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The Indigo Child: Reality or a Myth?

by x about a year ago in humanity

Who are the Indigo children?

Who are the Indigo children? What special abilities do they possess? Is it a myth or truth that there are people with abilities unfamiliar to most of us?

To begin with, I have researched this topic on trusted sources. Every source I looked at tells me that there is a strong possibility that these children are among us. Mainstream science and medicine oftentimes label these children as schizophrenic, ADHD, Autistic, ADD etc. What mainstream medicine seems to do is reject the possibility for the presence of higher or highly developed consciousness in such children.

Because of their well-developed psychic, and mental body, these children can demonstrate a high amount of creativity and connection to the spiritual realms. In fact, they can be so creative that we would not consider them as "normal". Who's to judge what is normal?

I just can't seem to understand why society would try to crush the minds of these children with medications instead of supporting and making an effort to support their abilities.

If someone told you about their dream, that they travelled across the cosmos and met with angels and discovered their past lives, why would you judge this as inhuman or abnormal and try to block their senses with medication? Why not try to be in support of their consciousness and learn from them or develop a new paradigm or thinking? Why are people so ignorant and stuck to their limited thinking? What is so scary about going outside of the mundane?

It is also very common for these children to become victims of substance abuse. I call them victims of such thing because they don't know how to cope with their label. They are considered different. Also, their empathy and emotions are very strong and they tend to suffer in relationships in both childhood and adulthood. Alcohol oftentimes becomes their way of self-medicating to escape the world which is not accepting of who they are.

By Rémi Jacquaint on Unsplash

How would you know if you are indigo?

1. Possessing psychic abilities that are beyond the norm. These include the awareness of existence and communication with other realms.

2. Telepathy.

3. Creativity can be extreme

4. Highly empathetic

5. Sometimes experience difficulty in communicating verbally because of telepathy

6. High IQ

7. Having an inner knowing that you're here on Earth with a mission

8. Having the inner knowing that you chose your parents

9. Functioning really well on organic raw vegan nutrition

10. Vivid dreams

11. Healing abilities

By Elia Pellegrini on Unsplash

Many of these traits can apply to people who are not indigo but who have worked on their self-development and are on a path of evolution spiritually. On a path of spiritual evolution, we tend to awaken such abilities. Indigo children are born with these abilities and they express them from the start. If you have an indigo child or are an indigo child yourself and are seeking help with your health and wellbeing, our center offers completely natural non-invasive therapy sessions. These include Craniosacral Therapy and Reiki, both of which Indigo children respond really well to. Especially those who have been labelled with Autism, Schizophrenia and ADD/ADHD. We are here to help you and guide you on your mission.

For more information, I recommend seeing the Documentary on Gaia TV called: The Indigo Evolution

Do you have any comments or opinions you would like to share? Please write them below. Do you think that you are one of them? What are your experiences as an Indigo child and how did you handle them over the years?


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