about fifteen minutes of deliberation and given facts, I walk up to the check-out and purchase the little Lola-Frizzy toy with a smile. Mike just slaps his forehead with an eye roll, but I don't care. She's worth the 13 dollars.

On the way to the SUV, Mike decides to nag on me about the fact that I bought a toy. Not about the price of the toy, but the toy itself. For a 50-year-old guy, he seems to find a lot of things to complain about (no exaggeration needed!)

As we get into the car, Mike takes a look at the toy and reads the tag.

"It's called Lola?" he says with a bit of inquiry.

"Her name is Mystie," I reply.

"The tag says Lola," Mike says as he points to the tag.

"I know what the tag says," I reply with a smile, slowly taking Mystie back from him, "but they make Lola-Frizzies every day. This is my Lola-Frizzy, and her name is Mystie. She shall be called that, and I will love her until I die."

Mike just looks at me funny, commenting that I'm a weird adult.

"I'm a Kidult," I say. "There's a difference."

If you're wondering, a Kidult is a person who has the responsibilities and capabilities of an adult, but has the simplicities and the mental state of a child.

As soon as we get home, Mike and Richard decide to go out to Remmy's Bar and Restaraunt. It's fine by me, because I get to watch Sarah and Duck on PitFlik. I quickly change into my pajamas and turn off the TV, hugging Mystie tightly.

I place a kiss on the top of her head, and say very softly, "I love you Mystie. You'll always be my friend no matter what."

* * *

I wake up to the sound of a duck quacking on the TV, I open my eyes and blankly stare at a blue duck splashing in a puddle on the screen. I hit the stop button and take a look at my watch around my neck, seeing the small hand on the one and the big hand between the six and the seven. I look around the room, noticing that Mike's still not home from the bar.

It's almost two in the morning, and he's still not home? Man, I'm glad that I'm not him right now! His fiancé would kill him if she found out that Mike was getting wasted at the bar, especially if he's at a place where other women hang out at.

It's weird that women get freaked out by that (even though I am female, I still don't understand why women get weirded out by that).

I start to notice that something's missing, I look around to see that Mystie is nowhere near me. I get up from the bed and look under the bed and around the area I sleep, but there's no sight of the small furry bundle of cuteness.

Where did she go?

"Hello Jyro," a tiny squeaky-Brittney chipette type voice says behind me, "You're awake!"

I quickly turn my head around, seeing Mystie behind me with a small glass cup of milk beside her. I slowly stand up and take two steps toward her, looking down at her and the cup of milk in confusion. I don't know if I should freak out, or find it funny.

"How in the heck did you get over here?" I say, thinking out loud, "With a cup of milk?"

"I thought that you might be thirsty when you woke up," the squeakish-Brittney chipette voice says through Mystie, without her lips moving, "so I got you some cream water."

My eyes widen, and I can feel the blood draining from my body with my heart suddenly beating very fast. I wish that I could just laugh this off, but there's a key factor to this little scenario. What is it?

Well, simple...this there's a talking stuffed toy in my home!

"You might want to drink the cream water," Mystie says once again. "It tastes yucky when it's warm."


About the author

Shyra Rodgers

Hi, my name is Shyra.


Love to read and write.

I work part time jobs until I can earn enough to support my career choice of becoming an author.

Love all animals...except the black widow.

(I know it's a bug)

Life Lesson 1: Do what you love. 💗

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