The Four Man Invasion (Part 5)

Shattered Winds

The Four Man Invasion (Part 5)
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A stunning conclusion to reflect on what will happen down the road of this mysterious adventure. The team and its captain finally makes a successful rendezvous in one piece with a new teammate; the diplomatic robot figure known as Kuri.

"Get these men a recovery pod immediately!"

The brothers are tossed into the pods by their comrades and begin the healing process as the captain stares at Kuri. As he continues to stare, he ponders the battle between the Lizard Man and himself.

It finally hits him, the trauma, the fatigue, and utter disgust of this planets ailment towards rational diplomacy and pondered what to do. With the new friend accompanying them on their long but epic journey how can they get off this rock and survive another day with these brutes and savages?

Captain Thomas scowls and looks at the ground. Time is bolstered in his mind, the sound around him is muffled, and the blackish-brown soil trickles off his forehead into the rough of the ground. The soil burns into the ground from the insane heat created from the previous battle.

Muttering to himself the captain attempts to recollect by the wreckage with a series of situational questions.

"What was the name of that... savage uh Zarb... Zarb-?"

"Zanthr... you mean Zanthar?" replied Pinx

"You alright?" Pinx scratched her fro and turns towards the looming sky.

"Wheeew, I would say this was a pretty close one Captain... I believe we need to camp here for the evening, agreed?"

Captain Thomas begins to zone out sweating bullets all over again. Hearing the screams of his fellow comrades on the ship incinerating, overboard into the vacuum, and their final goodbyes to their friend's and loved ones.

"What am I going to do when I get back to HQ? Will they have my head?"

"What's gonna happen to the rest of the cre-" SMACK!

"A man will rise when the sun is up and change when it goes down."

Gideon slides his hand from his face to his shoulder knocking him out of the current worried state he fell into.

"Captain you don't need to worry about anything right now except the survival of this crew and the pending investigation of this planet and its government operations..."

They both glare at each other with their own concerns.

"...It is rational," says Gideon.

The crew sits down to gather up all of their equipment and replenish for the next adventure.

Gideon retrieves some alien wood and tries to start a fire but the captain has a better idea.

"Listen, Gideon, since I'm the captain I know a lot about... well a lot on these planets. My access to the planetary books was uncanny on board. This universe is so vast that we may never even explore 50 percent of it in over 30 lifetimes."

The captain chuckles under his breath. "This planet is what we call the XY area: A part of the system that has been rarely touched by protons. As a result, this means this is a prehistoric time-based system we are currently trapped in... but the alien version."

Gideon drops the wood in the dirt and raises his eyebrow curious looking for answers. "This planets physics aren't the same as most. For example, friction doesn't work like it does when applied to the planets vegetation life or other elements here on planet Scalesikeya."

The captain walks into the trees a couple of feet from the ship. As he walks through the trees he begins to pluck particular leaves to create a fire

Kruchle! Krack! Krack!

Pluck... Pluck...

Gideon dumbfounded sits down criss-cross applesauce right in front of the desolate ship and Pinx decides to sit in as well.

"You see, with the air and the liquid elements present on this rock as of now, abrasion is irrelevant. You would have to go to a certain area of tightly compressed air like a cave or a dam located in the dry rivers of Scalesikeya. This type of air flow is everywhere but in some spots like these it can't work because it's missing the basic component."

Pluck... Pluck...

Pinx, on pure impulse, lunged out for a question.

"Whats that?"

Tink! Tink!

"Us... or in this case... our boots Pinx. That's what prevents us from slipping, sliding, and losing our grip on anything we hold. The code is locked in our boots and set in on our original plane of existence that is currently on mother Earth holding that same amount of friction anywhere we go. This phenomenon is known as triction. Hint: the letter 'f' is replaced due to the tricky process that is required for a similar sense of friction."

Gideon starts to set up the hover turrets and camouflage box tents. They float in a tactical 360 degree back to back formation above the wreckage.

"That's a lot to take in boss, you sure you didn't wanna be a scientist or something in that area of expertise?" Pinx, so carelessly, expressed.

As the sun goes down slowly the Captains optimism increases, he realizes his delegation is needed no matter what... even if he's dead.

Captain Thomas responds in a with a tired chuckle "Nope let's just get some sleep, oh and put that Kuri thing in my tent with me."

Pinx states "I still do not understand the process of how can this truly be applied." The captain looks at her and smile then winks and tells her to "observe and one day you may apply this concept." The captain places the elements he gathered in specific spots for an astonishing result.


Pwwwwwshhhh!! Fwooom!!!

A warm circular yellow flame ignites from his palm and drops it to the ground in the middle of the circle of crumbled leaves he was picking from the vegetation during his lecture. In astonishment the rest of the crew aww's and ooh's at the process of making a simple fire.

Two hours later...

Night time arrives and the captain is in his tent. He wakes up to stare down Kuri in obvious suspicion wondering. Why now? What is it really here for? He grabs it shuts it down and begins to look over the footage from the display box.

"Hmph... Umm, hold on... Wait—!"

The captain rewinds the tape, again, and again, and again, something looked out of the ordinary on this peculiar planet besides the planet itself. The captain's eyes widen and teeth grind with hostility.

A twisting purple flame exploded in the air aimed towards a direction almost as if the intention of that element was to signal someone. But who? To whom does it concern that we were out here?

Screeching and other noises cram the silence of the night into a corner... into a far corner.

"This light has an eerie resemblance to the light that signaled the initial encounter with Zanthar. I can't wake the crew now, they gotta heal and rest."

Looking up towards the only normal thing in this solar system, the full moon.

The captain tilts his head back at the ship and into the luminescence towards the sky. With a deep breathe he reassess his decisions on the matter of waking the group.

"Even if we were on guard the wildlife here is much louder and possibly dangerous than what I have ever encountered before. So going night watch duty may provoke the wildlife endangering us even further."

The captain exhales.


The captain sends a distress signal out toward HQ back at home Starship and finally goes to sleep while his vector repairs itself and resets for the day to come.

Meanwhile... a land far enough into the "Faroff"... A creature of the night snarls into the moonlit sky. A sword pierces into the ground ripping the vegetation from the roots forging a pathway towards our crew.


"So Zanthar, you have fallen prey by the likes of them?. . . their carnage shall be mine only to take your honor replacing it with my vengeance oh brother of mine!!! Long live the King's Order!"

An army of creatures of the night roar into the sky. Stomping and chest pounding with their deranged reptile and dinosaur-like bodies shaking the winds with uneasiness and doom. These creatures are close to insanity but have ultimate enlightenment almost that of a demons unwanted wisdom. They are barbaric heathens.

Beast of the Unknown.

One is in control... All but one are nothing short of still.

Placing itself in front of the group only to shift shadow to shadow ominously towards our crew members. The intention of one to kill swallows the atmosphere and carries itself aimlessly only to find itself at the camp. Flenching in their sleep the crew decides to stay dormant for they know not what is truly out there and rest is imperative.

Everyone...but Pinx...

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