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The influence of your ex on Sagittarius, have you ever been affected?

The influence of the predecessor on the zodiac signs

By GiovanniPublished 2 months ago 6 min read

Today to analyze the impact of the former Sagittarius, and how to avoid whether he really came out ah. 12 signs of the most autistic two signs, a Sagittarius, a Gemini, in fact, Sagittarius is also a typical more autistic people ah, what does this autism refer to? Sagittarius is particularly difficult to make friends with people, his heart some scars and shadows can easily become a kind of magic, because he does not face, so can not pass ah, then this thing you really you can not solve, you know it, because this thing is not someone else can guide, really you say the vast majority of people autistic may be because no one to make friends with you, then as long as someone to make friends with you, he will not be autistic, he will communicate with people, right? He will communicate with people, right? Sagittarius autism is a habit, is to encourage something, we experience the friends of Sagittarius here, you will not mold annoyed with your own parents, for example, that some people, like to play a big name ah, I go wherever I let my parents, I let my friends to pick me up, experience my importance ah, Sagittarius is different, Sagittarius has the habit of letting friends pick up?

Basically no, so that any time, such as what to go out to dinner or something ah, you guys go first, do not wait for me is to say that no matter how rich he is, how powerful, he grew up, he is like this, he is not used to others to put themselves in a very important position, he does not want this face, he does not want to do this kind of thing, afraid of disrupting because of themselves.

Other people's plans, the impact of the former for the Sagittarius, is what I said, because this kind of thing he can not express, he also has no way to confide in anyone, because I say again a logic, Sagittarius is actually a person who has difficulty confiding in, why Sagittarius friends may also confide in their friends, but you think about it.

You confide in something.

Is it really something you really care about?

No, right?

The things you confide in are generally the things you care about second, you really care about things, you will not confide in anyone, you simply can not express, so he sometimes he will have a kind of resistance to the feeling that he has a heart to heart with people, confide in people, walk with people, talk to people about their hearts, he will resist, so he may say is the second heart, not the real heart.

This is Sagittarius ah ah, so you can understand the impact of this ex on the Sagittarius, in fact, more is a sense of powerlessness to say, from time to time the negative sense. First of all, Sagittarius his sense of responsibility is full, he will not let himself because of the negative emotions of his predecessor and affect the relationship with the incumbent, that is to say, Sagittarius ah, because the predecessor has any negative emotions, very difficult, very depressed, and then the incumbent find themselves out to play, find themselves drinking, find themselves what to play games or what, Sagittarius may be more dull ah, on oh oh good line, that come on come on, that we that On the phone open I on the number it, he he may face more dull, he is more passive, but he will certainly not refuse, he may be distracted, but he will not let others know his developed, nor will it be to let others know why, he will certainly not let the negative emotions show, suitable to do good digestion, he can certainly digest this thing, he also digested into the habit, once he has this kind of thing, he will certainly own Digestion, he will not bother others, so you have to say that the impact, in fact, it is really okay, right, because you simply can not see, you objectively speaking, right, that Sagittarius may be the color of Shi does have time.

Ah, see things, and then suddenly think of the former, suddenly recall to meet the fragment, and then dazed and lost, and then thank you to say to him, hey, what are you doing? You're, what are you thinking about? Let's go out and play, ah talk about it, oh oh oh, okay, then let's go out, and then go out, and then let yourself force not to think about it will digest, then now there is what kind of problem? Digest it can indeed digest, but he is not conscious of the digestion, then at what time outbreak, aggrieved when there are said to be entangled with the former, basically because of this thing, right, and the shooter quarrel, and then he went to the former chat, and the former game or something, generally so, people Ning people, and good, and he broke off with the former.

You find, anyway, it seems that as long as you quarrel with him, he went to his ex to chat, let let you very angry, thinking that he seems to have not broken with his ex, but in fact it is not so, it is because he always needs an emotional vent, no matter who is with whom, but you at least he needs a bottom that allows him to give himself an escape, he can not cry, he does not allow himself to cry at this time, he does not allow himself A person lying in bed, very bored, very lonely. So a lot of friends say Sagittarius, uh, philandering scum, put himself green, I'll just say one thing to you, Sagittarius should be the 12 signs of the zodiac is most afraid of the empty lonely night of such a person, then he will do what kind of things in this situation, he himself do not know, that on the contrary, you think he will feel guilty? If you do not blame him, he will feel guilty, but if you blame him, you scold him, you put all the fault all on their own, he will not feel guilty, he will follow his own heart ah. So how to solve do not mention, Sagittarius most most hate to be misunderstood, although it is said that as long as individuals hate to be misunderstood, but Sagittarius face misunderstanding will definitely take stress.

Means and measures, then how to identify whether Sagittarius from the meaning of the former come out ah? I say a difficult word, Sagittarius really will not be too much meaning by the former, Sagittarius soul and body is separate.

Ah, how his soul is scarred, will not affect him to talk to others, and others in love, and others to talk about him are not affected, his body can go alone to play, you do not out of his soul, do not out of his wounds, will not be a problem ah.


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